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I actually came here out of the same temptation. ES was a big part of my life and one day it wasn't. Ugh, good times, bad times, cringe-worthy times and all. Now I'm married and in a suitable job for technology and it's almost as if ES was a dream. If anyone remembers me, feel free to message me on here, I will lurk every once in a while, and we can get back in contact. There were a lot of people I loved talking to here. Now I've shifted my creative drive towards DMing and video games, but boy does it not compare to RP.
  Adrien 2.0 / Adrien / 74d 20h 53m 11s
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMQXMrK7bwA&feature=youtu.be]
  laundry / laundrymonster / 1y 260d 23h 25m 17s
<_> Dang, I feel old looking back into this place. But I couldn't resist the temptation to check it out. How's everybody hanging in around here?
  DeeGee / 1y 343d 23h 58m 47s
People are still kicking, they are just less active.
Personally I work a ton, so I just dont have the time like I used to.
  Valerian Shade / Princessofra / 236d 13h 42m 30s
Tensu pls
[+white filler filler filler filler filler filler]
  ᴋᴀɪ / TaiLi / 2y 62d 21h 51m 52s
*hides the half-eaten arm behind me back*

Don't judge me, I'm a working class zombie
  Tensu "Reno" Kasumo / HEAD ES GAMER / Tensu / 2y 62d 23h 17m 2s
[i dead.]
[i the children are dead, muffinman....]
  roн ӝ мedlιn / tw-ache / 2y 63d 10h 12m 27s
Hello ES!

It's been a while.

How are the kids these days?
  Illis / Muffinman / 2y 118d 13h 56m 16s
D: i was about to go to bed, gdi LM. [+white filler filler filler]
  ooc / N30N / 2y 183d 12h 19m 16s
In the fleshy bitss.
Or the digital bits, I guess.
  laundry / laundrymonster / 2y 183d 12h 21m 55s
aw LM was about D: [+white filler filler filler filler]
  ooc / N30N / 2y 183d 16h 3m 5s

Also i'm surprised I still have this hello kitty thing. I thought i did a good job at antagonizing the mods when I had more teenage angst than I knew what to do with.
  laundry / laundrymonster / 2y 184d 15h 48m 41s
Ah. Thats rather disappointing. Ive finally gotten some time to myself again. I still find this place nostalgic and I enjoy it so Ill probably lurk for some time.
  Igo / HEAD ES SLACKER / SOUL PROPERTY OF ES / BleachIgo / 2y 263d 12h 26m 23s
I hover around here from time to time, but for the most part I have moved on to a new site.
  Crimson Lightning / Mephilis / 2y 266d 22h 47m 47s
There's a multitude of reasons why, LL.

Some got bored.
Some had more important obligations.
Some did grow out of it.
Others were disappointed with the condition of it and moved onto greener pastures.
Some are still here, but are not as vocal anymore.
Some got tired of wasting their creativity here and took it elsewhere so that it would hopefully be more appreciated elsewhere.
Some simply lost all motivation and dropped off the map.

The list goes on, but those are a few I can say could be considered the main causes.
  Rebellion / WolfShot / 2y 269d 17h 30m 9s

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