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Because i spoke to my bf about how its unaceptable how he barely talks to me and ignores when an inportant topic comes up. I went as far as admiting that i don't sleep so i can talk to him as he lives in australia which gets me sick but its not worth it as he's never talk and now he hates me
  MythicMallow / 191d 21h 32m 34s

  Cass / nikita2u / 191d 23h 32m 0s
I hate myself so much right now

  MythicMallow / 192d 4h 42m 7s
added it :D

  Cass / nikita2u / 192d 11h 38m 18s
Much appreciated Osha.

I'll redownload Discord just for.that.
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 193d 9h 25m 34s
I got Discord but don't have it installed.

I'll try and get it installed though
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 193d 20h 10m 40s
Hey Friend! Gonna jump in the shower before work :) Do you have discord or Line? if you do add me sometime :P I'm Nikita2u on Line or Nev3424 or Nev2434 heh I mainly use it for my games on my phone but it's an easier way to stay in contact with folks ^^ if not i'll be seein ya later <3
  Cass / nikita2u / 193d 21h 34m 58s
Hello Nikita. ^^

Hkw are you doing

I'm getting ready for a Christmas Party
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 193d 21h 56m 57s
After noon ya'll any life today? I swear the journal entries has me rollin somedays
  Cass / nikita2u / 193d 21h 58m 48s
Oh never met him.


  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 198d 8h 56m 1s
lmao he never role played but hes psyko on the old site his names Derik.
  Cass / nikita2u / 198d 8h 59m 21s
Oh who did you.marry..i might know him...

I can't login to the old.ES
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 198d 9h 51s
Okies im off to bed I can't fight it any more. If you ever decide to throw together an RP lemme know :D I'll gladly fill a spot if ya need a body

Imma regret this hard at work tomorrow erm well today #Adulting
have a good night guys
  Cass / nikita2u / 198d 9h 1m 2s
I was goin through some stuffs when I found this site in middleschool heh it helped me stay off the ledge a good many times. I actually met up and married someone off here lol I have carried this damn place in mah thoughts for years heh
  Cass / nikita2u / 198d 9h 4m 21s
went to my profile on the old site :D

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-There you go eggman
  Cass / nikita2u / 198d 9h 5m 53s

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