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  [ P H C ] / PrinceHumanCupcake / 9y 1d 11h 41m 2s
Im here lol
  </3 / Mariechan / 9y 5d 11h 34m 8s
anyone on?
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 5d 22h 23m 20s
Hey, i see someone else has joined! Im Mariah by the way. :3
  </3 / Mariechan / 9y 9d 6h 44m 17s

Bye, try to not let the boredom get to you too much.

  VonDoom_ / 9y 9d 11h 4m 49s
Well I am going to let you two go, and I am going to be bored after this.
Goodbye for the night.(:
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 9d 11h 6m 38s

Well, I'm one of those "post every blue moon" type of role players, if it's not a fast role play with maybe a one paragraph maximum I normally take for ever to post. It's not that I can't think of something to post, it's just it takes forever to get back in the groove of replying... I do better in role plays with myself, I actually have a project I'm in the middle of I'm just waiting to get the urge to do another 3 page post and to get art of the character the post is for. .x.

  VonDoom_ / 9y 9d 11h 12m 12s
Lol i'm swift to with writing.
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 9d 11h 12m 32s
Pssh, I do mine with-in fifteen mins. tops.

Really? O.o
I am doing a few right now. I actually like them.
I want to see if I get accepted for one of Valkydire.
Or something along that name.

I would RP with you, but I have a bit to much on my hands.
I take too much of what I can give. T.T
I would love to try it some other time though.
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 9d 11h 15m 23s
I'll Rp with you if I agree on the subject of the RP.
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 9d 11h 16m 40s

It's been a while since I've actually role played with another person...

  VonDoom_ / 9y 9d 11h 17m 44s
I've done better. That was like a twenty minute project writing the entire rp.
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 9d 11h 20m 11s
O.o Your good at writing!(:
I still need to learn a bit more.

I am sorry, Vicki.
  Brittany Jade Meyers / Nylon / 9y 9d 11h 22m 30s
Well two of the people who i kept telling "wait for me to post a second time before you do." won't listen to well so I made it a rule now, Wiped the thread clean and restarted it. Making sure to make my point the second time. I hate having to do recaps and I know people hate asking for them. I want it so that its fair and everyone knows whats going on. Ill show you the thread.
  Zhuchyir / Zhuchyir / 9y 9d 11h 28m 19s

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