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It's Zevran's 20 birthday a very special day indeed, made even more special when he finds his childhood friend from the whorehouse Omen who has been traveling and making her fame as a skilled assassin and theif. As the two chat they reconnect and begin to fall in love until something tradgic happens...


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When the doctor finally came he was suprised to see the two sleeping but he gently shook zevran awake.
  Omen Nightshade / Grellfanaddict / 8y 85d 21h 34m 59s
Zevran hugged her while she slept, soon dozing off on an accident himself.
Bit despite it being an accident, it was content and peaceful.
  .::ZEVRAN::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 323d 13h 34m 45s
Omen shifted in her sleep at zevrans tough unconciously moving closer to him. She still loved him though shed never admit it when concious.
  Omen Nightshade / Grellfanaddict / 8y 323d 16h 34m 17s
Zevran watched her as she slept, a small sad smile on his face. He had missed her a lot, and it was so good to see her again. He sat down on the edge of the bed, brushinghair from her face. "Ah, how I've missed you..."
  .::ZEVRAN::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 323d 17h 5m 35s
Omen smiled " Thank you Zevran" she said again wasting no time in digging into the food with a happy grin. She hadn't been this happy since before Zevran had left. She shook that thought from her head and concentrated on eating. Once she was finished she lay back closing her eyes and falling asleep.
  Omen Nightshade / Grellfanaddict / 8y 324d 7h 8m 22s
Zevran went to work immediately, making her a nice meal. It wasn't anything too fancy, but it was large enough that it would definatly fill her up with possibly some left overs. Once he finished cooking it, he brought it all over to her on a platter. "And just as you ordered."
  .::ZEVRAN::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 337d 19h 23m 40s
Omen nodded softly smiling at him " Yes, please I'd be vey grateful" she said softly laying back down still a little weak. The room spun but she tried to ignore it she wanted to eat Zevrans food again, he was a great cook.
  Omen Nightshade / Grellfanaddict / 8y 346d 8h 28m 57s
Zevran, despite the circumstances, gave a soft chuckle. "Ah my dear Wildflower, looking after you is no hassle - I'm rather enjoying your presence."

He returned the kiss on her cheek, a sly smirk on his face. "Now, shall I make you something to eat?"
  .::ZEVRAN::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 349d 14h 23m 52s
Omen nodded again with a slight smile "Thank you for taking care of me Zevran, but you still have a ways to go before I'll fully trust you again" she said before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek "Mind you this was a pretty good start" she said with a giggle.
  Omen Nightshade / Grellfanaddict / 8y 351d 8h 23m 57s
Once she finished the glass, Zevran took it from her to fill it up once again, returning to set it on the stand next to the bed. He went to the window then, peaking out to see if that urchin had gotten a doctor or just ran.

"My, I hope my coin didn't go to waste..."
He turned to look at her once again. "Then again, I do believe you're just tired. Resting should be all that you need my Wildflower."
  .::ZEVRAN::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 352d 13h 45m 22s
San nodded slowly and took the water chugging it down she was dying of thirst, she looked at him apprehensively when he mentioned staying but decided not to say anything untillshe was sure.
  Omen Nightshade / Grellfanaddict / 8y 353d 6h 20m 13s
"Yes it is me, my Wildflower. There is a doctor coming to take a look at you, so just lay tight. Nothing will happen to you while here."

He got up, fetching a glass of water and then sitting on the edge of the bed once again, offering her the cup. "You should try drinking something, and after the doctor comes I can perhaps make you something to eat, provided that you will stay."
  .::ZEVRAN::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 353d 6h 36m 34s
San opened her eyes slowly though her vision was still blurry she could just make out some one there with her and by the way the blobs of colour sat she took a guess " Zevran?" she asked softly blinking slowly to try and clear her vision. She coughed softly staring at the blob taking comfort from his presence.
  Omen Nightshade / Grellfanaddict / 8y 353d 6h 39m 15s
With a concerned frown, Zevran lifted her, although unsure of where she lived, he instead began back to his home. Once there, he set her on his bed, covering her up and paying an urchin on the street to fetch a doctor.

In the meantime, he got a cloth, soaking it in water and setting it on her forehead, hoping that she would awaken before the doctor arrived.
  .::ZEVRAN::. / OreganoLeaves / 8y 353d 6h 46m 21s
Omen didn't hear him she didn't hear anything with the pounding of her heart in her head. Clearly suffering from a high fever, she coughed harshly her body shaking like a leaf as she tripped landing on her hands and knees. She couldn't see everything was all shiny and blurry until it faded to black and she fell unconcious.
  Omen Nightshade / Grellfanaddict / 8y 353d 6h 50m 44s

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