Darkness Eternal Prologue

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The prologue itself is here, this is the storyline that the RP will follow as it takes place in the time of the prologue


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Raven walked into town trying to block the lowed noise of the humans. She was in her Clan uniform you would call it and many looked at her. She was a very pretty person but she was getting uneasy. She walked into the middle of town were the mark was and looked at all the foods and clothing they had there, for a shape shifter she was like a cat at times, wanting to know and see everything. She bumped into a man and fell on her ass, when she looked up he was glaring at her
  Raven Mezioni / HellsSpike / 8y 318d 15h 33m 25s
Ezion headed back to the middle of town to resume his guard duty. he thought the job was pointless, the town didn't need protecting at all. As he walked back into the building, he overhead Caine talking with his own superior.

".. Yes I sent him.... do you think it will work?" he asked his superior.

"Well Raphael seems to be one of the best spies we have... besides its not a loss if we lose him..." he said. "We just need data on Antrea though, the time to destroy it has finally come..."

They walked down the halls, and Ezion, curious, followed them.
  Ezion Rizali / QuezKobayashi / 8y 319d 5h 3m 34s
Raven was the child of the great leader of her tribe and she never let her father down when it came to going things.

  Raven Mezioni / HellsSpike / 8y 319d 12h 57m 30s
Metria was alive with the normal hustle and bustle of the big city. Nothing seemed amiss... the transport system was running fine, the light screens seemed to be going okay, and the patented Lett Langley euphoria panels were running at 100% efficiency. Metria's top technological engineer, Lett Langley, leaned back in his chair, looking with pride at the city below him. Lett rose from his chair, beaming with pride. This city... was his treasure. Though it wasn't really his, per se, he had built it as the head of the entire project. After a few moments of prideful viewing, Lett decided it was time to go home. He stepped into the glowing yellow tile on the floor, and in a second, he was downstairs. Although he had invented it, it still got on his nerves - it was an invention of both magic and technology, which in Lett's mind was wrong, but convenient. He started his short walk home.
  Lett Langley / GoldenDelicious / 8y 319d 15h 34m 5s
Aerin shook her head a little as she continued to collect herbs. Once she had gotten what she needed she started to head back her mind still confused. Why would something be going to happen, she froze...what if it was to do with the demons. She hurried back home and handed her Grandmother the herbs before she headed upstairs to her room. Her room wasn't much just a small box room with the things she needed. She sat down on the small bed and lay back with her eyes closed. As she lay there she was getting sleepy but several images flashed in her mind, they were so fast she didn't understand them but she sat up sharply her mind reeling, she held her head and sighed.
  Aerin Renala / Alexis_Hart / 8y 320d 3h 35m 1s
Raphael grinned and got up. "What does that oldie Cane want from me now?" he asked. Caine was only about 105 years older than him, but to Raphael, that was old. To other demons, he was a bit young.he followed Ezion to the Etruan assassin headquarters, were Caine was waiting in the lobby.

"Thank you, Ezion, for fetching him." Caine said. "Now, come with me- yes you can tag along Ezion."

The two of them followed him to his office. Caine locked the door. He was about a foot taller than Ezion- who was 2 inches taller than Raphael.

Caine gave Raphael a serious look. "My boy, you are one of the best spies we have. And your skills in assassination are extraordinary. You are to be sent on a spy mission to Antrea, we need data on this country, and we need it quick-"

Ezion slammed his fist against the wall. "Antrea?! Going there alone is suicide!" he shouted. "Just let me go with him Caine, don't send him on a mission he can't take on his own."

Ciaine kept a blank expression. "No Ezion, you are stationed here, don't defy me boy, you know what happens to people who do."

"But.... Antreans are relentless against our kind, he will be slaughtered-"

"ENOUGH!" Raphael shouted. "You heard Caine, besides, I'll be alright, what could possibly go wrong, its me we are talking about, not your average demon!" Raphael grinned, a smug and joyous grin.

He would later see the error of those words...

Caine smirked. "You see, the boy wants to do this, he can take care of himself." he looked at Raphael. "You may leave when you are ready, make haste, Zarna isn't welcoming to most at night... You both are dismissed.

Raphael and Ezion left the building. When they did, Ezion punched him in the arm playfully. "You are going now aren't you?" he asked.

Raphael just smiled. "I'll be okay, take care of the demons here, they need it." he gave a wave as he went inside to get a few supplies. "Take care EzioN!." he grabbed what he needed, put it in a bag over his shoulder, and departed for Zarna.

Ezion watched him get smaller and smaller as he walked away. "Good luck, friend..." he said as Raphael disappeared. It would be the last he saw of the reckless Raphael the Etruans knew.
  Raphael Kobayashi / QuezKobayashi / 8y 320d 3h 53m 11s
Aerin had finished delivering what she needed to. With a smile she headed back to her Grandmothers house, she walked inside to see her Grandmother actually sat down. "Aerin, I need you to go and collect some herbs for me," She said as she looked at her Granddaughter. Aerin laughed softly and nodded before she grabbed a small wicker basket and headed back out. She smiled as she started collecting the herbs, she reached a particular herb and paused. She had the strangest feeling that something was going to happen. Not just anything something that would change her life right here. She turned around to look around her but she couldn't fathom why this feeling had suddenly overcome her.
  Aerin Renala / Alexis_Hart / 8y 320d 4h 13m 9s
Ezion silently made his way through the small Etruan village, the one him and Raphael lived in. he was sent to go get Raphael because he was to be sent on a mission of some sort. Ezion wondered what it was. He would have been sent to but Ezion was stationed here, in Etrua, like it would even matter, no one ever made it in, they were usually eaten by the wild and untamed demons seconds after they passed the border. But orders were orders, and Ezion would have to follow them. He saw Raphael in front of his house and greeted his friend. "Your commanding officer, Cane, would like a word with you, he has a mission for you." Ezion said.
  Ezion Rizali / QuezKobayashi / 8y 320d 10h 20m 17s
Aerin let out a wistful sigh as she watched her grandmother bustle around the home. She smiled softly before she stood up and headed out, she had some things she needed to do like delivering things to others. She smiled as she tied up her hair braiding it quickly as she grabbed her small jacket. As she left her house she wandered down the street the wind blowing her braid back in the wind. She greeted people she saw and smiled brightly. She hated this fa
  Aerin Renala / Alexis_Hart / 8y 321d 4h 25m 25s
Raphael sat on the roof of his house. He was a special forces spy and assassin for the Etruan army, and a powerful demon. It had been amazing when they discovered his power, his energy levels. All demons have energy levels, but his was off the charts, higher than the demon lord, Akira, which was thought to be impossible. Raphael loved fighting, the sense of danger gave him such an adrenaline rush. He only had one partner, his best friend, Ezion, who was one of the greatest sword masters he ever met.

Little did he know that he would soon take on a mission that would change his life.
  Raphael Kobayashi / QuezKobayashi / 8y 321d 13h 57m 54s

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