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The best? Maybe not, but I like the word Genocide, so there it is.
  Darth Genocide / Mephilis / 5y 143d 4h 49m 42s
Praise the sun. \[T]/

but really, was "Darth Genocide" the best you could do?
  アナザーまこと / K / 5y 147d 40m 54s

Let it begin like a prowling Tiger, continue like a roaring Lion, and end with a mighty thunderclap that shall collapse the very spectrum of reality itself! The Centagon Shall RISE!

Also dont forget to Praise the Sun \|-|//
  Darth Genocide / Mephilis / 5y 149d 16h 41m 23s
Happy New Year, boys and girls.

I highly doubt most of you have made any huge NYR's since the notion of any new resolutions are futile efforts to " Get into Gear ". But for any of you whom have, well, I wish you best of luck.

That Is All.
  Rebellion / WolfShot / 5y 217d 22h 21m 55s
Sounds neat. I'll have to look into it. May even pick it up if it picks at my interest well enough.

I already have too many games on my steam wishlist as is. Lol.
  Rebellion / WolfShot / 5y 243d 20h 58m 7s
It's been in development and still considered an Alpha. got it's steam release within the last week.

costs $10 however the demo has no restrictions currently and is treated as a free account.
  The Narrator / HEAD ES GAMER / Tensu / 5y 244d 2h 48m 6s
Oh wow. Almost considered it as Second Life for a moment. Had to scroll down a bit.

Never heard of Star Made, to be completely honest. Is it new or " Under the Radar "?
  Rebellion / WolfShot / 5y 244d 5h 4m 13s
been keeping employed and functioning as an Admin for a StarMade Server


a lot of people have written off as minecraft in space, but there's nothing in minecraft that lets you build a functional warship and go for a cruise.
  The Narrator / HEAD ES GAMER / Tensu / 5y 244d 5h 11m 33s
Ah, cannot say I blame you. With things slowing down to the dull crawl around here, there's not much to look at overall.

All the same, it's good to see you again, my friend. Have you been keeping well?
  Rebellion / WolfShot / 5y 245d 5h 46m 24s
it has been a while, still, I seriously forgot I had this placed saved in my favorites.
  Sasaki Kyosuske / HEAD ES GAMER / Tensu / 5y 245d 8h 54m 54s
Holy shit it's Tensu.

Long time no see, mayne.

Seriously long time no see.
  WolfShot / 5y 246d 22h 4m 20s
You know, I honestly forgot I had this site saved....
  The Narrator / HEAD ES GAMER / Tensu / 5y 246d 22h 34m 1s
anyone still use this? this used to be the best place to find a good RP
  Valor / TRILOGY / 5y 249d 2h 1m 28s
Everyone. Even though you posted that a few hours ago, I thought
I would answer you.
  Loneliness / TheForgottenDoll / 6y 56d 22h 57m 34s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Indie+Flower]
[indie+flower Is my font visible to everyone or just me?I have been wondering this.]
  / FallynAngel / 6y 57d 2h 56m 42s

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