darkness falls

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OK...here is the thing
1. dun cause ...cause this compter is a bish and it blocks me >.>...
2....just have funn with it XDD \


oh and i dont really care for grammer so it dun matter to me ...just make a good story :3

the story:
there is a girl in a small twon called Deadman wanderland this wanderland is what makes everything go crazy. there is a girl named _ that has been there a lot, when she was little she lost he family in a mass muder that killed everyone that she knew. but she goes off on an adventure to find that muder and ont he was she finds out about this monster that is living in the middle of the earth and is slowly setting monsters free and killers loose to end thid world......THAT IS ALL I GOT so if u wanna add or help out u can :D

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YAY!!! *sparkles with happynesss* *3

well ummm yea u can join XDD
  WOOT / Princess-Epic-Necko / 8y 238d 14h 39m 40s
may i join?
  Aron / suzaku / 8y 239d 30m 18s
may I join you?
  Cancer / sinner / 8y 239d 1h 34m 26s
O_O pleesseessee join =w=
  WOOT / Princess-Epic-Necko / 8y 239d 2h 40s

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