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It just means I'm lonely. ._.'

  VonDoom_ / 9y 7d 23h 53m 31s

What is wrong with your RP thread, Zack?
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 7d 23h 54m 12s

Well damn, my King's not around and my parents are off to get my mom her two tattoos for Christmas... Now if my favorite tattoo artist would give me a quote on the one tattoo I want to get if it's under 200 bucks.

  VonDoom_ / 9y 7d 23h 56m 46s
Ugh i'm restarting my Role-play. Angered t(-,-t) to the rule breakers.
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 7d 23h 57m 7s
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 7d 23h 59m 27s
Eh veggie burgers are alright I had those in an mre once.

Im fine lol wbu.
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 8d 3m 13s

Eh, I love veggies, more so than any kind of meat, I'll even pick Veggie burgers over normal ones. The broccoli was home grown too.

  VonDoom_ / 9y 8d 9m 31s
Nala? It's cute enough.
Broccoli and cheese?
||Makes a gross face.||

I am not much of that. Sorry to say, I am a picky eater. >.<

How have you been, Zack?
Anything new?
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 8d 11m 6s
Ok then i guess i can't stop you lol
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 8d 12m 27s

Dr. Z makes you sound cool though, at least to me. .x.

I'm doing good, had some good homemade Broccoli and cheese. It was to die for. I think I'll call you Nala.

  VonDoom_ / 9y 8d 14m 17s
I am doing good, and yourself Vicki?
Although; you can call me what you wish.
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 8d 17m 20s
Actually people call me zack but my name is pronounced Zoo-chi-year. lol
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 8d 17m 48s

>.> I'm going to call you Dr. Z, just because I'm horrible at spelling out your name. .x.

How are the two of you~?

  VonDoom_ / 9y 8d 18m 29s
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 8d 19m 45s
Hello :D
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 8d 19m 55s

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