Silver Lining

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A rewrite of an old story with a friend.

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June's wonder, if it had yet to fade, rekindled upon entering the inn. Even such a humble establishment seemed grand to his fresh perspective.
Everything was lovely.
At Serai's urging, June rushed to the food-laden table, heart hammering wildly.
"So much," he mumbled to himself. "Can I really...?"
He answered his own question with a fistful of fish, and then another, and another.
He was fairly certain he would die happy.
  June Livius / fufupop / 7y 238d 3h 8m 22s
Serai smiled and rested a gentle hand on June's back. "Then right this way," he said, leading back to the inn. Once inside, he swam to the kitchens, ordered a hearty amount of food, and then lead the way through a hallway or two with June in tow. "This is my room for now," Serai said, letting June enter before him, always the gentleman. The room was small, but homey. Scriptures and books spilled out of a bag on the bed. But other than that, the room seemed spick and span. Serai gestured toward the food. "Please," he said. "Help yourself."
  Serai Kadeen / linkthehero / 7y 302d 13h 42m 26s
His question was not a difficult one for June to answer, since he had no intention of leaving the mer's side since the moment they met.
"I will," came his hasty reply.
If there were other places like this one, of course he wanted to see them. Besides, he honestly didn't know if he had in in him to simply stop, stay in one place so suddenly after spending his entire life going with the current. Not traveling with Serai was never an option.
  June Livius / fufupop / 7y 333d 20m 58s
June was still looking around with wide eyes when his stomach let out a low growl. It was then that Serai began planning. He was good at that. Planning. And Serai had a habit of making plans entirely too ambitious. But he couldn't just let this new found friend sit by and starve in an unknown environment.

Serai turned to the freckled faced boy at his side and said suddenly, "Why don't you travel with me a ways?" he said. There was something he liked about June, and company wouldn't be unwelcome. It's true that Serai liked his solitude, but lately, things had begun to get dull. And if his planning turned down the wrong path, if this mer became more of a burden than he anticipated, he would be able to find him a nice place to stay and be on his way. But Serai was feeling optimistic. He loved to teach, and it seemed that June had everything to learn about everything.
  Serai Kadeen / linkthehero / 7y 349d 4h 37m 10s
"Since the town is so small, they just use this whole street as the market. But larger towns and cities have their own section for shopping."

June listened intently, for once actually concentrating on Serai's words. When they stopped at one stand, he was abruptly taken with the display of glittering things laid upon it. In a way, they resembled his pendant, but these "trinkets" were much more attractive than that plain, translucent stone. He ogled at a silver piece which dripped with pink jewels, his eyes growing large at the sight of it. What a magnificent color! Serai lifted the thing, cradling it in his notably elegant fingers -a contrast to June's own stubby ones- and seated it on June' s head. One of the jewels dangled in his peripheral vision, and he strained to focus on it. Apparently this action was humorous, as it elicited a chuckle from Serai. As quickly as it was placed on, though, the trinket was removed. He was about to protest when Serai spoke again.

"You see? A lot of times, the things people sell aren't even necessary to live. They're just pretty. And most mer like to feel pretty."

June was still trying to figure out how such wonderful things could not be necessary when his stomach reminded him how long it had been since he had last eaten something. Too long, it said, and quite audibly.
  June Livius / fufupop / 7y 333d 20m 47s
"Right this way," Serai said, and extended an arm in a grand gesture before he started to swim. "Since the town is so small, they just use this whole street as the market. But larger towns and cities have their own section for shopping," he explained.

It felt so odd to be explaining such common things to someone, but he admitted that it felt nice to teach someone something. It didn't matter what it was; Serai was a natural born teacher.

"The market doesn't only sell food, though. People will sell all kinds of things that they make. Trinkets and such. Like, here-" Serai led June over to one of the stands where an old mer woman was selling decorative head and fin pieces. He picked up a metallic crown-like piece and placed it over June's hair. There was a small pendant that hung down, finding its home in between his eyes. Serai chuckled when his eyes crossed in an attempt to look at the ornament. Serai took it off again and handed it back to the woman.

"You see? A lot of times, the things people sell aren't even necessary to live. They're just pretty. And most mer like to feel pretty."
  Serai Kadeen / linkthehero / 8y 252d 11h 39m 26s
"This town is small?" June asked, utterly befuddled by it all. The sights and bustle he found to be quite overwhelming, but a good sort of overwhelming. He wanted to get out of there as soon as possible yet explore every nook of this new place at the same time. It was quite a big moment for the boy. Everything was intensely new and exciting, and at that moment, June came to the decision that he would take Serai up on his offer. He was going to explore absolutley everything, and this beautiful man was going to be his guide. A vehement spark came to his eye as his mouth split open into what must have been his first real smile in years.

"Yes," He returned, "I would love to take a look around."
  June Livius / fufupop / 7y 333d 20m 35s
What a curious person, Serai thought. He still had no idea what he had been searching for. Another like him? What did that mean, exactly? Serai didn't know if he really had never seen another mer before, or if he was on some soul-searching journey. Either way, Serai could tell that this June Livius was so unique, that finding someone like him wouldn't come easy.

Serai watched him as he took in the sight of the town, the buildings, the mers. He was a bit flaky, but the trait didn't unnerve Serai. In fact, it only made him more curious. And what did he leave home for other than to satisfy his curiosities?

"Well, it's a wonder that you haven't come across a town yet," he said. And just because his curiosity about younger man got the better of him, he said, "Would you like to take a look around? I could show you the shops and the hotel. Even though it's a rather small town, there are bound to be things here that you've never seen before."
  Serai Kadeen / linkthehero / 8y 288d 14h 10m 6s
The town loomed nearer as the pair passed the reef, its buildings and structures growing large and more distinct. June could barely process the sight of it. The town itself was beautiful, large masses of rock in shapes and sizes that couldn’t have possibly occurred naturally. The water here was warmer, too, as there were mer nearly everywhere. Some were swimming in and out of the big intricate stones, others were hovering over various arrangements of food or elaborate trinkets, and still others were conversing with one another above the bustle. June dimly realized that Serai had stopped swimming beside him. He was pointing to a structure that was taller than the rest.

“That’s where I’m staying for the time being.” His eyes fixed onto June ponderously. “Where have you been staying if not a town or city?”

“Staying…?” Came June’s curious reply. “I never stayed anywhere. I told you, I was searching.”
  June Livius / fufupop / 7y 333d 20m 12s
The boy nodded at Serai's request and said a quiet, “Okay.” Serai then began to swim at a steady pace towards the small town. It looked farther away that it was and it didn't take that long to get there at all. June's eyes seemed to grow as they began to swim down the main street.

"This town is called... Arthime. I think..." Serai trailed off hesitantly. He could remember every chapter of the last book he read, but he couldn't even remember the town he was in. "I travel," he explained, mostly to just create conversation. "So most of these town names slip my mind." He pointed to a large building on the right and added, "That's where I'm staying for the time being." The larger mer looked to the smaller one with a thoughtful expression. "Where have you been staying if not in a town or a city?"
  Serai Kadeen / linkthehero / 8y 288d 14h 18m 14s
June observed Serai’s face change from curious to surprised, then settle back into a pleasant expression as he began to speak.

"Well, then June, I would have in the first place if you hadn't had asked them so quickly.” At the sound of his own name, June was slightly taken aback. It sounded so alien coming from another’s voice. “Now… what was it you asked? Oh, yes, the town. You are… clearly not from one then. Perhaps you would like to go there? If you’re seeking out other mer people, a town is the place to go.”

Just moments ago June had not even been sure that other mer even existed, yet now here he was, face-to-face with a funny-talking one who spoke of even more others. He was suddenly hyperaware of his own every movement, caught in a strange combination of excitement and uncertainty. He had only ever known his father, and this new one was obviously nothing like the man. What if the others were terrible? What if he was terrible?

“Shall we?” Serai prompted June, gesturing widely to the place.

Swallowing down a surge of panic, June nodded his agreement.


After all, what else was there to do?
  June Livius / fufupop / 7y 333d 19m 59s
“I’m called June Livius,” the stranger said, sounding irritated, “And what I’ve been searching for, for so long, is another like me. Answer my questions now.”

Serai was forced to raise his eyebrows at the mer's change of tone. He was now demanding. Serai smiled politely. "Well, then June, I would have in the first place if you hadn't had asked them so quickly," he explained softly. "Now... what was it you asked? Oh, yes, the town. You are... clearly not from one then. Perhaps you would like to go there? If you're seeking out mer people, a town is the place to go."

Despite not understanding June's reasons for being so unlearned, Serai did not grow impatient ad he did not think of June as being inferior. In fact, he was beginning to feel captivated by him. He had never heard of a mer who didn't call a town or city his home.

"Shall we?" He asked, stretching his hand towards the town, but looking at June.
  Serai Kadeen / linkthehero / 8y 288d 14h 18m 17s
The other mer responded less informatively than June would have liked.

“Searching…? Searching for what?” He inquired. He then proceeded, queerly, to bend his body forward and announce his name: Serai Kadeen.

June’s mouth pursed into a frown at the other’s evasion of his ever-so-pressing queries. Could he not see that he was starving for information? And food, actually. Though June had spent many years scavenging, and had grown quite good at it, he simply wasn’t quick enough to catch many fish. But mostly he was just starving for knowledge.

“And you are…?” Serai continued as he straightened, his hair splaying majestically.

“I’m called June Livius,” June said impatiently, “And what I’ve been searching for, for so long, is another like me. Answer my questions now.”
  June Livius / fufupop / 7y 333d 19m 45s
Instead of answering, Serai's question was responded to with more questions.
“Who are you! What is that place it’s called a town? What is it why are you so shiny! Where am I right now are there others like you?”

Serai couldn't help but to chuckle as the mer began to circle him. It was as if he had never seen another mer before. How did he not know what a town was?
“I’ve been searching for so long…” the stranger said, his eyes glowing with wonder.
"Searching...?" questioned Serai. "Searching for what?"
Perhaps all of his assumptions were correct. Unless this was all just one big joke. Somehow Serai doubted that anyone could pretend to be as excited as this mer was being, though.

"I'm sorry," Serai apologized yet again, "I haven't introduced myself. I am Serai Kadeen," he said with a bow. "And you are...?"
  Serai Kadeen / linkthehero / 8y 288d 14h 18m 20s
The silver-haired one tentatively returned the embrace, and June felt as if he were about to crumble from the relief of it all. He clung on as if for his life.

But the other mer was speaking to him.

“…Are you from the town?” He was saying, gesturing so that June released him. His gaze shifted to the vague formation in the distance beyond. It appeared to be a strange cluster of… somethings June had never seen before. He was at once confused and enthralled, looking back to the man with eyes aglitter.

“Who are you!” He demanded gleefully. “What is that place it’s called a town? What is it why are you so shiny! Where am I right now are there others like you?” He said these things frantically, eager to get the words out faster than his tongue would allow. He circled the silver one, inspecting every last detail about him. He seemed to be entirely monochrome, light, unreal. Even his eyelashes glinted metallically. June touched him again, just to be sure he was solid, his fingertips brushing a shoulder as he swam back to face him again. “I’ve been searching for so long…”
  June Livius / fufupop / 7y 333d 19m 26s

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