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oh the nostalgia. kicking me right in the groin ...
  Vermalin / 4y 234d 54m 36s
Sooo....is anyone on here anymore? I feel like an old fart for even logging in.
  LanguageLover / 4y 236d 8h 8m 25s

After an eternity of... whatever...
I... am posting... sort of... kind of...
  Darth Genocide / Mephilis / 4y 335d 14m 7s
I'll probably find something after I finish this episode of Celebrity Family Feud
  Nyctophobia / 5y 18d 9h 28m 24s
Good idea. I gotta start getting ready for work soon. Can't go into work looking like a ragamuffin.
  LanguageLover / 5y 18d 9h 29m 24s
I should figure out what to eat for I guess what you'd call my lunch. o.o
  Nyctophobia / 5y 18d 9h 37m 18s
Pretty much. That's how it is with our dogs here. My bf is less tolerable with mine than his and vice versa.
  LanguageLover / 5y 18d 9h 38m 5s
He's that too. XD
He's also a big scaredy cat
and the biggest screamer you've ever met.
My mom can't stand his screaming and meowing but I'm used to it but that's probably 'cause he's my cat and I'm more tolerate than my mom on most things.
  Nyctophobia / 5y 18d 9h 43m 14s
ahhh, gotcha. makes sense. I thought you meant he/she was a prissy little kitty who didn't like to get his paws/fur dirty.
  LanguageLover / 5y 18d 9h 45m 3s
Hadalgo is pretty good. He's too much of a pig to stay away for too long, and in the summer he stays in a lot because he gets hot easily. I think it's because he's got such thick fur. Sardine can wander off for days and then BOOM she's at the door.

And like I meant that in the "last time he snuck out he got raped" sense. o.o
  Nyctophobia / 5y 18d 9h 46m 31s
Haha, too pretty? All cats are pretty!
indoor outdoor cats arethe best if they stay near the house.
  LanguageLover / 5y 18d 9h 48m 17s
jfc Tyler got himself stuck to a curtain.

And are you saying I'm not already a crazy cat lady? XD
Honestly Hoosier and SWAT are the only two not fixed, but we're thinking of having her be indoor outdoor like Sardine and Hadalgo since she doesn't ever use the catbox. Hoosier is perfectly fine as he is though because he's too "pretty" to be an outdoor cat.
  Nyctophobia / 5y 18d 9h 49m 53s
So much cat sex in that post.
Jeez, you're gonna be a crazy cat lady.
  LanguageLover / 5y 18d 9h 51m 48s
Well, my mom started with Sardine, then Sardine got knocked up so we wound up with my cat Hoosier and his sister. His sister got knocked by some stray, and then so did my mom's cat AGAIN, so we wound up with two litters at once and both SWAT and Hadalgo came from the litter of my mom's cat. And then recently SWAT got knocked up by Hoosier so not three kittens. I've got two cats and my mom's got two.
  Nyctophobia / 5y 18d 9h 54m 7s
lol. how'd you end up with so many?
july 23rd? Hm, i wonder who here has a birthday in august.
  LanguageLover / 5y 18d 9h 56m 7s

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