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Things weren't always like this. No sir. The world before wasn't exactly the best, but it got by. Racial tensions were high, but things began to cool off during the Industrial Renaissance. Black powder, Machinery, smoke spittin' monsters, no one wanted to fight. We turned inward, workin' to better ourselves, or so we thought. Things weren't what they seemed. You see, way back when, shortly after the Great Creation, there was a race of folk callin' themselves the Valan. These folk were God-Touched. You'd know them now as the Ancients. Well, the rest of us weren't too kind to them. We hunted 'em down outta fear and damn near wiped 'em out. They didn't take kindly to that. While we were all coolin' our heels and buildin' our cities, the Valan that were left were cookin' up a plan. A plan that succeeded far better than I'm sure even they wanted. It was a weapon with the new technologies. A fusion of powerful industry and even more powerful magiks. They even got the chance to use it. It...did somethin' to our world. We still don't quite know what, but it wrecked things awful fierce. It ripped apart the land and most of Eldiena was swallowed up by the wicked sea. Most people didn't make it. We hadn't prepared for something like this. We always kept the worry of war in the back of our minds, but no one imagined it'd be a war against the world itself. Eldiena was in shambles and that's where our story begins.

You see, while many were lost, it seemed that not everyone had been taken. Parts of the world remained and only a few survived. These folk had no idea why they were spared, but whatever it was that had reduced all those around them to nothin' but ash seemed to skip right over them. They could always feel something in their chest. Somethin' was callin' them to each other. Somethin' deep down inside wanted them all to meet in this wasteland of a place. And that's truly where this story starts.


Eldiena is a world of magik and wild beasts. It's a beautiful land filled with untamed forests, massive deserts, and sprawling cities. At least, it was. The people of Eldiena discovered technology, developing machinery and guns to go alongside with their blades and magiks. Think steampunk sort of technology here and as for guns, more western weapons. If you've got a handgun, chances are it'll be a revolver, but guns aren't incredibly common. Also, as far as the line about only a few people left, I mean just the player characters. There's going to be no NPC's in this world. Everyone that isn't actively being played by someone is just a pile of ash. Any race is allowed and the same goes for magiks, but if you're doing something weird, I'd appreciate it if you cleared it with me first. There is no skeleton and I'd rather you didn't ask to join. Simply throw yourself into the fray if you'd like to join. If you've got questions, feel free to ask those either in post here or in PM. I will not turn away any question pertaining to the fiction in play here. If there's nothing else you need to know, then go ahead and start your work restoring the world.

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Feeling her tight grip brought him a new sense of hope, he knew he would make it, the look in her eyes told him so. Jasper could feel himself lifting up, closer to life than he was before, no matter how small the gap was. Jasper's feet were kicking at the ground that was underneath her, parallel to how he hung of the side. The seemingly aimless kicks were actually looking for a proper ledge that could be used. The grip they had on eachother began to weaken, the tensified look in her eyes only made the sensation more real. Not a moment to soon, Jaspers foot collided with a solid rock that gouged out, stable enough to send Jasper boosting up and into the females body, a grunt of releif flying from Jasper as they both fell to the solid ground, only inches away from the seemingly bottomless pit. His breath heavy from the surprise and graditude to this stranger that he now owed his life to.
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She quickly grabbed his arms with her hands tightly and pulled with all of her strength. Her bone protruding though her shoulder blade as she had injured it without know, her adraninline was running now she knew if she lost her grip he would surely perish. She continued to pull and tug with a grunt she whimpered the pain pulsating through her body, she was just an engineer her body was as physically tough as most peoples were, she was tinker, she didn't have the need to be stout. Though he was in her own ways when she was injured, a fight here and there. Working out. They were things she enjoyed, especially the fighting. She got some good ol' fashioned ale in the system and well you'd better watch out. Her mind snapped back to reality as she felt her grip loosening. "C'mon... yer gonna hafta help me out a lot better than that, I know yer weak and worn but so am I..." She looked down into his eyes fear and worry lacing them but what shown most was the determination she had for getting him up safely. No man or woman left behind. Her captain's words rang loud in her head she had seen him around town quite often and she was sure he had came into her shop, but she had a gap in her memory she barely remembered anyone around this town except for herself and her profession. She gripped his hands tighter and continued to pull her face pained her breathing labored.
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Looking up to the voice that now seemed closer than ever, a small smile showed on his face as his vision laid on her, like an angle here to save him from harm. "Hah! Awesome! Now I need to be there too." He said with a small laugh before a pain shot through him, a grunt coming from his dry throat. " Gah... Remind me to lay of the jokes eh..." He said with a small whispering kinda voice, tired and anxious. Her questions came and went, his mouth not letting him answer as he thought of things she could do to help. Watching her arms stretch to him, he nodded to himself and looked to her. He didn't feel like talking due to the situation he was in, so he did not say another word as he pulled himself up slowly by the dangling pole, her hands not far off from his length now. Trying to move as slowly as he could, hurt him, the constent stress on his already worn out muscules made the pain grow slightly as he continued. "Just... a sec..." He said, gasping to even take a breath as he pulled, giving only a seconds chance, he swung his right hand for her grasp, his fingers making contact with her's and quickly gripping them, the tight grasp he had on the pole now released, finding that he could barley hold on with one, his feet now kicking at the wall. "Pull me up!" He spoke quickly, not feeling like dropping to his death today.
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Black powder was always considered a tool of scoundrels and rogues. A right proper gentleman never touched the stuff. That was, of course, until the Marshals. They were the first royally sanctioned group to use employ black powder in an official capacity. They were the law men. Use to be said that a Marshal and his gun were inseparable. There were even claims of 'em bein' able to feel pain when their guns were struck, but that's just ridiculous.

Rook tried to pull himself away when the woman had grabbed onto him. He was never one for physical contact and in the rogue's line of work there was good reason for that. Not everyone shared the views of the Court and didn't always treat rogues like brothers. Regardless, she didn't let go of him until her mind was taken with a different fancy, giving him time to straighten out his clothing and size the woman up.

Eshne. He knew the name even before she had introduced himself. Rook had made it his business to learn the names of key members among the rogue and Eshne the Crimson Flame had fit that bill nicely. Judging by the look and the formality she showed him, she hadn't done the same for him. It didn't phase him much. If anything, it meant their relationship would be easier. Whether he liked it or not, the rather loud girl in front of him was somehow tied to his very being. Whether he liked it or not, he repeated in his head. There wasn't a question about which one it was.

"My name's Rook." There was so much more to say between them and yet so little. What do you say to someone when you could very well be the only people left? There isn't exactly room to comment on how beautiful the weather was or something of the sort, though in the distance Rook could spot some storm clouds starting to form. Regardless, There wasn't a lot to be said between two people with a very vague knowledge of one another, so Rook decided to keep it short and simple. Besides, he could feel a weaker pull on his soul starting to get stronger. With any luck, it was someone else that wouldn't be quite as...colorful.

"I think you're right. I think someone else is coming toward to the city." Rook looked away from Eshne and toward the direction of the pull. "Or at least something."

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Vector took off running towards the yell. Every step jostled her sore body and her face twisted and contorted in pain. It seemed like it took eternity for her to reach the voice, she stood about three feet away from the edge and looked around, surely it hadn't come from down there she thought. She felt uneasy about moving any closer than she already was. Slowly she dropped to her knees with an agonizing groan and laided flat on her stomach. Slowly but surely she crawled on her stomach to the edge and looked over only to see Jasper barely hanging on. Though in all reality he was hanging on for his life but that didn't matter now.Schmatics. She thought to herself as she was trying to calculate the distance he was from the top, about seven feet she thought to herself as she bit her bottom lip."I am here." She said letting him know that he wasn't alone."How do I get you back up here?"She asked him as she gritted her teeth at the pain shooting through her body. "Are you okay? How did you get down there? How much strenght do you have? We have to find away to get you up here, any suggestions?" She was asking many questions some were relevant others where just to keep him talking as she figured a fall like that would probably have given him a concussion if he had hit his head or he was likely to pass out from the pain. She outreached her arm down as far as she could get it without completely putting herself in danger.
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Jasper's grip on the pipe was life taking, the adriniline running through his blood causing him to grip on rather tightly, his fingers just wrapping around the pip enough to touch his thumb with his other fingers. Even though his arms had found there way around the pole as well, he couldn't get himself to losen his grip, in fear of falling. Trying to find a place of balance on the pipe, he took a few breaths while trying to stay as still as possible, finding a slight feeling of relaxation starting to over come him, and for a moment he could feel something in his chest, like an animal instict calling to him and telling him to do something. Before he could concentrate and really think about this newly found feeling, a voice was heard just above the edge of what was now a clif, leading into complete darkness that also dangled as Jasper's feet. In the slight surprise, Jasper jerked his head up into the air, his eyes gazing up to the direction of the voice. The small but sudden movment was just enough to losen the pipe from it's crumbling concrete holder. "Here!-" His voice was cut short as the pipe dropped from it's horizanel station to a diagnal, causing Jasper to once again fall, his hands gripping the pipe as tight as he could, now hanging there. "Here!! I'm down here!" He managed to screech out, his feet kicking at the wall for somthing to help hold himself up, as the pipe could easily break from the wall at any moment. Looking back up to the top, he had measured about a 7 foot climb now, the edges of the sides of the wall were plenty ricky enough to climb, but jasper's strength was not doing very well, the pain of his rib coming back from the sudden drop.
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Eshne had started to run through masses of rubble that outlined the streets of Ishall. Her heart felt like it was being ripped into two, her soul was being tortured, she wanted it to end. She looked around, no body was on the streets, or in the portions of the buildings that were still upright. She stopped for a moment and looked at a large pile of grey ash on the ground. Her delicate fingers that were exposed from her leather gloves touched the ash. Her eyes opened wide in shock. This ash was different from fire or material burned ash. She rubbed the ashes in between her fingers. These were ashes of the mortals that lived here in Ishall.
Eshne stared at the pile in shock. She couldn't comprehend what was going on. The clever fire mage and rouge was dumbstruck.
The wind ripped through the streets and sent her back onto her ass, she screamed as she watched all the ashes come flying towards her. She wind sprayed the remains every where, and she covered her face from them. Tears trickled down her face as she pushed her self back up, that feeling again.
Eshne began sobbing uncontrollably and then took off into a sprint towards that feeling. It was getting worse, she'd rather die than keep feeling this, the only thing stopping her was this pull to run in this direction. She turned the corner, she was on the same major street as the crooked arrow, it was a ways down the road though. She sprinted towards it and the feeling was getting worse, until suddenly she felt release.
She stopped dead in her tracks as her eyes met with a young male that was a couple feet in front of her. Tears still streamed down her ash covered face, she was shocked. That feeling, that was tearing apart her mind and soul had been revealed by finding this boy. She was confused but didn't care.
Eshne stepped towards him cautiously, but then jogged to him and wrapped her arms around him tightly. She was now crying in happiness. She was so happy to see another being, to not be alone anymore, to no longer have that terrible feeling.
However, she thought that too soon. Now that she was near this boy she started to feel another pull, she had felt several before, very faint, but the one that lead her to this boy was too strong, she ignored the rest of them. Now she felt a pull that was stronger than the rest.
"There must be someone outside the city" Eshne murmured quietly. She let go out the boy and looked at him. He was cute but not quite her type, though she wouldn't complain, she was happy to see anyone. Even a Kalebest would have made her happy.
Eshne noted his gun, and stared at it in a transfixed manner, that was a gun of a Marshall. New to Ishall since the laws had changed to make it a safer place. The rouge's had to obey these new laws, there weren't bad but it was a lot of change all at once. The Marshals weren't always liked by the Rouge. She looked over the boys facial features again, she vaguely recognized him, but she couldn't place him in her memory.
" My name is Eshne, Eshne the Crimson Flame... I am happy to have found you..." She waited for his name while she stuck out her hand for a hand shake. Though it felt silly to be formal with him, after all she did just run up to a stranger and hug him tightly. Her crimson hair was dusted lightly with ash of the dead, along with her clothing and skin. She was pleasant but at times, and that meant usually, she was boisterous and a handful for those around her. Her friends adored her, her guild enjoyed her and her fellow drunks at the taverns welcomed her. But they were all gone, and all she had now was this boy and the possibility of each pull she felt within herself represented another being that was alive.
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Vector grumbled as she was finding most of her tools to be destroyed, her eyes narrowed as she kicked a pile of rubble and almost instantly regretted it. Her body shifted as she mangaged to hop around on one foot afterwards. Pain shot up her leg every now and again, for a engineer common sense didn't fall upon her in large masses. Her eyes scanned the area around her as she had gathered all that she could possibly salvage. She wondered if everyone else were alright, since it was as silent as the grave around her city, that was normally bustling with life. On a normal day you couldn't even hear yourself think, and thinking was what Vector needed when it came to her projekts.

She started to mumble again when a faint yell was heard off in the distance she closed her eyes and tried to pin-point where it was coming from. She wondered who it was since everyone around here seemed either dead, badly wounded or in complete shock. She began to walk towards where she thought it was coming from her pace wasn't quick but it wasn't to slow either. Her mobilty had been hindered due to her foolish attempt to hurt the rubble but obviously she had underestimated the inadament object.

Her feet dragged as she winced she felt something protuding from her skin on her left shoulder she ran her fingers over it as she walked, it felt like metal or bone. But she herself couldn't be sure of what it was exactly."Hello?!" (b She called out in hopes of getting a response, hopefully whoever it was, was still alive and hadn't dropped off of the face of the earth.
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Jasper's head pounded, a serge of pain hitting every end of his body in fast, rythmatic shots of pain that only got worse as the light hit his eyes. The sound of rain could be heard from the distance as Jasper lay there on the broken pile of concrete. Jasper had no idea what exactly was going on, the last thing he remembers was being in a fight, some guy was pushing some kid around, he couldn't just let that happen. With a grunt, Jasper forced himself to sit up, his eye falling from the sky only to see the land in total destruction. All the buildings that had once been there had fallen, some had just disappeared into large cracks of the planets surface. "What... the hell." Jasper slowly stummbled to reach his knees, a sharp pain in his left rib caused him to clutch his chest. The land he stood on was not stable, it leaned dangerously to the left and seemed like it could fall at any moment.

Finally staggering to his feet, Jasper could see where the piece of land he stood on was barly conected by a few thick pieces of metal. Jasper took a step and found that the area was more unstable than he had estimated. It bounced slightly under his step, and the piece conected slowly crumbled apart. "Damn..." He said as the pulsing pain had subsided for now, his mind now on other things. Taking another step, the land made another small bounce, this time starting to make the piece slide. He decided it was either now or never and made a run for it. The land piece shook and trembled, finding he was close, the land mass funally let out, dropping from beaneath his feet, he only had seconds. Atempting to jump off the falling mass, he got very small leverage, but just enough to propell himself to grasp onto a metal pole sticking out of the ground. Gasping slightly he looked up, and found the climb up to stable land was only inches away, but Jasper found himself weak as he tried pulling himself up. "Gah.... damn..." He cursed as he futily pulled himself up, only managing to get his arms over the pole and hang there, his breath already heavy with exaustion, he could only hope someone could hear his call. "Someone!..."
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When all of your worldly possessions add up to the clothes on your back, the trusty gun in your hand, a few meager trinkets, and a broken piece of a memory, what do you have left? Well, I bet our man was probably thinkin' that right about now.

Without the buildings to break it, the wind tore through Ishall, carrying with it the ashes of those that didn't make it. Why he of all people survived was a question he wasn't even asking. Chalk it up to just being thankful he did. The wind was fierce and was knocking him off balance, pulling at the tattered poncho he wore over his fine clothing, but he pressed on. He had to. There were more powerful forces pulling at him than the wind. Whatever it was, he wanted to find it. He could feel it pulling in several directions, but there was certainly one direction stronger than the others. He settled on figuring out what that one was first. Then he'd deal with the others.

A sudden gust of wind took Rook off of less than sturdy legs and sent him sprawling into the dirt. A silent curse went up to the gods as he rose, brushing away the dust that had managed to work its way under his poncho and mess his shirt and vest. The Gods. He stared up into the sky, finding nothing but pure blue skies and wispy white clouds. It was a beautiful day, making it hard to imagine that it was the first day after the end of the world as far as he could tell.

Another curse found his lips, this one with more of an edge as he reached into his poncho and pulled hard. When he removed his hand, he held a small silver hammer with wings, the symbol of Thalos, the God of Law and Order. A broken chain hung limply from the top of the hammer, swinging slightly with the shattered momentum. Without a second thought, Rook sent the symbol flying to the side where it landed with a near inaudible thud in the dry earth.

If the Gods still believed in mortals, then why was Rook standing there in the middle of a dead city? That was all he could think as he forged onward, his necklace discarded behind him without so much as another glance back.
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The swaying grass was the first thing that Solomon saw when he regained consciousness. And his first words were:

"Urgh... What did I drink last night..." he said as he stood up. The world spun around him and he fell down again. A few minutes later he decided to try again. This time he managed to get up on wobbly legs. He looked around and spotted his gear - a backpack filled with various supplies and trinkets, a pair of flintlock pistols and a rapier. He sat down next to them and thought about what happened. Then he remembered. The cataclysm... The ground shaking...

He gulped and looked around. He needed to know what exactly happened. And for that he needed to get back to civilisation. Thankfully he was only an hour away from the nearest town. He knew the town well, having visited it on occasion. He also knew the best location in the town - the Crooked Arrow inn. He was certain that he would find answers there.

Solomon placed the backpack on his back, holstered the pistols and the rapier and cut a stick to help him on the short trip to the city. Then he looked around for one last time, tilted the hat on his head and set towards Ishall...
  Solomon Kane / Shadowstorm / 8y 326d 12h 57m 57s
On the second floor of a mostly destroyed building lay Eshne, she was coming to after being knocked out for a good amount of time. She groaned as she opened her eyes and tilted her head to her left. There was once a wall that faced the street, but no longer. Once her crystal blue eyes were able to focus, she sat up and looked around. Wincing in pain as she got up slowly, examining the wrecked building that used to be her residence which was above her uncle's shop.

Eshne stepped clumsily and felt the wooden floor break beneath her footing, the wood floor groaned as if it were suffering in pain. She jumped up and grabbed her two flint lock pistols in their respected holsters, one for her left thigh, the other that sits on her hip attached to her belts. She turned to leave then grumbled the her self then jumped to grab her custom made sleeves that were gifted to her by the guild.

The wood screamed as it split and collapsed down to the first floor, she squealed as she jumped down the wooden stairs that were also failing. The entire structure was shaking, wood was falling, the third floor collapsed onto the second floor, it wouldn't take much more time for it all to come down. She grabbed a heavy bag of pre-packaged black powder and tossed it out the window before jumping out the window herself as her home crashed down.

Eshne coughed, attempting to clear the dust from her lunges as she crawled to the bag. She opened it up and starting pulling several small packs of black powder and stuffing them into her pouches on her sleeves and into the multiple pouches on her belt and some into her holsters. After grabbing as much as she could carry she stood up, continuing to cough. It was then that she felt an intense pain in her chest, overwhelming loneliness, need, longing weighed within her. She looked up in the direction of the Crooked Arrow, she needed to go there immediately. She strode off in that direction, strapping her belts on along with her pouched sleeves. The leather straps going across her chest, rubbing against her pale skin while her fiery red pig tails flowed gently as she walked with purpose to her destination.
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Vector groaned rubbing her head she winced, her eyes slowly opening to see what had happened. One minute she was tinkering away on her latest projekt and the next minute everything went black. Going to sit up she rose to quickly and slammed her head up against a table. With a loud groan she began cursing the gods of technology and modern innovation. Her eyes adjusted to her shop in shambles it seemed that everything she had worked so hard for was now lost.

Her tools and supplies were scattered everywhere. Her projekts now nothing but tiny metallic and titanium pieces strewn out everywhere. With a aggitated growl she kicked the rubble and now soon after began to sift through trying to find her tools and any salvageable parts. Blood trickled down her right temple as she huffed and wiped away what she thought just to be sweat on her left wrist. "This is going to take forever." She complained under her breath.

Vector had been alone most of her life, she had gained the title of the city's greatest mechanic and engineer. She shifted a slab of the wall and grabbed a wrench but not pulling her hand out in time smashed her index finger between the slab and the ground. Almost yelling in pain she cursed the gods once more.
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This right here, this is where it all began.

Ishall. Ishall use to belong to the thieves. It was a city of clay, cramped and smelly by modern standards, but it was home to many. After the Renaissance, things were even beginning to become more legal. The new Rogue King was getting his people in better shape than ever before, honest merchants beginning to return to the city after having shunned it for so long. Things were really looking up until it all came crashing down.

Rook lay broken and beaten amidst the pile of clay wreckage he'd once called home. Near by, there was an arrow, split in two when the building came down. As he lifted his head for the first time since everything went shaky, it was the first thing he saw. A single arrow lying amidst a pile of clay rubble. It'd been the prized possession of the inn's owner, the crooked arrow from which the establishment got its name.

As Rook rose to his feet and dusted away the ash that clung to his clothing, the two pieces of the arrow and his trusty lever action rifle were the only two things he grabbed. He barely even paid any mind to what had happened or where everyone else was. Something was pulsing within his chest; something strong. He simply needed to know what it was. He felt a deep longing for the source of the sensation as if it would complete him, so he set out.
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