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For My Friend Kylie and I ~

Just a little chat private.

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sorry..for being so "me"... -sighs-
  | My Tear's | / silenttears / 8y 219d 13h 11m 37s
I'm only back, to say sorry okay?

You don't have a "fucked up world" I mean it's confusing and chaotic, but it ain't so bad. I mean you could of had my life you know, yours is a bit better then mine.

Sayumi, sam, or megumi whatever the hell your choosing now.

Just you should know. Hana And I care for your safety. We would get hurt for you but don't blame yourself like today. Its what friends are for, to hold you when you need a hug, a shoulder to cry on, or a listener.

Please, don't think because you came here westin followed and hurt us makes you a bad luck charm or something.

Your a nice girl, you just need to open your heart up and let it beat. Let your emotions show. pokes your nose your just like the ugly duckling, but you'll shine in time.

Oookay? Love ya.
  Kylie / silentdawn / 8y 219d 13h 16m 27s
  | My Tear's | / silenttears / 8y 219d 13h 24m 0s
Tch, be lucky I'm your friend. Other then that you'd be alone in your fucked up world.
  Kylie / silentdawn / 8y 219d 13h 27m 38s
just shut up kylie.
..please.. i'm already getting an earful from hana's dad okay?

sits down and sighs
  | My Tear's | / silenttears / 8y 219d 13h 32m 46s
"Tough girl" better?
No I was protecting you! Me and Hana both you idiot!

I punched him in defense, he was pushing hana to the ground and was trying to come after you. Most likely the way this ended was going to end if he got to you with the same outcome. Kissing you.

Okay megumi!
God, you need to trust people.
You need to trust your friends!
  Kylie / silentdawn / 8y 219d 13h 41m 38s
I just happened to be there..with her.

if you didnt punch him first the fight wouldn't have started and i wouldn't have lost my first kiss to that guy!

I'm not Sam anymore. you know that.
  | My Tear's | / silenttears / 8y 219d 13h 44m 31s
I tripped him and he landed on me.
You should of let me protect you, stop being such a little "tought guy" okay! Stop with the stupid act.

If you stayed away, and let your friends help you, this wouldn't have happened sam!
  Kylie / silentdawn / 8y 219d 13h 49m 46s
Hm ontop of you makes you think you have it?
  | My Tear's | / silenttears / 8y 219d 13h 51m 41s
I told you to stay out of it! I had him!
  Kylie / silentdawn / 8y 219d 13h 53m 8s
Sorry, you'd just gotta keep wishing then.

Yeah, hana's Dad lives around her, maybe outside of martinsburg she called and said she can stay for thans giving so we have her this all week :D <3

And okay :) yay some gub!
Bai see ya here xD
  | Silent Tears | / deadlysoul / 8y 226d 14h 37m 11s
Okay okay none player.

I wish that can happen to me~
;) why don't you do that to me and have fun?

Hey, I'm back at my house hana's still there right?
My mom bought us some food and ice cream, so ima head over now again :D
  Kylie / silentdawn / 8y 226d 14h 42m 4s
Whatever floats your boat.

I'm NOT a player, girls are just a magnet to me. They all just think I'm so cute ullzang boy.all I do is kiss there hands or bow my head respectfully.

She did!? D: betrayal.

Wait you mean sex..right?
Ummm *cough* we did consider that, but in the when we turned 18 years. She was older then me by two years. So if she were alive still she'd be 16? Or 17 not sure.

All we did was snuggle eachother, she'd kiss my neck forehead nose, or cheek, and just sleep together.

That's it.
  | Silent Tears | / deadlysoul / 8y 226d 14h 48m 50s
Aw someone thinks I'm sexy
huggles and kisses your cheek

Really? I didn't know the almight player sam, at school was like that. The chicken out on a first kiss xD I had mine!

No! Hana should them to me when you were down stairs settling down your brothers haha.

But seriously <3this yoru girl and you were like deep deep deep deep deep deeep deeeeeeep love.

Were ya ever going to do it ? winks
  Kylie / silentdawn / 8y 226d 14h 56m 35s
Oh whatever.

O-o you are sexy then.

O:< you read them?

O//o that part, uh that was our second date I think.
We were suppose to share our first kiss, but I chicked out and looked down and she kissed my forehead..and that was the first time I was dealing with being gay at all e//e so it was confusing, but all I know is that I did love her with all my being, and she did me too.

D:< you read them!?! In my room?!?!?
  | Silent Tears | / deadlysoul / 8y 226d 15h 1m 36s

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