Ancient Egypt! (Yugioh based rp) *Mains and Ocs allowed*

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So basically this is taken place in Ancient Egypt. Anything can happen.

Pharaoh Atem-*taken*
Priest Seto
Priest Shada
Priest Karim
Priest Aknadin
Priestess Isis
Priest Mahad
Theif King Bakura-*taken*

~Oc's are allowed!~
Character info:

*List of Ocs in rp*
Name: Britt Petrova
Age: 16
Crush: Pharaoh Atem
Ka: Goddess of the Nile
Character info: Royalty from the opposite side of egypt. Lives with her parents and friend.

Crush:Theif King Bakura
Character info Jinx is just a young theif from the streets of Cairo. She has the reflexes, balance and grace of a cat. Strong and fast she can steal from anyone with out them even knowing slipping in and out of houses like the wind. When she steals from you on the street you won't even know it as you can't even see her hands move, she'll rob you blind in half a second and leave you standing naked on the street before you can blink.

Name: Alluria
Age: 18
Crush: Preist Seto
Ka: Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
Character info: A commoner kept as a servant in the palace because of her powerful Ka monster. She acts as a handmaiden to Isis, becoming friends with the Priestess. Unaware of the power that her Ka monster has, she is curious about why she is allowed to work and live in the palace with the high class people. She worked in a small shop before moving in with the Pharaoh and his preists.

Name: Akaine
Age: 16
Crush: Priest Mahad
Ka: Dark Witch
Character info: Lives with the Princess of Lower Egypt and also is a magician in training and usually does her training as a maigician with Mahado so she can be better to protect her friend the princess of lower egypt

Name: Kane hoshi swiftwing
ka: red dragon
character info: Jinx' only friend, the two grew up on the streets together. He is also a thief but prefers the direct approach as apposed to being stealthy. So normal he provides a distraction for Jinx, he loves to fight and will do about anything to protect his friend. Like his Ka he will protect his treasure hoard with fierce skills and a boundless desire and enthusiasm. like his ka he is also wise and while he likes a challenge he knows to pick his battles carefully

Name:katra dragonis
Ka:light and darkness dragon
Character info:he is known to be a Lil bit of a thief and for some reason the spirits seem to talk with him he doesn't know a spirit chose him the powerful light and darkness and it shows when he is mad at someone the dragon appears and usually incinerates the area

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Britt walked over to the peasant and could hardly tell if he was evil or not. She decided to be nice and had a servant take the pesant to a guest room and have a bowl of fruit be put in the room for when he would wake.
  Britt petrova egyptian style / BrittStalin / 7y 90d 8h 29m 23s
katra saw her and freekin slipped on a apple and landing on his face which somewhat knocked him out "forgive me .....i was hungry"
then he passed out in the dream world he saw his dragon and he chuckled "shut it !!!....i know i didnt see the fruit"
  Katra dragonis / zadine / 7y 90d 8h 54m 13s
Britt heard the shatter from her room. She went to investigate on what was the problem. She walked into the kitchen and saw the peasant. "Who are you?" She asked him
  Britt petrova egyptian style / BrittStalin / 7y 90d 9h 46m 7s
katra had told his dragon to go back inside his body and stay there he had just gotten in to the home of miss britt he wasnt looking for treasure he was hungry he wanted some food but no money and so on means he wnet hungry then he saw a bowl of fruit and wen he went too pick it up he slipt on something and fell dropping the bowl which shattered on the ground he looked at the bowl "i think im in trouble ..."
  Katra dragonis / zadine / 7y 90d 9h 53m 30s
Akaine was staying in the room that they gave her for her stay here until the pharaoh gives her his letter in response to Britt's letter that she gave him. Since its night time over here she got ready for but before she goes to bed she was sitting on her bed and she was wondering if the pharaoh finished his letter in response to Britt's letter but in her mind a slightly thought about her old master Mahad.
  Akaine / Hitomi / 7y 90d 10h 18m 6s
Alluria sat down, silently admiring the Priest. Seto was a rough person, or at least he came off like that. She could tell that he wasn't completely heartless, though...
  Alluria- Ancient Egypt / IgnisAurelius / 7y 90d 10h 18m 55s
When it reached Dark then Britt knew Akaine wasn't coming home that day. So she went off to bed to sleep. She didn't know what would happen then and she was still curious.

Mahad kept watch around the palace to make sure no one was to get in or out. He had his mind on protecting the pharaoh but he slightly thought about his old apprentice Akaine.
  Britt petrova egyptian style / BrittStalin / 7y 90d 11h 23m 12s
Atem was in his studies writing a letter to the response to Britt's letter and that he wrote that he would gladly accept to her agreement to the her letter and what she wrote that he would gladly accept to be her husband and also Egypt into one country. He was done writing his letter now he just has to give it to Akaine and send her on her way back but he was gonna wait to give it to her tomorrow and then send her on her way back to Britt so that she can read the letter on but accepting her response.
  Pharoah Atem / Hitomi / 7y 90d 21h 52m 11s
Britt was doing work in with her parents on what to do around their home. She had to do with what her parents gave her while waiting for her reply.

Hey guys I think we need a new Atem.)
  Britt petrova egyptian style / BrittStalin / 7y 91d 9h 1m 38s
Seto nodded though he wasn't sure what to say more right then. The pharaoh may be busy right now and he didn't know for sure.
  Priest Seto / ZoeyStalin / 7y 96d 16h 35m 24s
Alluria nodded in agreement. "Whatever you decide is best, my Lord." She said, bowing her head slightly. It was only habit...

  Alluria- Ancient Egypt / IgnisAurelius / 7y 100d 9h 56m 17s
"well then we should also consult the pharaoh so he can help you as well." he said to her knowing the priests probably could only do so much.
  Priest Seto / ZoeyStalin / 7y 100d 18h 49m 14s
Akaine nodded back to him and said to him " it is alright Mahad I understand since it is your duty to protect the palace and the pharoah as well from harm so I understand then see you" she said to him.
  Akaine / Hitomi / 7y 109d 19h 19m 20s
Britt wished to know something soon from her friend but even she had a problem with patients. Her father said she had a way of being impatient as a child. As she was waiting her parents walked in and she acknowledged them. "Britt have you worked on finding someone to marry?" her father asked, and she gave the only answer "I am working on it father" she told him, since she knew what he meant.

Mahad nodded in understanding to what Akaine said, though he was watching around to make sure no intruders came in like he was supposed to. "Sorry Akaine but I do have a job to still do." he told her.
  Britt petrova egyptian style / BrittStalin / 7y 110d 8h 27m 12s
She stood, softly looking at Seto. "Thank you." She said, thanking him for giving her permission to stand. "Milady said that I should talk to you and the others about awakening my Ka." She said, keeping at attention.
  Alluria- Ancient Egypt / IgnisAurelius / 7y 110d 8h 56m 10s

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