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This site literally changed.my life.

It kickstarted my writing hobby
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 233d 12h 17m 0s
Damn. We're all getting old. Pretty soon we'll be in our 40 reminiscing. This damn site has touched mah soul lol
  Cass / nikita2u / 233d 12h 17m 59s
I'm sure you're a lovely person Mythic :) So if you think ya'll are friends I don't see how ya couldn't be <3 I need sleep but my brain doesn't wanna shut up
  Cass / nikita2u / 233d 12h 18m 49s
Lol it's all.good.

Oh the Webmaster is a dad now with two kids
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 233d 12h 19m 28s
Amy is nice i'm friends with her.
at least i think i am
  MythicMallow / 233d 12h 19m 53s
oh yeah forgot they changed it from Urisen to Urizen on the "new" site.

I've the memory of a damn gold fish somedays heh. I blame my college years
  Cass / nikita2u / 233d 12h 20m 24s
Urizen is still here.

Don't know about Kael, but K is here and amyumino
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 233d 12h 22m 10s
Oh yeah KatLord and Passionbyapathy heh those two actually met up and had twin boys together. Really really cute kids tbh
  Cass / nikita2u / 233d 12h 23m 18s
MuffinMan was mah jam :D

Tensu had Kasumo family

Then wolvenglade uhm hm...I remember Null I don't remember if PrincessVenom was here or old site SweetNOhSoMe was a damn lady full of sunshine n rainbows Kael hmmm Urisen uhm man there are so many yet I don't think I can list em all :P
  Cass / nikita2u / 233d 12h 24m 55s
Meh it's been "dying" for years. Traffic is slow I know the original site is all sorts of out of wack. I can't get the pic of me I had up when I was 25 off n good lord is it a bad one. But as long as there are even a small handful of people who come here n utilize it I think i'd say it's pretty alive or at least some form of life support
  Cass / nikita2u / 233d 12h 26m 58s

That's funny.

I know I should let it go because I doubt its a big deal but its still a rule.

Also.Muffinman ftw
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 233d 12h 28m 31s
That does sound a lot better than it is now. I did here a thew people say that ES is 'dying'
  MythicMallow / 233d 12h 28m 49s
Good lord cybering is so over played.

Legit it's basically the same string of words you see over n over n over again. Just use pornhub ffs

anytime anyone tried that with me I would just make it super awkward heheh

"I touched your bewb hurrhurr"

"I'll booped ya in the nose with mah fist :D"

…..imma stop now >.>
  Cass / nikita2u / 233d 12h 30m 21s
Well my young one, the golden age was a time when ES had a bluechat room. Basic af but fun as hell, and the role play section had pages and pages of active role plays that would garner hundreds of posts a day. Where people were crazy but fun. Where the Muffinman and Tensu and all the oldies would randomly pop up throughout the day to make life that much better for a tiny span of a moment :D and where I had a bed time and homework and blew it off to be with my online friends heh #DrunkNikiFTW
  Cass / nikita2u / 233d 12h 32m 34s
Right.now.some.newcomer.is being rude with me while.I'm trying to explain to them that they cannot cyber via PM. It's against the rules...They keep telling me off
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 233d 12h 33m 35s

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