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Aria Hucthins
Grade: 12
Looks: Long blonde hair and blue eyes
Bio:Love music always her head phones on. Wears punk style clothes. Lives with her father. Mother was a drug user and ran off when she was 6 years old. Best friends with Alex they have know each other since they were born. Alex is older then by 2 months. She is a laid back person, but gets pissed off when people mess with her friends and has her bubbly moments alot.

Alex Laboriosae
Age: 18
Grade: 12
Looks: Brown hair and brown eyes.
Bio: Alex is a fun, chill sort of guy. He doesn't like the seriousness of the people in the world. He specially considering that is all he has heard upon growing up. Having taken care of his younger sister Ivy for the past 3 years on his own, he has come to be very protective of those he cares deeply about. He hates school, but figures if he is to lead a good life, he might as well go through with it. Now, he is here, high school. He is best friends with Aria, secretly is in love with her for the last 5 years.

Ivy Laboriosae
Grade: 11
Looks: Ivy is a deep thinker, she hates not knowing every little detail of the things around her. The thought of being out of the loop of something that is big makes her pissed off. Her older brother Alex is one of her favorite people, even if he is somewhat of a nuisance at times. She is used to being protected by her brother, but is more than capable of handling herself after knocking out an old rival back in the 5th grade. She is somewhat of a loner, being to the fact that she is more often than not found reading or drawing rather than socializing


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She had to get out of the house, everything was going wrong. All of this stuff kept happening to her. Getting up from the table , she throws her lap top across the room. Smashing it into a million peacies. Making everyone in the room jump. " Umm sorry everyone, I jusssst neeed..." Not finshing she was about to say , she grabs her jacket exiting the hose. Once outside she feels the cool summer night hit her face. Walking down the street, she had to figure out what to do. She could show this to her grandfather , but that wouldn't change anything. She would still have to marry Jason, all it would do is get her mother in trouble. That wasn't going to solve anything. So lost in thought she ends up at a park , where her and Alex came as kids. Sighing she walks up to the swing set. Sitting down on the swing she begins to do a low swing.

" I don't know what to do anymore, why does everything have to be like this." Hearing foot steps come her way, she doesn't look up. Knowing who it would be . " So you decide to come and save the princess once again? " Well considering the way you left back there. I knew you need someone to talk to." Alex said as he sat in the swing beside her. Still not looking at him, she slowly begins to dig her feet into the ground. " How do you always know where I am at? Do have some mirco chip in me or are you some pervy alien dude!" Alex laughs at her. " Nope! I just have a feeling where your at, it's like a sixth sense. Like we are linked somehow." Shaking her head , " yeah I guess that makes sense."

Sitting in since for a few minutes, all you could hear was the noises of cars and their breathing. " Aria it's not your fault I mean come on it's not-" " I know!" Stopping him from saying anything else, she sighs. " I know all this Alex! But we can't just through what she did out there in the open , all she will get is a slap on a hand. Look you don't need to be the prince anymore, I will handed things. You can go back home and finish up what you have left. I will stay here a little longer, I just need to get things together."
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"Aria, what's wrong?" Alex looked up from his laptop, concern etched across his face. Something really pissed her off it seemed, and the way she screamed at her computer, it didn't take long to guess who she was talking about. That bitch had done something really wrong, and the look of venom Aria was giving her computer at the moment proved to be truly terrifying. The saying, if looks could kill suddenly flashed across his mind, and he was decidedly glad it had not been he to stir up that much ferocity in her.

As he watched her closer and closer, he saw that she was visibly shaking, her teeth clenching together as she explained the situation to himself and Ivy, of how Sophia had been pulling money from the account she had wired to them, and how she had just recently kept all of her bank's money on store with her phone. Obviously, she hadn't been expecting the demonic woman to sink as low as to use her once married name to delve into her own financial wares. The first thing Alex made to do was try and hack this bitch's own account, totally ignoring the strange looks he was receiving from Ivy, and ignoring the fact that Aria was now so engrossed in figuring out just what had happened to all of the money, that the wedding had now not become their only concern. Of course, why would there only be a single bout of drama to deal with, when you could have a whole slew of craziness knocking at your door. Rolling his eyes, and beating his head repeatedly on his keyboard in frustration, he continued trying to do what he could to help Aria in any way he could
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Pacing back and forth on the table, she had to figure out a way. To plant the devices, pulling out her phone she made a phone call. " Yes, hello Orihime, It's Ariana." Hearing a squeal from the girl, she had to pull the phone away from her, before she became deaf. " I was wondering what meetings did the company have planned and events. Hmmm....really now. So there is a meeting tomorrow in the office about the two companies merging. So Jason and Ms. Scotts will be there. Great! I know I still can't believe they are making me marry that prick. Oh you want to help, why thank you Hime. I will bring you the details in the morning. I will be there first thing!" Hanging up her phone she does a victory dance and starts blushes at the last words Orihime said to her before she hung up. " I would rather see you with that sexy brown hair boy , then that jerk. You should do bow wow chicka wow wow with him. Maybe that will help not marry that Jason creep." Leave it to Orihime to get her thinking of that stuff now, looking over at Alex her face goes three shades redder. Coughing to calm herself down.

" Okay, Orihime is a worker at the company. Over the years I became good friends with her, she doesn't want to see me get married to Jason either. So she is willing to help, she can help me put caramas and records around the room in the office. I will go to Jason house tomorrow and bug his room, along with his computer. Do you think we can get this stuff done tonight. I am sorry I know I am asking for alot! Thank you for your help!" Smiling at everyone, they get back to work. Aria doing the fisnhing touncs on the min camaras. She takes a step outside needing fresh air. They have been at it for hours.

Why was her life so cruel, she didn't ask to be a damn heir. All she wanted was a normal life , with family and friends. Hearing her phone buzz. She gets a email from her bank. She started tracking the Laboriosae account. Opening the bank account , she froze. Over half of their money was gone. Oh could this be she made a deal with her grandfather. If she did his comands, he wouldn't touch their money. Kicking the wall, she screams. " WHAT THE HELL, WHY DOES THIS SHIT KEEP HAPPING TO ME!" After kicking the wall some more she claims down. Stroming back inside the house, she pulls out her laptop. Typing some codes she hacks inside the bank systems. Searching around , she stop and stares at the screen. " That BITCH! I SHOULD HAVE KNOW.!" Sitting there in her face on the screen was the one name she hated to most. Sinking this low to have her money and drugs. Sophia Delrusso- Hutchins was the one taking money out of Alex and Ivy account this whole time. Pushing the computer back, she begins pounding her fist on table. " That bitch actually went that far." Aria began to shake from anger running all over her body.
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It slowly began to sink in...Create something that would destroy the jackass from inside out. Let his rep be totally trashed. What a great way to get his revenge. And, with Ivy helping them both out, you know it is bound to be as secretive and devious as possible. Hell, throw in Hiroto and that filthy bastard didn't stand a chance. He couldn't help but let a faint smile creep up on his lips, he couldn't help it, it all was just too fantastic. He looked across the room where Ivy stood now, already pulling out a pad of paper and beginning to write down some complicated code, as far as he could tell it wasn't anything to do with just cameras, but to send all of his files back to their own network. Already calculating the needed measures to take, he decided to go one farther, and come up with a nasty virus to infect all of his and his connection's computers once they had all the information they needed. Aria asked for help, and sure as hell she would get some, quite a bit more than she was expecting.

Aria was well constructed in building all kinds of things, so between all four of them, cameras wouldn't be too hard to create. What, with the fact that all that you needed to do was to reduce the main camera's own construction and enhance the views in what they took in. No trash would remain when they were done with their plotting. "So Aria, when do you believe that we can get all of this done?" He wanted to know the expectation, for once, he was planning on going beyond it. Knowing Ivy, she was probably already talking to Hiroto on making a fake phone call to the school, saying she was terribly ill and was referred to stay home. If he could pull it off, then he too would stay behind and hopefully crack the code to get past his little bs networking. Laughing evilly to himself- a rarity in his laid back way of life- he couldn't stop himself from imagining a jailed Jason, and how he could one day stand before him and say 'F*ck you, I won.' Spacing out he ended up being brought back to reality when Ivy shoved the pad of paper she had been writing on in his face. "Hey, what do you think of this?" Nodding his head in acknowledgment he gave her the thumbs up, and watched as Aria paced back and forth on the table thinking to herself.
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What hell were these two thinking, murder. They can't possibley think that was going to solve anything.Leave it to the Laboriosae siblings to think of crazy ides. Fighting with Ivy how she isn't going to do anything. " Damnit Ivy, your not useing your damn crowbar. Even though I am rich, I wont be able to bail you out of jail." Taking a breath , Ivy begging to pout about how she can use her preciuos crowbar. Rubbing her crowbar calling it , her preaciuos. Yup, Ivy has finally lost it. Facing herself over to Alex, she goes over and sits on the coffee table. Yeah she was going to stay far away from him, a pissed Alex was like walking into a war zone. She was not having that. Nervously looking around the room, anywhere but Alex.

" Okay, look first off this isn't my fault. SO STOP YELLING AT ME DAMN IT! Second you can't kill anybody, it's a crime." Sighinh to herself. " All I know is this morning they held a meeting and made my enganment. Sadly I had to accept, I have no real before. Everyone was there, they are bringing the company's togtether. And in two weeks I have to marry him. Does it look like I want to marry that peice of shit! I am more shocked that my father agreeed to this, Oh how becoming a hobo and joining the circus looks so good right about now!" Slaming her face in her hands she Forgets that Jason had kissed her in at the meeting, she makes a mad dash to the bathroom drowning her mouth in mouthwash. Coming out of the bathroom , a idea struck he. Jumping on the table, she points at Alex and Ivy.

" I got it how we can get our info faster. We are smart, yeah we know Alex doesn't act like it. We need to make mini video carmaras, a small micro chips to install in their computers, so we can see what files they have. And and records, so we can record their canverstions. Ivy call emo boy over here. We need to get to work. We only have two weeks, we to work hard and fast." Jumping off the table she sees Ivy yelling at emo boy to get his butt over here. Running back to the bathroom, to wash out more germs. This had to work , she didn't know what else to do. Or she in 2 weeks time will be scum bag wife.
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"So, Aria is going to be married in two weeks." He sat there, staring back and forth between Ivy and Aria for a few moments, before finally blowing up in a wave of anger and confusion. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MARRIED?! YOU LET THAT TRASH GET YOU IN THIS DEEP?! I AM GOING TO MURDER HIM!!" As if to prove his point he picked up a random butter knife that was sitting atop the kitchen counter, and made to look like he was attacking he so-called foe. Yes, Alex was absolutely PISSED. Beyond pissed, he felt as if his insides were going to set his whole body into a fiery flame with the heat he felt. How could that jerk think that he could pull this type of card? To go and forcibly drag her into a less than satisfying marriage.

"How did this happen? Who said it was going to happen? I WANT ANSWERS DAMMIT!!" He watched as Ivy crawled under the couch, hiding from him and his psycho mood swing, while Aria merely looked at her like 'good going Ivy, wait to tell him what happened before actually TELLING him'. It took a few more minutes of Alex threatening all kinds of brutal ways he would hunt down and get back at the blonde before he realized that Aria still stood there looking both awed and horrified. It seemed that she appreciated the gesture but "You two can't kill anyone, Alex." Putting the butter knife down forcefully he glared at her. Darn her and her trying to guilt him. Couldn't let him be her prince just once more, and take out the jackass with a couple good blows.

All the sudden Ivy popped up next to Aria, pleading on her knees. "Ariana Hutchins, I am groveling at your feet, begging you to let me end this demon's life. I promise you it will be one less parasite to suck the life and money out of people on this earth." Brightening up suddenly she added with an evil grin, "Besides, my crowbar is feeling rather lonely as of late, it needs to get out and socialize. And HONESTLY, you've got the mula." She emphasized rubbing her fingers together, "If alex and I go to jail you can just bail us out. So pleeeease."

Alex shook his head, facepalming himself. Just like Ivy, justify a murder as eh, better off anyways. He wanted this wedding gone, and wanted Jason out of their lives for good, but he hardly thought having a jail record would be in Aria's father's favor. He could see it now, 'Oh yes sir, I would love to marry your daughter...Oh yes, I was in jail for murder but trust me it was all a good cause...Oh I only murder the ones that get in the way of our love.' Yep, that would go over absolutely perfect. Sighing, he sat and stared at the ongoing fight between Aria and Ivy. If only someone would explain what the hell was going on.
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Ivy fell out of her bed with a loud THUMP! Blankets entangling her as she struggled to get out of her room down to the screaming Aria. Just as she finally freed herself, she tossed her hair up into a messy bun and tripped over Chippy, who was now awake and scurrying everywhere in complete and utter panic. "Damn it Chippy!! We have to go help Aria, there's no time for your games." She screamed as she picked him up and carried him downstairs with her.

Considering the urgency in Aria's tone, she was quite positive that she had figured out just what was going on. After all, it was sure to come to light rather quickly if the news had already spread to her father: someone who seemed to be almost last to know everything these days. "ARIA!! Are you ok?? I guess you heard my message huh? Oh my gosh, I can't believe that little slime ball actually brought this all the way to MARRIAGE!!" She was in complete in utter shock at the situation still. Having come up with a few ideas to avoid it all within her sleep, she still couldn't help but feel that they still didn't measure up to class-A material.

Upon the look on Aria's face Ivy made to listen to her rather closely, gathering as much information as possible. It turned out, that it hadn't been Ivy's voice mail that had set her off, but rather Jason himself. That and the declaration of her grandfather and mother. "TWO WEEKS?! That's all we have?!! You have got to be freaking kidding me?" This was ridiculous, this Jason character was really working quick, and the worst part was they couldn't even say anything to her grandfather. If she ended up having to marry that demon she would...oh there would be a funeral soon after. Death by crowbar. She laughed evilly to herself. Imagining just how she would explain..."oh yes Mr Hutchins, I just don't know what happened, one minute he is saying his vows and the next he is knocked unconscious by an unforseen object. It really is such a shame." Knowing Aria and Alex though, they would never let her do something like that. Besides, she didn't fancy being dragged to jail anytime soon...though, Aria waaaas rich. What was one jail record for a good friend, and cook hehehe.

The more she thought the darker and more evil her plans became. Showing, just how evil she could be when it came between her and what she wanted. Sure, she liked to play around and tease just as much as the next person, but get in the way of something she wanted to happen, and she could kick your sorry behind to the next galaxy in a heartbeat. That had been the mistake of Alex's last girlfriend. Ivy didn't like her, she was a major pain in the ass, so, Ivy got rid of her rather quickly, sending her a false paid tuition to some foreign high school of sorts. Yes, when she had a will to do something there was almost a satisfactory guarantee that it would be done to her liking.

Chippy looked up at her with horrified eyes, realizing that his master was deep into plotting, and made sure to stay as quiet as possible so as not to disturb the flow of thoughts running through her twisted mind. It was finally when Alex flew thorugh the door in a huff that she broke her constant brooding, and greeted him with her simple, "So, Aria is going to be married in two weeks."
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Sitting in first period, she looks around Jason didn't show today. What the hell was up with the scum bag. While hearing the lesson, the class get intupet. Hearing a vocie , that sent chills down her spine she froze. Turning around slowing she was face to face with her mother Sophia and standing beside her was her grandfather. " Excuse me, We didn't mean to inturupt. But we are here to get my daugether Ariana." Hearing everyone whisper, who is Ariana. She stood up, having all eyes on her, she makes her way over to them. Hearing . " Omg.. Aria is rich, Damn it I should have asked her out if I knew!" And so on. Looking back at Alex he was pissed, giving him a look with her eyes. She makes her way out the door. Once they were in the limo, she snapped. " Why in the hell are you at my school?" Glaring down the two of them.

" We have a meeting you must attend, seeing it's all about you my dear. You will see." Sophia says as she glares at her. Her grandfather sits quietly. The make their way to Delrusso Corp, making her way out of the car into the building. They eneter a large room, with Jason and his mother sitting at the table. " It is a pleasure to finally meet you my dear, I have only heard things about you." Said a lady who was most likey Jason mother. " Alright lets begin things." her granfather speaks. As everyone sits, Aria looks around the room. " What the hell do they have planned." She thinks.

" This young man right here, wants your hand in marriage. So he asked us and his mother. We all agree, even your father approves I phoned him this moring. So as of today Ariana you will be married to Jason, in 2 weeks. You will not have to go to London now and we have a heir to the compnay. I am so proud of you for chooseing to date a fine young man. This will merge the two companys together." Aria sittign there stunned almost slammed the table. but Jason mother into a hug, " Welcome to the family, my son chose a fine girl!" Hugging her back. Aria looked at her mother sitting back with her arms crossed , smirking at her. As Jason mother lets her go, Jason walks up to Aria bringing her face to his. " I will make you the happiest in the world I love you." Kissing her in front of everyone. Letting her go, Aria stands up and bows. " Thank you everyone. I will accepct. But I must go back to school now." Making her leave she texts Alex. " HURRY HOME NOW I NEED YOU!!!!!!" She runs to Alex house, opening the door she screams. " IVY HELLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP" She only had two weeks now to get shit together, and she had to do it fast.
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Ivy rolled out of bed lazily, having decided that she didn't want to go to school today. Yes, today she would call in sick or something. Better yet, why call at all, with as nosy as the people at that school were, they would have her down as unexcused by the end of the call anyways. Oh how she hated waking up on Mondays, especially the blasted sunshine. Gosh, was she hanging out with Hiroto too much or what? Soon she would be sporting emo colors, minus the heavy makeup...She just couldn't stand feeling as if she had glued some foreign substance to her face. Oh, wait that was goths anyways, shrugging her shoulders, she decided that she didn't care. All that she wanted was sleep and food. "Yes, today will be my most glorious day of hibernation." She exclaimed suddenly- knocking Chippy from his own tiny mattress beside her.

Seeing that he was still sleeping soundly, she decided to let it be, she would simply tell him that he must have been having his flying squirrel dream again. It seemed that he wished more than anything in the world to have been born a sugarglider, but unfortunately God had cursed him with his fluffy little flightless body. She still remember how they had met, she had walked on by commenting on how interesting the animals seemed to act lately, when all of the sudden 'plop' a tiny little something lands directly on top of her head. Freaking out for a few moments, she let it drop into her hands rather quickly, curious to see just what exactly had the gall to scare her so. Upon seeing a brown fluffy squirrel she immediately claimed him her own, and heard tale after tale of how he was absolutely positive that if he practiced long enough that he would be able to fly. Ivy merely told him that it was a sure way of suicide. Yes, her friend was rather strange indeed, and that was why her tale would work perfectly when Chippy awoke on the ground in awhile.

Just as she was about to close her eyes, and invite the dreams of chocolate fountains and crowbars once more, the phone began to ring over and over. She let it ring, hoping that it would soon stop and the caller would merely leave a message- especially considering they were all technically supposed to be in school anyways. It never stopped though, it just kept ringing and ringing and ringing, making her head spin with annoyance and curiosity. Who in the hell was this desperate to get to the voice message system after: Forty-Two, Forty- Three, Forty- Four...Finally having enough of this idiocy Ivy got out of bed, and sped down the stairs in a huff. Finally, picking up the receiver:

"WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU WANT?! DON'T YOU KNOW THAT IM AT SCHOOL YOU IDIOTIC FOOL!!" Yeah, she could have handled that a little differently, considering the fact that since she picked up the phone she most definitely was not even anywhere close to school, but who cared, when someone doesn't ppick up after the ninth or tenth ring, you think that the caller would get the damned picture and leave said person ALONE. But noooooo they had to... "Hello, hello, Ivy is that you? I was just going to leave a voice message congratulating my daughter on her choice in a husband, but this blasted machine just wouldn't allow me to get there."

Face palming herself, both embarrassed and exasperated she answered, Still a little hazy from the abrupt emergence from her bed, it her a couple minutes to let just what he said come through to her mind.."wait, Mr Hutchins, you said choice in Husband...As in marriage. I don't know where you heard about this, but it has already been decided that Alex and Aria aren't going to be married. I mean, I am all for it, but its just not a good time."

"Alex, My dear, I wasn't speaking about your brother. How is he doing anyhow?"

"Fine sir." No thanks to learning that his best friend has to leave to London to fulfill her grandfather's damn business requirements. "If not Alex then wh....OH MY GOD!!!" It finally hit her that filthy little scum bag, playing such a dirty trick. THe man stammered nervously "Wh-what, What's the matter?" Can't tell him, can't tell him, damn it all "Oh, nothing Mr. Hutchins, I just saw this really ugly dog coming down my street, I guess it just startled me. So, who is the lucky man?" Upon hearing her thoughts being confirmed she bid him good day, and called Aria's cell promptly. Ah hell, she would want to know about this!

After getting no answer from either her or Alex' phones, she just left them both a message, and hoped for once they would actually listen to her so-called rambling of sorts. This was RIDICULOUS!! Who would have guessed that a simple 'sick day' would give her so much information. 'Thank God I was hear to answer the phone' She reasoned in her head. 'Although, the way he was going, the phone may have continued to ring all up until they all came back home.' Stretching her arms out with a long yawn, she decided to go back to sleep since there wasn't much to be done at the moment anyways. It was in sleep that she seemed to come across her most elaborate ideas, sometimes rather off the wall, but elaborate at the least. She remembered writing a whole history paper in that manner. Never bothered to even touch that biased textbook, and still managed to pass with an 'A'. This was life though, but life seemed to give all of its answers in the most unexpected ways. "Hopefully they will call soon, we have to figure out something and fast. Crawling back under her covers, she closed her eyes, and drifting back into a pleasant wave of sleep.
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Seeing that Christy was gone, he smirked. " Good that little hoe is gone." Oh how his plan was going perfect, soon he would have everything he needs. The Delrusso Corp. well be his soon. When he first saw Ariana , she was dumb and cluzty. He knew she was a easy prey. He dug deeper into the past of the Delrusso family, he found out their was another girl, Rebecca a long lost daugether of Sohpia. So he went and found her, she was smart. But since she came from a broken life, she would be easy to control. Once he told her about her past, twisting things around . He hookeed her in, making her think he loved her. Everything was set to go, but then that bitch Sophia pop back up to comtrol Ariana, and gain back power. So he had to take care of her to. Going to Sophia, making her think he was working with her. All he had to do was be her little sex toy, he hooked her in to. He had all 3 of them were he wanted. He even trasferred schools to get close to Ariana.

That girl thought she was going to London, she had another thing coming. Calling Sophia, " Hello my love, yes I need some more money you think you can dip into the account. Thank you my love!" Hanging up the phone, he smirked. Since his mother cut him off from his money for gambling and woman. He got Sophia to dip into a account she had asscess to, which was the Laboriosae's money. Once their father died he left the Hutchins to wacth over his children assets. Since Sophia is still married to Thomas , she has access. She has been stealing money from the account for the last 3 years. " Those brats don't need the money, they are just mer rats." Yes things are set as planned , those 3 girls were stupid airheads. pawns in his little game.

Ariana thinks she is going to london, well she has another thing coming to her. Enterig his mother off. " Mother I have great news, I am in love and I only want her. Ariana Hutchins the granddaugther of Frank Delrusso. I want her to be my wife, she is my girlfreind and has decleared her undying love to me. We should wed soon, so I don't lose her to London!" His mother being so happy, deosnt suspect anyhting , begins calling Mr. Delrusso. Setting up their engeanment. " That's right Ariana your mine, everything will be mine! Checkmate!" He leaves his mother to the planning , making his way out the door. Yes things were going his way.
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Waking up beside Jason, was a dream come true. Life was going perfect , everything that was taking from her since the day she was born. Will finally be her in due time. Looking at the clock it was 5 am, rushing to get up before Jason awoke. She has to be out by 5 am , cause Jason didn't want his mother to know anything and Jason said she couldn't stay. He told her when he married Aria, getting the business and all the money. Him and her could finally be together. Getting her clothes on , making a mad dash out the door. She thinks back at how she meet Jason. She was working at a cafe to make it through college, he made his way to the cafe talking to her everyday. Then he found out about her past. How she was abandon by her mother, going from foster home to foster. One day Jason came in with papers showing her who her mother was, Sophia Maria Delrusso. The daugether of business lord Frank Delrusso owner of Delrusso Corp. Christy couldn't believe it she was the heir of this company. Jason telling her how Frank needed to find a heir quick so for his company, cause he was dieing from cancer.

She was thrilled she can finally have what she always wanted a family, her family. No more wondering were she cam from. She was going to college for business. She was the top of her class and graduating year. All of her hard work was finally going to pay off, untill she heard more news about her long lost family. " Christy I have something to tell you!" Jason says as he sits on her bed. " What is it?" He hands her a stack of papers. Looking at him puzzled , she looks through them and shes a girl she never seen before. "What's this all about?" She asked. Seeing Jason get up, he speaks. " Well you see that's the heir of Delrusso Corp, you see it seems your mother got married to one of the employes of the bussiness, Thomas Hutchins and they have a daugther. Her name Ariana Christina Maria Hutchins she is turning 18. And has been named the heir. She has everything that belongs to you, she stoled your life. Your mother dumped you and kept her , cause she loves her more." Christy begins to fall to the floor, how could this be happing to her. All she wanted was to be part of her family and know she finds out she has a sister, and her mother throws her to the side and only wants the other one.

She starts to cry, Jason wrapping his arms around her. " We should get her back. Take away everything she has taken from you. My family is merging with Delrusso Corp, so we should take them all down. I will marry that girl and once i have everything it will be all yours. You will have everything that belongs to you since you where born. I love you , and this will be a start to your family life you always wanted." Christy couldn't beleive it, but agreed. She was going to take down Ariana. For stealing her life.

Making her way back home, she gets ready for high school. She changed her life to make this plan fall through. She enter back into high school. Since she was a foster child no one knows anything about her and there was no way to pull up anything. She even changed her name. Instead of being Rebecca Woods, she was now Christy. She will don anything Jason says , cause she loves him and he is only try to help her. But sadly she was so wrong, she was only another pawn in his little game.
  Christy Woods / hinahime / 8y 244d 15h 29m 5s
Waking up the next moring last nights events still were unreal to her. Getting a love confession from the man she loves and telling him everything she has been going through in her crazy life. Looking over the her left, Alex was sleeping peacefully. He instead on her sleeping in his room, because he already didn't like the idea that Jason was going to be calling her his girlfriend and spending more time with her. Knowing that the relationship had to be a secert untill the time come, so he wanted to be closer to her as possible. Giggling at the drool that was falling off the corner of his mouth, he rolls over throwing his arm around her. Looking down at his arm she sees the dragon tattoo with a A symbol on the inside of his wrist. Laughing in her head, she remembers the the dare she made him do. He had to ride his skateboard down the roof of a house. Ofcourse he didnt make it landing right in a tree, danging like a cat. Running away from the old lady, screaming at them. He had to get the tattoo, having Alex whinning about getting one and all about the needles stuff. Aria told him she would get one if he would stop acting like a big baby. So in the end they both got the same tattoo on oppisite wrist. Bringing her wrist with her tattoo up to his, she smiled. She would always have something of Alex with her.

Looking over at the clock she groaned she would have to get up out of bed. Shaking Alex awake he refused to move, so she got up and kick him out of bed. Hearing him scream , she laughed. " Moring sunshine it's time to get up" Hearing him groan he rolls off the floor. After finally making breakfast, she was ready to go. But before she left she gave Alex a long kiss. " I know we can't do this out of the house, so this is a good luck kiss for today. Now I am off to bring down the scum." Giving one last wink she was out the door, off to take out the trash of scum.
  Aria 2 / hellokittygrl / 8y 245d 3h 45m 51s
Stifling what would have been a full out laugh, Alex helped Aria up from what had been rather an amusing fall. He didn't mean to be cruel, but it always seemed that when she was at her most serious, that her clumsiness would choose to set in. "I think your little blue people are at it again." He said grinning widely. That always seemed to be her top excuse, might as well play along. Hell, if he were to admit it he had blamed these strange blue creatures once or twice upon tripping over a tiny pebble or something.

Before she could figure out what to say to his somewhat humorous drabble, he nodded his head, "Sounds like a brilliant plan to me. Expose the little devil to his mommmy, and he will be too tongue-twisted to ever know what hit him." Yes, a perfectly devious plan for an irritating shrew such as himself. See if he would ever dare with Aria again. Better yet, see if he'd be able to mess with anyone with his rep down the tubes. "I just can't believe you are going to be considered his girlfriend...It makes me want to just throw up! Creepy little...uggg" He exclaimed shivering slightly.
  Alex Laboriosae / DarkSexyKnight / 8y 245d 4h 20m 51s
Hearing Alex come in asking her what her plan was. She puts her hand on her chin, then something came to her. Pumping her fist in the air, almost taking out Alex. The boy learned over the years to move out of the way, Aria may seem a girl. But she had a mean right hook, he had alot of black eyes from it. " Okay today Jason asked me to be his girlfriend so I agreed to it." Hearing Alex grumble under his breathe, Aria waved him off. " Yes sadly, I will have to be around that scum. But I have to get close to him. He is money hungey, I found out that his mother owns a top company. And they want to merge with the Delrusso Corp. But his mother has been putting his assets on hold. Because of all of his partying and gamblingg, He been stealing his mother money. So she didn't want to send her only son to jail. So she cut him from his money. So he is trying to get a woman who is richer then him , to marry them , take over the bussiness and take all of their money leaving the girl behind. So I have to get close to him , to catcth him in his plan. So I can expose him to his mother."

Pacing back and forth in the kitchen. She hears a loud scream from Ivy. " I guess emo boy, doesn't want her after all."Alex says. Shaking her head she still in thought," I mean I son't want that creep touching me and I wouldn't care so much about him. But there is more to all this then him wanting my money. It's like why is her trying so hard by bringing Christy , she has something against me to. I just feel it!" Jumping up in the air she loses her footing, " Oh great thats all I need to end my day, crashing into the table."
  Aria 2 / hellokittygrl / 8y 245d 4h 46m 26s
Huh, leave it to Aria to mess with him, how annoying. "Payback my ass." he mumbled frustrated under his breath. He couldn't say she was exactly wrong though....Wait, no worry about that later what the hell were they going to do against Jason and Christy? Certainly, there was something that could get under that blonde demon's skin. But what exactly? "Hehe, we could always dye his hair a nice bright pink...or shave his head. What would he do then without his precious hair?" Laughing at the thought of a bald Jason trying to hit on any girls, no little charms to help out, he couldn't help but hope to use it is Plan A, but knew for a fact Aria wouldn't see that as any use in winning in the craziness.

'Oh well.' He thought to himself. Getting up to follow Aria, he came across the notebook Ivy had handed her that she had left behind. Yes, there was definitely a lot on there...Of course Ivy would make a list of food. Heck, she was hellbent on having a wedding for them...even if it was a squirrel as the pastor. Shaking his head, he wondered what Jason would say one day when he ffinally realized that there was no way in hell that his underhanded games with his little servant Christy would work. Aria was smarter than everyone gave her credit for.

Catching up to her, he noticed how lost in thought she appeared. Yep, she was definitely plotting, and by the looks of it, she had something pretty good in mind. "So, whatcha think? How are we going to get at them?"
  Alex Laboriosae / darksexyknight / 8y 245d 9h 7m 48s

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