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Nope, in like two days I turn 24. XD
e.e 3 kittens and 3 grown cats ugh.
Blondell is the cutest of them all.
Then we got Sass the angry one, which is funny because we call him Sass as in Sasquatch.
Then Tyler is the cray cray one who kind of seems to hate everyone.
  Nyctophobia / 5y 18d 11h 18m 31s
Jobless isn't terrible, you'll find something.
Kittens <3
August right?
  LanguageLover / 5y 18d 11h 21m 2s
I've been pretty good, jobless but good.
I've got three kittens that despite how cute they are I'd really like someone to just come take them to a nice home.
I've also got a birthday coming up as well.
  Nyctophobia / 5y 18d 11h 24m 23s
Your characters :P

Ah gotcha. And here Iwas hoping to get all nostalgic and see old friends. Well damn.

Anywho, how've you been?
  LanguageLover / 5y 18d 11h 30m 22s
What gave it away? XD

Yeah, ES is kind of in a "New Age" where like a lot of the older users don't come on or if they do it's not often or they're just not out in open nearly as much.
  Nyctophobia / 5y 18d 11h 32m 28s
judging by your profile i'm going to assume you're neon.

i feel sooo lost. there's none of my old friends on here :(
  LanguageLover / 5y 18d 11h 38m 1s
All threads have a character limit now. They also all have the real time chat though so most "ooc" thread or what not people use the real time chat for. Expect for this thread and the Intro thread 'cause like people always posting in the rp replies section regardless XD
  Nyctophobia / 5y 18d 11h 43m 11s
booo there's a post limit on the chat now? wut in tarnation.
  LanguageLover / 5y 18d 12h 15m 29s
it has been awhile.

K, you are OK in my book... see what I did there? <.<
  Darth Genocide / Mephilis / 5y 134d 20h 6m 30s
Hey K, Meph. How are you both doing today? Haven't seen you both in a while.
  Not for sale / GreenEnvy / 5y 137d 12h 7m 15s
[size39 ☼]

Praise the Unicode!

Grossly incandescent, like a magnificent father.
  アナザーまこと / K / 5y 137d 12h 22m 28s
Will do


Now if only I could make a sun through a keyboard....
  Darth Genocide / Mephilis / 5y 137d 19h 57m 0s
Can't argue with that. As you were.

キャラクターリミット (・ω・)ノ
  アナザーまこと / K / 5y 141d 1h 3m 25s
Perhaps a bit, but I like it.
My nicknames/titles for characters tend to be a bit straightforward and obvious.

Sith Lord character that stomps on planets(Metaphorically) and eradicates civilizations... Darth Genocide.
  Darth Genocide / Mephilis / 5y 141d 19h 34m 12s
Don't let me stop you, but it's a little on the nose, don't you think?
  アナザーまこと / K / 5y 142d 22h 55m 29s

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