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Otohime Hatake is the niece of Kakashi Hatake. The daughter of his late sister, it is unknown who her father is, though it's common knowledge that he was from the Sound village. Many think it's Orochimaru, though nobody knows for sure.

Being a ninja in the Leaf village, Otohime was raised by her uncle and trained in the Academy alongside Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. Being one of the only girls who actually got along with Sasuke, putting up with his mood swings, and not annoying him or chasing after him claiming her love for him.

After he left, she was devastated, turning to Naruto for a shoulder to cry on. The two of them had gotten close, though not in a romantic way. Even though she would never admit it, her heart was reserved for Sasuke. While on a solo mission to the Sound village, delivering a scroll of some sort, she ran into him.

Recognizing each other almost immediately, Otohime and Sasuke decided to catch up before she left. What started with them talking, ended up with a lot more than she

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Otohime couldn't seem to pull her eyes away from Sasuke as he stared out into the night. The soft glow of the moon was pouring into the window and it reflected slightly off of his hair and face and casting a few shadows along the room. "If the council finds out, then everyone will know. There's nothing that I can really do about it," she told him with a small frown. Her frown slowly disappeared as a smile took it's place. She knew he had been right.. her true friends would never turn their backs on her, but it wasn't really them she was entirely worried about. It was everybody else she had grown to love and respect since she was little. "You might have, but I didn't know him. I don't miss him. But if he'd been the one to kill you instead, I would have hated him forever, even if he was my father," she told him softly, pushing herself up off the bed and walking over to the window, standing next to him quietly and pressing her hands on the window sill in front of her, watching the night life of the village below.

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Sasuke listened to her quietly, staring out into the night of the village with no apparent movement in his body aside from the slight rise and fall of his chest in accordance to his breathing. "Don't allow them to figure it out" Sasuke replied calmly before adding "And if they shun you, it shows that they never truly cared for you in the first place. Your friends will never turn their backs on you, Otohime". Sasuke knew that from first hand experience, none of the friends he had left behind in the Leaf had been willing to abandon him after he had abandoned them. That kind of friendship was strange but a bit warming to him but at the same timer, he wished they would learn to forget about him and move on with their lives. Especially Naruto and Sakura. Both of them had to learn let him go, he was beyond their reach now. Blinking at her last words, Sasuke let his eyes wander the streets before lifting to the night sky and said quietly "Its seems I've taken that chance away from you". His face as cold and indifferent as always.
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Otohime watched as Sasuke walked over to the window, a small smile on her face as she looked at him. 'Jeeze, when did he get so hot?' she asked herself mentally before cursing the thoughts away, never wanting to become one of his fangirls, though she knew she could still appreciate his good looks without becoming like them. Shaking her head with a frown, she sighed and rolled onto her back, staring at the ceiling, while keeping Sasuke in view from the corners of her eyes. "Even if I can't be influenced by him personally, people still will look at me differently if they find out he's my father. I don't want to be shunned by the village because of a man that I've never met," she said with a soft sigh. She knew Sasuke's words were right, but she couldn't help but be slightly pessimistic of the situation. "It's weird though, because at the same time, if he is my father, I wish he wasn't dead so that I could at least meet him, and let him see what kind of person I've become," she added with a small, sad smile on her lips.
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Sasuke stood calmly and walked over to the window, leaning against the wall beside the window and crossing his arms again, keeping his body facing her. "There is no need for you to be influenced by him in any way. He's dead, part of the past and you're old enough to choose who you want to be, Otohime" he replied calmly, gazing out into the village night. He inwardly smirked at himself at the irony of being to give advice to others but being unable to follow his own advice. Scanning the village calmly with his dark and and emotionless eyes, he released a silent deep breath. Everything seemed so peaceful but he knew by experience himself that things could never last that way. Listening to Otohime and being aware of any movement she did, he relaxed a bit more from his usual alert and tense personality. For now, while he was with her, he could drop his guard in the slightest bit.
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Otohime shrugged her shoulders at Sasuke's question. Honestly, she wasn't sure what she thought. "I don't know," she admitted softly. "I mean, apparently he fits everything they know about him, and they said something about our chakra signatures being similar, like they are with parents and children. But honestly, I don't think I want him to be my father, because then I'd always be automatically linked to him and all the horrible things he's done," she told him. She knew Sasuke could relate to her in that aspect, always being compared to his brother as a child, and she knew that he would probably be one of the only people to ever hear what she was saying. "I mean, I want a father, but I want to make my life my own, and not have it influenced by who's child I am," she continued, laying down on the bed she was sitting on, though she still faced Sasuke.
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Sasuke listened to her calmly, knowing full well what she meant. His time in the village was the same. Of course no one actually cared for the Uchiha clan. The village elders had the whole clan killed by his brother, none the less. Pushing down the hatred and rage he felt start to consume him, he took a silent deep breath and closed his eyes briefly to get his emotions under control. He hated the elders for what they had done and he hated the Leaf but he couldn't bring himself to hate his friends there. Even so, he had sworn he would get revenge for his brother, no matter who and what he had and would take down. Opening his eyes, he widen them just a fraction when Otohime told him of who the elders thought to be her father. Blinking at her, he could see some vague resemblance between the two but he wasn't so sure. "Do you think he was your father?" he asked her in his quiet and calm tone of voice.
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Otohime smiled softly, nodding her head. "I never get to talk about them. Everyone says that ninjas die all the time and it's better to just forget, but I don't want to. They were like family to me, since all I ever really had was Kakashi," she admitted softly. The only person she'd ever tell things like that to was Sasuke, though she knew he most likely didn't care, he still always seemed to listen to her. Not knowing what to say next, she frowned a little as a thought popped into her head. Something that she had always wanted to talk about, though there was nobody in the village that she could've told. "Do you remember when we were younger, and the village elders were trying to figure out who my father was after my mother passed away, since his name was never mentioned?" she asked curiously. Not waiting for a response, another soft sigh escaped through her lips before continuing. "For some reason, they think that I may be the daughter of Orochimaru," she told him, looking into his dark eyes. She knew he'd trained with the man before, and she'd even heard rumors that he'd been the one to kill him, but she had no idea what he was like or if anything about him was even true.
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Sasuke blinked at her at the mention of her sensei and teammates. "You have my regards" he said calmly, knowing very well how it was to loss a sensei and teammates. He had never actually lost them in the means of death, but he had chosen to abandon them and would not return to them no matter how many times they came looking for him. It wasn't easy for him at first, but he had gradually gotten used to a life on his own. A life filled with and for revenge if nothing else. Yet in Otohime's case, he figure it must be harder. After all, they were dead and she would never be able to see them again. Unless she also got killed. Sasuke could see Naruto and the others when the golden haired ninja came looking for him again, but Sasuke had that assurance to know they were alive. Looking at her, he could see the sadness in her gaze at the mention but chose not to touch upon it. After all, whatever happened in the Leaf was no longer any of his business.
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As Sasuke moved around the room, checking his surroundings, Otohime's eyes flickered towards him, watching him with a soft smile on her lips. Seeing his small smile, she felt her heart skip a beat. No matter how cold and humorless it was, it was a smile nonetheless, and it was something she rarely got to see from him. Hearing his response to her question, she nodded her head slightly. As long as he was still alive, that's what really mattered to her, even if she didn't see him often. When he returned the question, a frown fell upon her lips and a shrug of her shoulders was her first response. "It's been fine. My sensei and teammates were killed on a mission not too long ago, so it's not often that I get to go on missions anymore. This one was a surprise to me, but I'm glad they chose me to go on it," she told him softly.
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Once inside the room, Sasuke looked around silently. Aware of Otohime on the bed, he walked over to the small window of the room and frowned slightly, making sure he was fully aware of his surroundings. Switching his gaze to Otohime when she asked him about his life, he allowed a small, cold, humorless smile to touch his face while responding "As well as it will ever be". Walking over, he sat down on his own bed and looked around again before relaxing slowly. He knew what was around him, and he also knew that nothing and no one would be able to sneak up on him in this Inn. Only those that were foolish enough to try would not live past the night. Looking at the female ninja across from him, he asked her "How has your life been, Otohime?". He figured her life in the village would be fill of alot more than what he did. After all, she lived among the other ninja and he was a rogue.
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Otohime smiled and nodded her head, telling the woman behind the desk about the room. Receiving a small key, she held it tightly in her hand as the woman explained where to go. Following the directions down a hallway, she looked back at Sasuke for a moment before stopping. Opening the door, she walked in and sat on the bed, letting Sasuke follow and close the door behind them. "So..," she started to say, not really knowing what to talk about. "How's.. um.. how's life been?" she asked, blushing softly. Now that she was in the small space with him, just the two of them, she was becoming more nervous, though she didn't know why. Sasuke had been one of her best friends as a child, especially after the massacre of his clan, she couldn't understand why she suddenly could barely speak to him.
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Sasuke merely followed after her calmly, hands loose at his sides and his appearance as something of calm, but he could instantly be on the defensive of offense if push came to shove. Looking down at her when she asked him about the rooms, he stated calmly "I'm fine with sharing a room with you". He didn't mind sharing a room with anyone he felt at least a bit comfortable with, and Otohime was someone he felt comfortable with. Yet, if she tried anything to bring danger to him, even if he didn't really want to, he would handle her and her attempts his way. He had lived on his own for to long now and would not tolerate anyone bringing him danger. Whatever danger he faced was of his own choosing, not of someone elses.
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"Come on, then," Otohime said with a happy grin, it's wideness almost rivaling Naruto's own idiotic smiles. Walking over to the Inn, she waited patiently for Sasuke to be beside her before making her way to the check in desk. Glancing over at the Uchiha, she paused for a second as though she was thinking of something to say. "Are we going to stay in the same room? Just with two separate beds, of course. Or did you want your own?" she asked him curiously. She'd slightly hoped he agreed to stay in the same room with her, though she wasn't exactly sure why. Blaming it once again on the fact that she was just happy to see him again, she smiled softly, waiting for his answer.
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Sasuke looked at the Inn and blinked in a none caring fashion. "If that is the Inn you want" he responded in his usual unemotional tone of voice. He honestly didn't care where they stayed, but as long as she didn't try to convince him of what he obviously would not do, then that was fine with him. Looking down at her briefly, he narrowed his eyes slightly at the ways she had changed again. He could hardly believe this was the little girl he had gone to the academy with and sometimes even hung out with. She was truly a grown ninja know and he knew that the village must be proud to have one such as her. Then again, the Leaf had never acted to his standards so he wouldn't know. Shaking his thoughts away, Sasuke simply stared ahead and waited for Otohime to make her move.
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Otohime couldn't help but smile a little, even as Sasuke gently removed her hand from his wrist. In response to his question, she shrugged her shoulders slightly. "I don't know yet. Probably the one closest to us," she said softly, looking over her shoulders and seeing an Inn rather quickly, just a little bit away from them. It looked quite decent, and not as run down as most of the Inns she'd stayed at before. "How about that one?" she asked him curiously. She wondered vaguely why her heart had started pounding erratically in her chest when he agreed to come with her, though she blamed it on the happiness that was coursing through her veins at the chance of catching up with Sasuke.
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