a slave and mistress

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The mistress happens to be a vampire and the slave is a human that descises himself as a neko. A not so much rare race and for some reason vampires need 100% human blood. The fangs on the vampire give off a lust for flesh contact bust.


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I went directly into my home and sat on the bed and started to rock myself.
  Sasuko / wolfprince666 / 8y 52d 16h 1m 21s
I get halfway to my moms house and see a lake. Istop and sit at the edge and cry.
  Lexi / liz / 8y 52d 16h 18m 23s
I sighed a little bit knowing that you lied. I hated to be lied to but I expected as much. I got out of your house and went back to the one you picked for me to live in.
  Sasuko / wolfprince666 / 8y 52d 16h 24m 13s
I cringe away from you a little bit and lie My mom died. I haveto see my family tonight. and walk past you out the door and run to my mom's house.
  Lexi / liz / 8y 52d 23h 55m 9s
I got up and put on my cloths once more. I walked over to your place and sniffed you out. I got your trail and fallowed it to where you are. I sat down next to you I am sorry that I did not tell you before but as I said before I was tampered with. I was unable to get any vampire pregnant till I met you that is. It seems like we were both waiting for the right one then.
  Sasuko / wolfprince666 / 8y 53d 14h 8m 5s
Not knowing what to do, I curl up in a corner of the house where Sasuko couldn't see me if he comes after me.
  Lexi / liz / 8y 53d 14h 28m 6s
I continued to pant and feel the pain that the bloods were having their war on which one will be the domanit one in my veins.
  Sasuko / wolfprince666 / 8y 53d 14h 30m 27s
I go tomy house and call my mom. I tell her everything and say What should I do about it? Why did you do it? I didn't know he was a werewolf! Then i don't know what you can do. she says and hangs up on me.
  Lexi / liz / 8y 53d 14h 32m 23s
I called out while you run out w..wait please
  Sasuko / wolfprince666 / 8y 53d 14h 37m 4s
I-I need to go see my mom. I say and run out of the house.
  Lexi / liz / 8y 53d 15h 4m 59s
I felt something changing again this time into a more human like form. I whimpered through the entire process since it hurt more then the first time of transformation. I still have fur but more where it counts for a guy then anywhere else. I felt that my front paws turn into human hands once more. My back paws went to human feet once more. The jaws start to move back to making a human mouth. The ears reshaped as well to were they were a little bit pointing up as if they were human ears again. The only things that did not change was the fur, the eye colors, and the tail did not change. I pant on all fours.
  Sasuko / wolfprince666 / 8y 53d 15h 14m 45s
Oh umm. I say and think What do I do?! Mom will kill me!!
  Lexi / liz / 8y 53d 17h 17m 31s
I turned around and asked in the mind have you ever wondered how I was able to go in easy and pop you as well it is because I have a male wolf's shape
  Nesu (wolf) / wolfprince666 / 8y 53d 18h 23m 15s
Suprized, I back away from you. Wh-what?!

Gotta go,
  Lexi / liz / 8y 53d 18h 29m 56s
I laughed a little bit more well you might want some right about now. I felt the full moon rays on me. I looked out the window and did the one thing that not even you would expect. I howled to the moon and felt my body changing into the wolf form. I went to all fours after I took my cloths off and felt fur growing along with my tail, ears and mouth. I also felt that my eyes changed. I felt my hands turn into paws as did my feet. I felt taht my bones started to adjust themselves to where I looked like a wolf only twice it's size.
  Nesu (wolf) / wolfprince666 / 8y 53d 18h 34m 36s

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