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Pssh, I have only done it once.
The person wasn't so damn nice, but I was like 'Hey, leave me alone.' but then again that didn't work so I just told them to F off, and then they never messaged me again, I don't know why.
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 11d 7h 43m 57s
Lol it's quite easy if you know how to talk your way out of a situation.
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 11d 7h 47m 17s
Lol, I bet you can:)
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 11d 7h 49m 18s
I'm not to worried about those people regardless. I can handle myself when I need to lol.
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 11d 7h 50m 6s
Yes, you can.
I haven't made any so far, and I do not intend to make any at the moment. I have been having a good time here, although if you do come across someone like that, then please be careful.
I will only warn you once, because these people on here are... Well the main ones can be really snot-nosed, and do not know the days to wipe it.

Well, I would just look at who've you met now, and don't think about meeting anyone of those people just yet.
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 11d 7h 51m 22s
Well it's not like I was ever rude to them. Vreal told me to watch how I talk to people here because you can make some enemies here lol.
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 11d 7h 55m 50s
I am sorry that 'tis long, but I would prefer both Quantity and Quality. Most of the times I usually end up with more Quality that what I intend to.

I am not sure what my longest post is, and I assure you I am not going to track it down. It would take to much damn work. Lol.

Well, I too would tell them it wouldn't be working out, but I break it to them easily. Sometimes I just old them nope, you have to go, and I think they were hurt by me telling them that. >.<
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 11d 7h 58m 49s
Hm it's fairly long but i think i could keep up as long as im inspired to. If something gets boring I would likely stop the role-play and tell em its not working out on the last site my longest post was a 20,000 character war post.
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 11d 8h 3m 31s
I too.
Believe it or not, but I am not really interested into ... Online dating or anything else around that. I think it is .. down grading, but I can not put my finger on it.
I already have a Role-Play buddy named .. Daeren.:)
Proud of it too, we have been through three threads, but one did not work out so well. So at the moment we are stuck on two, and they are progressing rather .. lovely shall I say?

Alright, please take your time, I am not in an hurry.
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 11d 8h 5m 6s
Answer!=Boredom I came to talk to people and make friends and possible role-play buddies. :D

I'll look at it.
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 11d 8h 7m 40s
What exactly brought you to this .. erm .. chat?

Yes, I am advanced on my writing, although I dare not say Literate, because I still have much to learn from everything I have put past me. if you would like to see where I am with my writing, please feel free to drop by my profile and read my sample post it is .. intriguing as many say.
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 11d 8h 9m 54s
Nope nothing new for the moment.

Writing Level?
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 11d 8h 13m 4s
I am sorry that you are bored at the moment.
I am also trying to look for another RP, just to fill my time for another while. Although there is really many RP's that are up to my ... writing level.

Anything new?:)
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 11d 8h 14m 44s
Bored right now looking for people to talk to and bout to make an rp just don't know of what yet.
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 11d 8h 16m 37s
So how have you been?
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 11d 8h 18m 7s

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