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This place really dies down a lot. How goes it @ random person who ses this
  Niki Kasumo / nikita2u / 6y 58d 3h 58m 24s
I now despise Atlas. They disgust me, the way they conduct themselves literally makes me sick. That is all.
  Heather Noir / MaskOfInnocence / 6y 68d 14h 53m 40s
Thanks Osiris. You helped alot. I've been going out of my mind trying to get this picture to work. By the way, I sent the new character sheet to ya.
  Kiandra_Black / 6y 77d 22h 36m 7s
[center [size10 [#e00707 It's an Osi. What's up, broseph?]]]
  Admin / BrokeStrider / 6y 77d 22h 37m 4s
Yes, that one works. xD You got it now, Kiandra. xDD
  GIR / Osiris / 6y 77d 22h 39m 23s
Let me try this one more time....

[pic http://oi58.tinypic.com/6tenio.jpg]

Did it work?
  Kiandra_Black / 6y 77d 22h 49m 9s
I tried the direct link... does anyone see the picture? Because I can't see it, I only see a tiny box...
  Kiandra_Black / 6y 77d 22h 55m 23s
[center [size10 [#e00707 Because you're not using a direct link, you're using the bbcode...]]]
  Admin / BrokeStrider / 6y 77d 22h 59m 24s
Did you see any parenthesis there? Because there are none...

I want to know why when I try to make a new character, it keeps saying my link to my picture is nonexistant or invalid.

[pic http://imgur.com/Xsut3eD]
  Kiandra_Black / 6y 77d 23h 22s
[center [size10 [#e00707 Coding is the same just replace parenthesis with brackets.]]]
  Admin / BrokeStrider / 6y 77d 23h 2m 58s
Checking something.....
[pic [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Xsut3eD.jpg[/IMG]]
  Kiandra_Black / 6y 77d 23h 9m 39s
What is it you're testing exactly?

I'm also not horribly distracted tonight. Shocking.
  Dave / BrokeStrider / 6y 77d 23h 10m 2s
there's an edit button right before you character name on here.
okay, disaster averted.
  dicks. / Kier / 6y 84d 11h 14m 56s
Probably just me not even knowing how the shit works anymore aside from italicizing, bolding and color font.

I stopped trying to keep up a good while ago.
  Stealth / WolfShot / 6y 84d 23h 7s
can't edit text?
from now on i'm gunna look like such a dumb ass.
  dicks. / Kier / 6y 85d 24m 34s

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