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In the presant Britt is known as a master duelists sister. She doesn't duel but her family has history going back as far as Ancient Egypt. Britt loves looking at her family tree when she can see how far it goes. She discovers something odd. Her name is on the scroll married to the five thousand year old pharaoh. One day a potal in her own time opens and shes pulled through to five thousand years in the past where she comes face to face with a handsome pharaoh. She is confused and has no idea what just happened.

regular es rules
I'm playing Britt
at least 100 characters
Romance- (Yes)
Plot twists- (Yes) run it by me so i'll know.

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Rae took the bottle aand drinks from the bottle happy. "I can watch him while you get the nurse." Britt said to Atem
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 7y 16d 8h 48m 46s
Atem offered his son a bottle sensing that the toddler may of wanted one.
  Aerialacebabe / 7y 16d 9h 31s
Britt smiled happy that both of them were starting to get along. Rae relaxed in his dad arms yawning a little but was really hungry.
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 7y 16d 9h 21m 32s
Ishizu snuggles to britt happily and yawns going to sleep and atem smiles down at rae.
  Aerialacebabe / 7y 16d 9h 26m 43s
Britt was a little worried about her hiccuping repeatedly but also amazed on her first word. Rae gave a slight smile to Ishizu.
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 7y 16d 9h 40m 51s
Ishizu quiets but hiccups repeatedly and looks at rae."bu...buh buh?" atem blinks amazed at her words.
  Aerialacebabe / 7y 16d 9h 46m 45s
Britt tried to calm Ishizu "it'll be ok." she told her while trying to calm her. Rae looked over at Ishizu even though he was being held by his dad. He reached over to Ishizu to get her to stop crying.
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 7y 16d 9h 57m 54s
Ishizu had only been trying to play with her brother and suddenly bursts into tears.atem looks to rae and picks him up trying to calm it all down."she is only a baby as you are and doesnt know any better."
  Aerialacebabe / 7y 16d 10h 5m 0s
Rae dodged his sister and didn't find it funny. Britt moved over to Ishizu and Rae then she picked up Ishizu carefully.
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 7y 16d 10h 12m 36s
Ishizu bats at rae and lets out a peal of laughter and atem is mommentarily the scene between the two.
  Aerialacebabe / 7y 16d 10h 19m 50s
"ok." she said to him glad to have a change of subject. She knew they had to choose a name for their coming daughter.
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 7y 16d 10h 24m 59s
Atem looks down and changes the subject."so i think i should get you a nurse to check on our daughter inside you love."
  Aerialacebabe / 7y 16d 10h 48m 26s
Britt looked at Atem and knew he was serious about this. She didn' really say anything but she knew to take serious. It helped her understand what Isis meant.
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 7y 17d 8h 39m 7s
Atem looks to britt serious."there will be one event where you will be near death and your guardian cant save you,isis will come to your rescue and thats when you meet again. Osiris told me the same and woke me from my coma when i was shocked to death."
  Aerialacebabe / 7y 17d 8h 44m 42s
Britt felt bad about hearing this but leaned up and kissed his cheek. "you did make it though and that proves you are strong." she said to him and then hugged him.
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 7y 17d 8h 52m 28s

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