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Abbie is a teenager at the age of 17, and is the mum of a beautiful baby boy called Joe. Joe's dad, Abbie's boyfriend -----, was late for the birth. He arrived just as her baby was being given to her. Abbie was disappointed, but glad that he'de come. We start the rp by ------ arriving at the hospital and coming into the room.

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Anyone? :(
  Abbie and Joe / Blaze / 8y 317d 12h 50m 6s
Abbie waits patiently whilst Joe was being cleaned. Her heart was thumping wildly as she waited for him to start crying, a sign that he was alive. Finally he let out a loud cry, and she lay there, red-faced and relieved. She wished that her boyfriend was here, but he was not. She smiled and sighed happily as Joe was passed over to her in a white towel and held him close to her. Just then the door opened...
  Abbie and Joe / blaze / 8y 321d 18h 22m 26s

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