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The night was long and the moon had turned into a red moon it ment the time of the gathering of our kind.

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  Vance / Death_Angel / 8y 165d 11h 51m 13s
  Little Lindra Vampire / LonelinessOverrated / 8y 166d 2h 7m 52s
Vance held Inroi close to him, pretty much having her lay on top of him. He had a soft smile on his face as he keep his eyes on her, knowing she was happy and she enjoyed it. "So what do you wish to do my Fiancee?" He asked as he leaned down and began to lightly kiss at her neck, tempted to bite down and start to drink some of her blood.
  Vance / Death_Angel / 8y 166d 18h 27m 19s
She watches him sleep until she found hersel drifting off into a deep sleep right next to him. Se beagn dreaming her dream was about her past with her brother and Melossa her step mother that she called a "True mother" Mummbling in her sleep.

Inroi lay in her mans arms closely her clothes were off and she was covered in the blankets with Vance enjoying his warmth.
  Little Lindra Vampire / LonelinessOverrated / 8y 167d 8h 59m 55s
He heard her and shook his head. "She wasn't a bad person." He said and closed his eyes, wishing he could hold Layla again. When he heard her words he sighed and nod his head. "Alright." He said as he closed his eyes, and before he knew it he fell into a deep sleep.
  Joe / Death_Angel / 8y 171d 14h 27m 44s
She sighed. "Beacuse she is a bad person.. i already told you this... stubborn you are i hate repeating myself so many times" She growls annoyed. "It should rare off pretty soon you need to sleep first thought" She told him.
  Little Lindra Vampire / LonelinessOverrated / 8y 171d 14h 44m 29s
He heard her and keep his eyes on her. "..." He had no idea what to say to her words, glad he got an answer for hwy she turned him. "When will I be able to move?" He asked as his body was still numb, and he was unable to move any of his body. "Also.. You never answered me about Layla... Why did you kill her... Why?" He asked, wanting the answer. He loved that women, but now she was dead. He couldn't believe the only women he ever loved, his first lover, was dead.
  Joe / Death_Angel / 8y 171d 15h 8m 36s
She looked a way from Joe for a minute and let the tears fall down her cheeks. "Its compliacted... i guess i want to have something like you.. Joe.. and your the one thing that sorta turned me into a good vampire.. if i had not been taken in i'd probably been killed or stabbed with a stake in the heart... but i can't quite explain why i still turn people but i seem to think that it has something to do with being my mothers daughter and having the same jobs that she did" (i She told him and looked a way she didn't answer his question about Layal.
  Little Lindra Vampire / LonelinessOverrated / 8y 171d 15h 45m 22s
Vance heard her and chuckled as he saw her appear and begin ti undress. "Well i have work anyways." He said as he walked up and kissed her deeply, pulling back from the kiss and began to undress himself.

Joe heard her and sighed, still wishing he could move. "I'm sorry Lindra... I hate what has happened to you.. I do.. If you hate it so much, why are you making me go through it? And knowing I loved her, why did you kill her?" He asked a she blinked a few times. He had no idea why she would do this to someone if she hated being a vampire herself.
  Vetis / Death_Angel / 8y 171d 16h 43m 16s
Inori giggled and went to him. "alright i'll stop runing.. hehe what work are you talking about?" She asked him and began to strip her clothes off slowly but with speed.

Lindar sighed again and tears ran down her cheeks. "Joe... you are lucky to be alive.. so please don't feel bad about what you got.. you have everything i ever wanted including a person that you love.. for vampires its hard for my feelings to developed.. i had to leave a lot behind me when i chose to become this creature... i had no choice really i would've died... if it were still human.. Joe.. i left my big brother and i can never see him again." She cried some more her tears were pail white now. "I loved him.. he was there for me all the time.. he gave his life up for me..." She told him.
  Little Lindra Vampire / LonelinessOverrated / 8y 172d 9h 19m 45s
Vance saw her disappear and he sighed. "Oh please stop running.. I want to have some fun with my fiancee before we both have to work." He said before he stood up and began to walk around, looking everywhere he could for her.

Joe heard her words as his entire body was numb. "So.. So I have special.. Blood?" He asked, unable to move his body. "Lindra.. I.. I cant move my body... Its numb.. There isn't anymore pain.." He said as he glanced around the room and over at the pictures. He ignored her what she said about Layla, not believing her at all. "Your mother is beautiful.." He said as he heard her next words and sighed. "I wished I could get out of that home... I know we adopted you and you saw my whole life.. But hell I'm not even their real child either.. I was adopted when I was three... They always treated their real son better then me... You weren't there when he was, he moved out two years before they adopted you... But my entire life, they treated me like shit compared to him.. Hell I got his old room when he moved out, only getting that room when he finally moved out... I used to have your room, when it was much smaller.. They didn't make it big until two days before you moved into the house.. Before it was barely big enough for a bed and dresser, and that was my room..." He said with a heavy sigh as he closed his eyes. "The only good thing that happened in my life.. Was Layla..." He added, closing his eyes as he wished he could move his body.
  Vance / Death_Angel / 8y 172d 14h 33m 44s
Inori giggles and once again diseapered "Its not that easy" She said and winked.

Lindra nodded and sighed she broke her embrace from him and sat at the edge of the bed looking down at the ground."My memory was suppose to be whiped out my father ordered it to my mother and to my mothers sister now they all don't exsit and i'm the last of my familys heir, I mean i don't like being a vampier and having to drink blood sometimes i drink the blood of aniamls.. but it was your blood who changed me..Joe.. your blood is an intresting smell like deep and dark maybe could keep a vampier alive for days and not even turn into to dust by the sun" She began to explain to him when she heard him ask about Layal she glared and shruged than said. "Who cares she doesn't diserve to live.. if you'd have read her mind like i did... you'd never beable to leave it.. that girls got a messed up killers mind" She told him gring a bit than looking at the picture on the wall in her room it was picture of vance and her father and her mother who was the radient bueaty with long silver white hair that shined so brightly like a light from heaven she her red eyes were blood red but a very light colour like lazer eyes. "Thats my mother.. shes bueatifull isn't she? one of the most powerfull ones to.. next to Vances family.. at least his exsit... if it weren't for me.. my family would still be here.. and i'd be able to regain some of my memory..Joe.. you know your parents you have you are so lucky to have them i wish i had your life.. i wish i could be human once more.. to feel the sun and to be able to eat anything i wanted... but unfortuneatly i only can feed on blood any kind.. i try to stay a way from human blood.." She looked at the picture closley now that she could see the mark on her mothers neck.. "Hmm, its the mark i have the same one.. well she didn't raise me she turned me that was all.." She continued to explain to Joe her face so sad.
  Little Lindra Vampire / LonelinessOverrated / 8y 173d 1h 1m 38s
Vance heard her words and chuckled before kissing her back. "I don't know.. I think we both when." He said before rolling over so she was pinned on the floor. He then leaned down and began to slowly kiss at her neck.

Joe heard her and nod his head, still trying his hardest to fight the pain that went over his body. Though after another moment his body began to go numb. "My body.. Its starting to go numb.." He told her, opening his eyes as she moved her fingers through his hair. "So... You were turned by your mother.. Because you were about to die?" he asked as that brought the question up in his head. "Is Layla okay?" He asked, hoping she didn't do anything to her.
  Vance / Death_Angel / 8y 173d 19h 6m 1s
Inori giggles when she got tackled and she pinned him don on the floor hard making aloud sound straddling her legs on him. "Right.. but who wins?" She said with a devious grin on her face.

Lindra shook her head "No not kill you, it depends how your body will reacted to it.. so it all depends on how strong you can be to take the pain and let it indure..do you understand? when i got my first bite i let the venom go throught my body it made my body numb i couldn't move.. so i staid in a bed untill all the feeling came back excpet i was dead so i couldn't feel nothing.. but my mother saved my life" She began to explain to him her eyes so deeply into his eyes. "If my mother had not biten me and made me into this monster.. i'd probably die in my human form i was very sick.." She kept speaking to him but her voice was soft as her hands when through his red hair.
  Little Lindra Vampire / Over-rated / 8y 174d 1h 1m 56s
When he got up there, she was gone again. "Damn your quick." He said as he heard some furniture downstairs get knocked over. He just got a smirk before appearing in front of her and tackling her to the floor, though before he hit the ground he turned so he hit the ground and not her. "You cant get away with me." He said smiling as he kissed her deeply.

He heard her words and glanced down. "Wait. Is this venom going to kill me.. Or turn me?" He asked as he watched her. Because if he was a vampire, he would live forever and be by her side, though if he was human he would age and die before her eyes.
  Vance / Death_Angel / 8y 176d 19h 12m 15s

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