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I agree sooo hard on that. I keep looking for a good solid RP I haven't written in ages but holy hell do I wanna :D Most seems teeny boppery or just straight depression heh. And the decent ones are either too far into the plot or hasn't any activity :(
  Cass / nikita2u / 233d 12h 11m 29s
Ugh maths. I'm a tad inebriated. Sobriety isn't my favorite thing at 2 am :P
  Cass / nikita2u / 233d 12h 12m 43s
Ooh tell me about the golden age o wise one

  MythicMallow / 233d 12h 13m 3s
Now its search threads, chatrooms, MXM, FXF, slave this slave that...Its cringey
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 233d 12h 13m 12s
Yeah I was 14 when I first joined maybe 15. I'm now 30 lol I remember when this site was so damn active n there was always something new to read/comment on and the role players were flyin :D God I miss those moments :)
  Cass / nikita2u / 233d 12h 14m 47s
Oh wow. That's long. XD

I guess I can consider.myself a golden age ESian
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 233d 12h 16m 24s
I have been on the old ES for about 13 years now :) almost 10 on this one and I used to RP on the old site maybe a year or two before this was a thing
  Cass / nikita2u / 233d 12h 17m 32s
*rolls around*

i am a silly human bean

  MythicMallow / 233d 12h 18m 26s
I was on Old ES in 2009.

  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 233d 12h 19m 33s
you are about the same "age" as I am on here I don't think I can place you though
  Cass / nikita2u / 233d 12h 20m 44s
Holy shit I forgot about this chat. Anyone here remember me?
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 233d 12h 41m 1s
my thingy says close to 10 years holy fawk I feel old
  Cass / nikita2u / 238d 12h 19m 56s
ah 13 years on the original site n I joined this one I think the day it was released when they closed the old one down
  Cass / nikita2u / 238d 12h 20m 55s
I don't know who they are, but i've only been on elite skills for roughly a month
  MythicMallow / 238d 12h 31m 14s
has anyone seen Tensu or even remember him? It's been a minute im sure lol
  Niki Kasumo / nikita2u / 238d 12h 38m 36s

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