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"AHHHHH THIS IS SOOOOOO BOREING" sil ver said as he begant to yawn and then close his eyes as they where walking the looked down at his pokemon and then smiled ...."hey buddy" he begant o light pet his pokemon and then looked straight a head " AH CANDY" silver grabed his pokemon and bolted down to the cand shop "I WILL TAKE 3 SNICKERS ....AND ....UMMM ...KICKKAT" silver gave a 5yr old look on his face "pleesseesse" the cleark gave him the candy and silver began to eat it

"here u go zoura" the pokemon eat it all at once ..."wow" silver said as he begant o walk again "lalalalalal...i dont see pritty girls here" he sighed and then spotted a girl sitting with a egg "HA SHE IS CUTE" he bluhed a litte "ima go common" "pew pew" as the pokemon ran to catch up to silver "umm hi" my name is silver what is yours " he smiled and then put the has that he fixed behind him trying not to let the girl see it.
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Blue yawned a bit as she walked along the side walk. Her eyes to the ground as she finally then looked back up. The pokemon with a shell on it's back basically yawned. Blue blinked and then lightly took out a well known poke ball. She then lightly tapped the pokemon on the shell without it being aware and once it was sucked in she looked at it. The pokemon of course, was looking back at her and Blue lightly smiled and put the pokeball away. Though she pulled out an incubator and a egg was in it.

Blue smiled a bit as she took the egg out of the incubator and put the incubator back away into her bag. She snickered a bit, she is suprised on how much her bag could fit. Though she blinked once feeling the warm egg. She then slung the bag over her shoulder once more and hugged the egg while walking. She snickered a bit as she then seemed to recall something which someone didn't approve of with her having this egg.

Blue shook her head and a slight frown formed on her face. Her eyes watering slightly at that thought. Blue then shook her head as she then continued walking calmly. Blue then rolled her eyes as she then patted the egg. She did take note that her complextion were now paler than normal. Blue then huffed a bit as she then shook her head. The egg seemed to have this odd.. vibe to it perhaps? Blue couldn't seem to put her finger on it.

Blue then shook her head and seemed to actually be talking to the egg. "Well, Eggy what do you want to do?" But as usual, she got silence. Blue rolled her eyes and sighed as she then went off and towards a bench. She then sat down on it calmly and lightly petted the egg while looking down. Her finger tracing each grove and design on the egg.
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"ahh i ...i am fine" silver said as he go up and began to dust his self off he looked at his zoura and woke her up "common ...sleepy pokemon" the pokemon woke up and gave a glare then looked down and began to make a nose "pew pew" silver sighed and then seen people walking away. "ummm what do i wanna do now" he said looking around for some funn ..he walked around and seen some fishes

"hey ...zoura...go and get some fishes" he siad laughing and smieling the pokemon ran in to the water like a bullet and began to grab fishes "pew pew" silver took a seat down on a bench and looked at all of the items people left as the leave the park "ahh i soul clean this ....but i dont want too" silver gave a ligth gron and then began to pic the items up and put them in the trash.

"there we go" he smiled and put things in the as he looked in the trash...he seen a hat "hey what is this"....silver picked it up and began to inspect it "umm it has a hole in it" silver began to play with the hat and fixed it "there ....this person is gonna be happy i just did something THAT WAS MANDLY" he smiled and then looked over at the lake and seen his pokemon fat as ever eating all the fish

"what the NUUUU U CANT EAT ALL THE FISH FAT AZZZ" silver faced palmed him self and gave a glare ...as the pokemon was happly smileing "pew pew"....silver grabed the fat pokemon and begant to walk off out of the park...
  WOOT / Princess-Epic-Necko / 8y 236d 8h 12m 19s
Blue yawned a bit as she lightly tapped her pokemon on the head. Making the bird open it's eyes occasionaly to shoot a glare. Though it didn't faze her one bit. She then finally yawned as she then made a side note that a ball was thrown but luckily her pokemon didn't go off and chase it.

Blue then lightly rubbed her temples as she pulled her hat off and she were so close to putting it on the birds head. Though last time when she did that she made the hat incinerate. Turn into ashes basically. Blue then pulled the hat away and snickered a bit. The moltres looked at her and she simply smiled and put the hat on it's beak. "Don't riand you rip it." she said as she sighed. The pokemon made it's beak go right through it. Blue face palmed and folded her arms and seemed to have this child like face on. Though the look quickly disappeared once hearing a yell...

Blue's eyes snapped up just to see someone just appearing to be startled by something. Blue then huffed and looked away. Hearing mumbles of 'crazy lass' or 'poor child'. Blue then shook her head and got up calmly. She then dusted herself off and returned all of her pokemon. Though she made a whistling sound and the horsea and a big turtle like pokemon came out of the lakes water. Blue then lightly petted the horsea and returned it and looked up at her big turtle like pokemon.

"Ready to go?" She asked calmly. The pokemon simply nodded it's head and Blue nodded her head as well as she then started walking off and out of the park calmly. Her eyes down at the ground as she looked down at the hat with a hole in it. "Thats the third one this week..." She said with a sigh and shook her head. She then gave the hat to her pokemon. "Here you go turtley~" She said and the pokemon blinked and simply threw it in a garbage bin. "Aww... My gift. Thrown away just like that..." She said with a sniffle and then snickered a bit as she walked slightly quicker.
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"ahh another boreing day" sailever said sighing and getting up from his bed. he began to lay there and think about what he was going to do today "ummm" he looked down and seen his pokemon look at him wanting food as he pushed his emty bowl close to his bed " man u are fat" he said lookeding at but then looked down and hoped out of bed and begant o give hims some food "there ...happy"

the embrom looked at silver and then said a little 'pew pew' for joy when it was eating it silver looked down and began to pew his pokemon and smiled "what am i gonna do today" silver lookd around and then got up. he put on his pants and his shirt and his chain that his brother N gave him. he stoped a looked at it "ahh .....N is such a derp" silver looked around in his room , picked his pokemon up while it was still eating. the embron gave silver the Death glare.

silver looked at it and then shruged his solders and began to keep walking. he walked out the door , began to sing a little toon untill he got bored "ahhh this is boreing me now ...what to do what to do" he said looking around. he then seent his park "ummm" he looked at his embron "u need to lose wight" he said smileing and laughing the embon gave him a sharp glare for a second.

"sorry well here " silver threw a red ball and then emrbon bolted to get it. silver looked around sighing and sitting down by a tree he sat and watched his pokemon play with the ball and then began to close his eyes ..falling a sleep

what ...where am i .... silver said as he was some where in his mind he could see little parts of his past form the time he was about 3 yrs to the time his parents died when he was 7. what is this .EMBRYON silver began to scream his pokeomons name but know one could hear him. he walked in to a glass mirro...he could see him self in it but as he began to touch it ...his face started to bleed

blood pouring down his face ..but he couldent feel he screamed and then looked round seeing everything dead pokemon ,and his family everyone ....what ...what is this WHAT THE HECK !!!! AHHH he egan to schream lauder and louder wandering if people couls hear hims IT WASNT ME I DIDENT DO IT silver began to run ...but slowly was beign deviored by pool of blood.

"AHHHHH" silver said as he woke up from his sleep. he looked arounda nd then seen about 20 people stareing at him in the park wandrering what was the matter with him ...silver looked down and then seen his embryon sleep...right beside him. he then looked up at the poeple and wasnderd ....he heard one lady cal him crazy ....he then looked down at his handa ...to make sure thay are ok ....as he looked he then seen this girl sitting down that caught his eye.
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White hair flew around as a large bird flapped it's wings. Flames coming out of the edges of it. "hm~" She said while lightly patting the pokemon. A noise came out of the pokemon which it made a loud noise which called out "Moltres~!" A smile formed on the girls face as she patted it and pointed down at a small land. "Let's go there~" She said while smiling a bit. The moltres glanced back and nodded it's head slightly. The moltres then soon landed on the ground and glanced back once more.

Blue smiled a bit as she then hopped off and down and went over to the moltres's face and patted it happily. Blue then went into her bag and gave the moltres a few cheri berries just to see it have a rather happy face on. "Thank you dear~" She said while lightly tapping the pokemon on the beak making it go off and into it's ball.

Blue then smiled a bit as she then realized she was getting stared at by many civilians. She didn't know it landed right near a town! Blue sighed and shook her head "No it's not the real thing!" She said while giving a nerveous laugh. The people... didn't seem to believe her. Blue then sweat dropped and turned on her heel and walked off.

Blue sighed a bit while rubbing her temple while taking her hat off. She remembers on how petrified she were of birds. She then shook her head while putting her hat back on. She then lightly clicked the center of her pokeball to make a form of what seemed of a wigglytuff pop out. Blue smiled a bit while lightly patting it. "Hello there Jiggly~" She said in a sing song voice as she then went off into a skip. The Wigglytuff blinked a few times but then of course followed. "Wiggly Wiggly..." the pokemom mumbled.

Blue blinked as she then stopped. "Im just hyper." She said simply and snickered a bit as she held her hand off. Blue then felt it being taken and Blue then went back to skipping along. The wigglytuff, skipping along too. Blue then smiled widely as she then paused for a moment and glanced around the patches of grass she were in. Though she left the patches calmly and continued walking as if it were nothing.

Blue soon took a small notice that her Wigglytuff seemed to be lollygagging and she blinked a few times. "hm~?" She asked and the Wigglytuff pointed at a lake. Blue then tilted her head and then went over to the lake. The Wigglytuff followed along and stretched and soon sat down. Blue did the same and let out all of her pokemon which consisted of a blastoise, a clefable, a horsea, and her moltres.

Blue grinned a bit as she then stretched once more. "We'll relax here for a bit~" She said while finally sitting down and watching the small group go off and do whatever. Though she blinked once noticing her horsea go over towards her in a big bucket. Blue laughed a bit at this as she lightly petted the horsea.

Blue then went rummaging in her bag and pulled out a book with a pencil. She then flipped through the pages which had 'dear Diary' at the top right in neat letters. Blue then snickered a bit as she then flipped to a blank page and started to write down the date and such. She then smiled a bit as she glanced down at the horsea. The horsea seemed to have a curious face on and she simply pulled the bucket closer so that the horsea can see what she were writing.

Blue then shook her head while flicking some of her hair behind her shoulder. Blue then took a small note that her blastoise was in the water so she'd basically have to play hide and seek with the pokemon later. Blue then lightly patted the horsea on the head while smiling a bit. "Hm..." She said while smiling. "How have you been?" she asked calmly. The horsea gave a small chipper sound and she nodded. "Great~" She said while smiling as she then finished writing down some things and shut the book softly.

Blue then put the book away and back into her bag. She then lightly pulled the horsea out of it's bucket and lightly petted it while smiling a bit. "Want to go take a dip?" She asked. The horsea nodded and blue went over to the edge of the lake and lightly put the pokemon in the water.

Blue then finally went back over to her Moltres and leaned against it. The moltres put down it's head and turned it towards her. Blue of course lightly patted the pokemon and smiled a bit.
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oh yea ok^^ XDDD
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huggles back -3- I'll post tomorrow~ X3
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XDDDD YAY *huggles*
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... In this biscuit. >.> XD
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