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Ouran Academy, a school where the extremely rich and beautiful go, Ouran Highschool Host Club is where the schools most handsome boys, with too much time on their hands entertain girls who also have, way too much time on their hands.

The host club was originally founded by Tamaki Souh, before he graduated he intrusted the host club to younger people in the school, who at the time were first years. Two years have passed since Tamaki graduated and the host club has finally re-opened with its new king.


The Prince type - Taken

The Cool Type - Taken

Name: Tsukane Bly
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Small History: Tsukane is usually calm and collected,rarely getting mad and raising his voice to anyone. However, he is protective of his little sister and if you mess with her then you mess with him. Being in charge of the records and other business for the club he tends to stay busy a lot to make sure everyone does what needs to be done.

The Little Devil Twins - Taken

Name: Sethryal Makael
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Small History: The twins; they are devious and funny. They are seen as the "Little Devil Type". Sethryal is the older twin, little devil #1, and Relara is the younger twin, little devil #2. Their contribution to the host club is when they do their routine act of "forbidden sibling love", Sehtryal acts heart twisted at being unable to love his sister how he wishes and Relara the ignorant sister who is confused about the feelings.

Sethryal is very protective of his sister both when hosting and when not, and enjoys to pull pranks on everyone else in the club.

Name: Relara Makael
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Small History: The twins; they are devious and funny. They are seen as the "Little Devil Type". Sethryal is the older twin, little devil #1, and Relara is the younger twin, little devil #2. Their contribution to the host club is when they do their routine act of "forbidden sibling love", Sethryal acts heart twisted at being unable to love his sister how he wishes and Relara the ignorant sister who is confused about the feelings.

Relara is light hearted and enjoys taking things less seriously than most and especially enjoys teasing her brother.

Loli-Shouta Type - Taken

Name: Zach Watsion
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Small History:Zach is your average cute clumsy moe guy. He is very sweet but he does have his serious times. He lost his father when he was 12 and he never knew who his mom was so he lives with his cousin/best friend mariah. He joined the host club to make more friends

The Wild Type - Taken

Name: Aito Shinjo
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Small History:
She gets mistaken for a boy all the time so she just decides to be a boy. She lives with her father that loves her so much but ever since her mother had died he has been different. Her mother had died from a car accident before her 13 birthday. It was the day before her party.
Personality: Nice, Crazy, bubbly, sweet, but she had her moments if you get her angry she would tare you to pieces.

The Natural Type - Open


Name:Mariah Vandott
Small history:Mariah is Zach's cousin and she decided to go to this school because she wanted to stay with him he was also her best friend and she didnt want to be alone in a new high school so she goes to the host club every day to see him.

Name: Ashton
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Small History: Ashton is the younger sister of Tsukane and periodically goes to the Host Club even though her brother has told her not too. She is always wanting to help others with whatever they need to do and is truely kind hearted; always putting others before herself. Unlike her brother, she isn't afraid to show her true emotions.

Name: Lyla
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Small History: When Lyla came to Ouran Highschool, she couldn't afford the tuition. Lyla's father lefter her before she was born and her mother was murdered just last year. That left her with nothing. So Lane, her only friend from Junior High took her in. Lane's mother loved Lyla as if she was her daughter. Lyla tags along with Lane everywhere. She is kind of an outcast so she keeps quite. All Lyla does is write music and sing. Lane finds it cute. The two seem attached at the hip. Lane is obsessed with the host club. Lyla thinks they are full of it. She always says that there egos couldn't get any biggers. Boys just love it when girls fawn over them.

Name: Lane
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Small History: Lane watched as Lyla's world fell apart. It pained her to see her best friend be left with nothing. So she begged her mother to adopt Lyla. Great idea she throught. Now they are together at Ouran. It is Lane's biggest dream. The Host club is her favorite thing at the highschool. She drags Lyla there ever single day. Lane has no idea that Lyla hates going, but Lyla wouldn't tell her because she loves her like a sister. They are each others doppelganger.

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Gender: Male or Female
Small History: Just a small bit about them

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It's sucks that one person would cause this to die :/
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Somewhere... o-o
  Sethryal & Relara Makael / Feiro / 8y 266d 2h 16m 13s
I am
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I'll post tomorrow when I can
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I was told that the wild type had been replaced but they still haven't posted
  Tsukane and Ashton Bly / Amu-Chan / 8y 286d 1h 4m 26s
Super sad panda.
  Zach Watson / XxXxLiveOutLoudXxXx / 8y 286d 2h 11s
T_T its annoying cause Harley wont post till the wild type does and like we all kinda have to wait for him..
  Sethryal & Relara Makael / Feiro / 8y 286d 3h 3m 24s
No, the wild type never posted so that kinda stopped it
  Tsukane and Ashton Bly / Amu-Chan / 8y 286d 3h 18m 26s
I feel like i killed it and that makes me sad.
  Zach Watson / XxXxLiveOutLoudXxXx / 8y 286d 4h 9m 27s

  Tsukane and Ashton Bly / Amu-Chan / 8y 286d 4h 10m 30s
Zach walked up the steps and smiled. He sighed lookeding out the large window upon the large and beautiful courtyard. Zach sneezed as his mouse plushie tickeled his nose. "Atoo." he giggled a bit at it. He walked down the hall to the Music room and smiled as he waltzed into the room. "Allo Guys." He was very hyper today. There wasnt much that would make him upset like a nor mal child to bad he wasnt a child. He was four foot eleven and he had red and gray hair. He wouldnt go anywhere without his Mousie. That was what he named his mouse plushie. Zach sat down on the floor happily as he started to hum a marry joyful tune.

Mariah walked into the library and smiled at all of the books they had there. She was going to spend alot of her time here until it was time to goe and check up on her Cousin Zach. She walked over to the poetry/Fiction section. Mariah felt like she was in heaven she loved to read anything really but Dark fiction was her absolute favorite. She grabbed a boook called NightWorld and she sat down and quietly began to read the story.

Zach looked around and her quickly pulled a box of cakes and cookies out of his bag. "Who wants som Yummies?" He asked the other guys happily. His childs play wasnt really an act but he did have some times where he was super serious. He blinked at the others and awaited their reply.
  Zach Watson / XxXxLiveOutLoudXxXx / 8y 297d 2h 6m 19s
Light slit open through two dark orbs revealing a blurred out vision of a man with pure black hair and a pale complexion with two piercing blue eyes staring downwards. "Relara, wake up sleepy head." A soft groan would escape the sleeping girls lips as she'd reach up closing her eyes to grab onto Seth'ryal and tug him down into a hug.
Seth' smirked at his little twin trying to gain a hug to stay in bed, it was so endearing the way she acted it made him want to wrap her in a sphere to savour how sweet and innocent she was; not let anything ruin that. Leaning down over the stirring girl he'd gently swipe back her equally black hair from her white face bringing her up in his arms as he'd turn to face the rest of the class staring at the two in awe. With a helpless smile he'd lean down and kiss Relara's forehead glancing to some of the females in the room with a heart broken expression before turning to leave the room.
Relara would tilt her head against her brothers chest groaning as she's taken away from her comfortable seat on her desk "Is it today?" her voice would slur quietly receiving an equally quiet answer conforming that today was the day they became hosts. Relara didn't see it as a pain though, neither did her brother, they both saw it as something fun for them to get up to and stir up some amusement around the newer students. Tilting her head away from her brothers chest she'd open her iced eyes to see the looming door at the end of the corridor to what people would have thought as nothing more than a music room.
Seth'ryal placed his sister before him shifting her onto his back with her arms locked around his neck to free his hands, he'd then open both doors and glide through them with a devilish grin portrayed upon his pale features. There seemed to be three people here already Harley, he was the funniest to play with, and Tsukane who could be quite the bore but he was sharp to join in some of the twins jokes if he knew it would stir an interesting reaction and his little sister. Seth liked the fact his little sister joined the host club because it gave Relara someone to talk to that wouldn't steal his place by her side, she was his and he was hers.
Relara glanced down to her brother as she'd grin feeling his vibe of jealousy before they'd even met anyone raising her right hand she'd wave at Harley and the others"Good Morning!" She'd tighten her grip around Seth's neck pressing down against his looking up with her own Devilish expression causing Seth to blush. "Who else is here?"
  Sethryal & Relara Makael / Feiro / 8y 297d 19h 27m 43s
Tsukane Bly, the second son and middle child of three. His older brother had just graduated from a prestigious college and was learning the ways of their father's chain of luxury hotels and resorts. As the second son, Tsukane had to work extra hard to prove himself and gain respect in his father's eyes. He had no plans to take over his father's chain of hotels because it was all going to his brother. His job was to uphold the family reputation and keep an eye on his sister. Ashton, his little sister, was in the year below his and he had to keep a watchful eye on her. But for now the blonde had something to do that was more important then anything he had done before. He had been asked to join the host club and, having too much time to waste, accepted the position. He had heard what the host club had done in the past and he was up for the task.

Walking down the hall Tsukane came to the large doors of the music room and walked in. He noticed a silhouette of a guy around his age and soon came across Harley Seigfried, the prince of the host club. "Good afternoon Harley. Everything is well for you I hope" he said before looking over the room. It looke at though a lot of time and effort had been put into makin the music room a suitable place to hold something like this.

Back at the door Ashton peeked her head in into the room and smiled when she saw her brother. She was happy that he was getting into school activities. She wanted to see her brother happy and interact with others instead of always working to prove ther father wrong. Havin seen enough, Ashton turned to leave and ended up slipping on the newly shined marble flooring and fell on her back. "ouch" she said rubbing her back.
  Tsukane and Ashton Bly / Amu-Chan / 8y 297d 3h 49m 10s

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