Me And Nika Forever! ^^

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Gabby and Kaiden!!


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  Resistance / Lostnekosoul / 8y 197d 9h 37m 8s
whats wrong love?
  Ciel Phantomhive / CielPhantomhiveEL / 8y 207d 17h 41m 56s
  Zoey Zombie / lostnekosoul / 8y 207d 22h 16m 59s
i love it..*kisses*
  Ciel Phantomhive / NikaDArKSoul / 8y 210d 10h 12m 50s

  Zoey Zombie / LostNekoSoul / 8y 210d 11h 13m 5s
ooohhh may i see it? ^^
  Nika Sanata (Shy) / NikaDArKSoul / 8y 210d 21h 41m 3s
Kisses back. I made something ^^
  Zoey Zombie / LostNekoSoul / 8y 210d 21h 49m 15s
*kisses deeply*
  Nika Sanata (Shy) / NikaDArKSoul / 8y 211d 1h 19m 37s
tackled. Miss chu to love <3
  Zoey Zombie / LostNekoSoul / 8y 211d 14h 1m 21s
*tackles* i missed you love..
  Nika Sanata (Shy) / NikaDArKSoul / 8y 211d 17h 51m 7s
  Zoey Zombie / Lostnekosoul / 8y 212d 1h 31m 38s
whats wrong my love?
  Nika Sanata (Shy) / NikaDArKSoul / 8y 217d 11h 55m 5s
  FuFu Demon / Lostnekosoul / 8y 217d 17h 37m 11s
im back love XDD
  Android 7 (Seven) / NikaDArKSoul / 8y 225d 14m 7s
aww.. kay kay dear take your time..
  FuFu Demon / Lostnekosoul / 8y 226d 18h 4m 30s

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