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I've made a discord server for those who are wanting to reconnect! ^~^
Just let me know who you are when you join.
  Voodoo / Gwinndolynn / 132d 11h 39m 25s

I'd say the brightside to the quieting down around here is the drop in mass creations of... garbage roleplays that were being created. Especially those of the extremely thirsty kind, lol. Nonetheless, yes, it is great to see people that I used to write and/or chat with on the regular. I'm not sure how many of you guys still wrote or wish to these days, but I'm always down for some project attempts.
  Vulcan / WolfShot / 190d 22h 30m 25s
[center [size10 That we have, I remember a couple of them but to be frank my memory's been shot for years so it isn't clear. I do remember writing with you and enjoying it though~ Haha, yup, still breathing if out of nothing but pure spite and determination. Its good to see you're still wandering about and well. ♡ ]]

[center [size10 Ah speaking of old timers, its Osha! Well, that tends to happen over the years with independent sites, they eventually lose that once newfound energy and hyperactivity. Its done well nonetheless though. I am glad to know that some of the oldies like myself still lurk about, hopefully, I do encounter more of you divinities eventually. Though unfortunately, I am still quite busy with work and writing elsewhere now as you can tell by that near twelve-day vanishing act, pfft. Also got caught up playing Da:I on my rare days off so admittedly I didn't speak for two days to anyone lol.]]
  Ghost / Contradiction / 191d 2h 48m 32s
Sadly, the site has been slowing down quite a bit. It is not as rambunctious or energetic as it once was.

Though you might find comfort in the fact that alot of the older members do drift by time to time. I am sure you would be able to meet up with a couple.
  Oshamaru / Oshamaru / 201d 23h 53m 47s
Agreed in entirety. Ankt, huh? We've written in RPs together a few times. Haven't seen you for awhile. Was wondering where you went. Good to see you're still breathing.
  Vulcan / WolfShot / 202d 35m 8s
[center [size10 Awww, to be honest, I understand that sentiment completely. I was there for the old ES and the beginning of this one as well. Though you'd probably recognize me as "Anny" or "Ankt" from my old Alias. I loved writing here as well and really, I wouldn't mind picking it back up if my old circle were still trotting about. I've some apprehensions about diving back into it without them due to my own insecurities, pfft. Consider it a security blanket effect, familiarity makes it so much easier. Over the years I have come back to check on things though! It was always nice seeing people roam about, but I just got so busy falling apart for a while there that I didn't have much time so I faded out of existence entirely lmao. ]]

[center [size10 There were so many good things here and I really enjoyed writing with everyone. Growing here, doing something shared and loved, I don't think anyone would truly ever forget their time spent here even if they did vanish entirely from ES. ]]
  Ghost / Contradiction / 202d 23h 44m 42s
Agreed. Whilst I don't write as much as I used to, for my remaining writing " team " keeps busier than I, I don't think I could ever truly leave this place. From the old ES to the new, it was the place where I really learned how to write, and became an outlet that I truly enjoyed. Call it cliche', but I believe that I'll remain here until it's very existence seizes.
  Vulcan / WolfShot / 203d 2h 50m 8s
[center [size10 So our infamous ES has finally reverted into the writing site it was supposed to be? Socializing was a big part of the community back in the day. One couldn't go two seconds without another one throwing a couch at them in casual conversation.]]

[center [size10 Ah, the olden times. The only ones I recognize are you, Nulli, Jimmy boy and while he hasn't been online in 20k years on here; Wolven. While I remember quite a number of people, I'm just unsure if they still peruse the site or not. It's nice to know that some folks are still around and it's definitely a wonderful thing that there's a lot of writing going on. I believe it'd be even more sorrowful if ES just ended up abandoned or the like.]]
  Ghost / Contradiction / 203d 7h 53m 53s
There are many who still frequent this place, but less so in the socializing manner and moreso in the writing manner.

At the same time, there are many names from early times that I no longer see around here. It's saddening in a way, but it'd be unreasonable to expect everyone to remain here
  Vulcan / WolfShot / 203d 19h 16m 37s
I actually came here out of the same temptation. ES was a big part of my life and one day it wasn't. Ugh, good times, bad times, cringe-worthy times and all. Now I'm married and in a suitable job for technology and it's almost as if ES was a dream. If anyone remembers me, feel free to message me on here, I will lurk every once in a while, and we can get back in contact. There were a lot of people I loved talking to here. Now I've shifted my creative drive towards DMing and video games, but boy does it not compare to RP.
  Adrien 2.0 / Adrien / 1y 37d 4h 36m 23s
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMQXMrK7bwA&feature=youtu.be]
  laundry / laundrymonster / 2y 223d 7h 8m 29s
<_> Dang, I feel old looking back into this place. But I couldn't resist the temptation to check it out. How's everybody hanging in around here?
  DeeGee / 2y 306d 7h 41m 59s
People are still kicking, they are just less active.
Personally I work a ton, so I just dont have the time like I used to.
  Valerian Shade / Princessofra / 1y 198d 21h 25m 42s
Tensu pls
[+white filler filler filler filler filler filler]
  ᴋᴀɪ / TaiLi / 3y 25d 5h 35m 4s
*hides the half-eaten arm behind me back*

Don't judge me, I'm a working class zombie
  Tensu "Reno" Kasumo / HEAD ES GAMER / Tensu / 3y 25d 7h 14s

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