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Okay so im recently single, and i hate being single! so people, come on in, meet someone and try to swap a few numbers or just pm eachother. this is NOT just for me!

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Roleplay Responses

  lost / UpInSmoke / 8y 158d 15h 52m 18s
  Lilly / Narukid286 / 8y 169d 17h 51m 33s
  Rose / RavenDragonheart / 8y 183d 3h 12m 21s
  saiya / saiya0subaki / 8y 184d 10h 43m 16s
  Haruhi lonely / fireflys203 / 8y 276d 15h 22m 51s
Good :)
  Mariechan / 8y 320d 21h 45m 6s
xD oh I feel better now, for now anyway.
  Lyus / 8y 323d 7h 16m 1s
Hah, its okay... i hope hes happy, but that doesnt stop me from hitting her with a truck... and if he gets aids hes on his own... haha ^^
  </3 / Mariechan / 8y 323d 7h 43m 42s
I'm sorry. Those bitches! *goes to get his beating stick*
  Lyus / 8y 323d 7h 47m 36s
Oh... i dont mind ^^ this guy-i was sooooo into him- left me cause he had a better offer... well shes a whore, so idk what happened after that... and yeah
  </3 / Mariechan / 8y 323d 7h 51m 43s
It's fine I guess

If you dont mind me asking, how did you become single?
  Lyus / 8y 323d 8h 22m 52s
OH, well im sorry...
  </3 / Mariechan / 8y 323d 8h 28m 7s
As of now yes, but my girlfriend thinks that because she is going to college next year she has to leave me. It might be January when I'm single, I dont know.
  Lyus / 8y 323d 8h 30m 2s
Alright, are you saying your taken as of now?
  </3 / Mariechan / 8y 323d 8h 33m 42s
might be joining this soon...
  Lyus / 8y 323d 9h 10m 3s

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