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haha okay :D
  </3 / Mariechan / 8y 362d 21h 31m 11s
  [ P H C ] / PrinceHumanCupcake / 8y 363d 7h 29m 20s
Haha where did all this come from anyways? Haha
  </3 / Mariechan / 8y 363d 18h 43m 47s
  [ P H C ] / PrinceHumanCupcake / 8y 363d 22h 18m 22s
  </3 / Mariechan / 8y 364d 1h 18m 24s
XDD I get darker.
  [ P H C ] / PrinceHumanCupcake / 8y 364d 20h 43m 15s
i just tan, i never burn XD
  </3 / Mariechan / 8y 364d 21h 50m 48s

>.> I'm a Floridian, you would think I'd be tan, but I just burn in the sun, unlike my mom who burns and then tans.

  VonDoom_ / 8y 364d 21h 56m 17s
haha well g2g
  </3 / Mariechan / 8y 364d 21h 56m 21s
  [ P H C ] / PrinceHumanCupcake / 8y 364d 21h 57m 36s
im american XD im just tan XD
  </3 / Mariechan / 8y 364d 21h 58m 28s
XDD I'm hawaiian And Filipeno~ so im pretty tan :D
  [ P H C ] / PrinceHumanCupcake / 8y 364d 21h 58m 49s
haha im tanner so like ill get a black and white one. though colors would look okay
  </3 / Mariechan / 8y 364d 22h 2m 5s

Trust me, it's worth the wait. I had to wait until I turned 18 too, they took me to get my first one for my birthday, and I loved every minute of it. I actually had it during my senior year, where tons of people felt the need to ask me if it were real. The colors pop more on my skin tones since I'm really pale. .x.

  VonDoom_ / 8y 364d 22h 7m 6s
XD lucky!! i cant get one til im 18... :P
  </3 / Mariechan / 8y 364d 22h 15m 5s

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