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Sora Smiled a bit, "heh I never left you, you guys just seemed to ignore me," He scratched his head, and looked at the girl and boy, sora skated backwards for a moment, And then bolted forwards, He jumped into the air and did a 540 frontflip over the girl, And looked her in the eye, "well Are you sonia or not?" He smiled again
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 11h 16m 39s
[So am i in]
  Uin / Sondiame / 10y 121d 11h 17m 52s
[It's alright, but you can crop it if you want, but if writing is easier for you, feel free. ^_^]
  Asato / StrifeX / 10y 121d 20h 7m 2s
[Sorry I got the picture from Photobucket and i didnt know till now.Ill try to change it.Can i just write it?By the way it's Edited]
  Uin / Sondiame / 10y 121d 20h 8m 38s
[Errr, considering your Team skelly. May I request you make it smaller? Or remove the massive white blank. o.o]
  Asato / StrifeX / 10y 121d 20h 10m 0s
How you received first AT's:Gift From Father
Road:Ring Road
Team:Jashin Spirits

Team Skelly:

Team name:Jashin Sprits


General theme:Each member is Assigned an Animal.They Wear a
Tattoo of the Animal on their Clothing Or Body.

Theme song:High Life By Daft Punk

Members:None So far

The Sky
  Uin / Sondiame / 10y 121d 20h 11m 54s
Sakura was watching this new person show off in front of her, and was about to reply before another blur came and the boy was punched off his feet. "Uhm..." Was all she muttered as her eyebrow rose. They must be part of some team. She laughed a little to herself as the one who was punched was really trying to show off in front of her before he got beaned. Bowing to the two of them, she smiles. "Well, I'll let you to be." She laughed before putting on her blades and turning to her younger brother, and messing up his hair. "Ready to go home."
  Sakura / skyline339 / 10y 122d 9h 21m 24s
He rides up fast as if the fight never happened "grah!" he punches sora "that's for leaveing me to fight three people!" he says angery
  Zeratyx rose (sexy zer) / Zeratyx / 10y 122d 9h 30m 34s
"heh Zera Got his ass kicked, Looks like there is another team in town we must crush to make it too the top of Trophaem." He sakted along, He didnt want to put his shoes back on, It seemed like that haddn't noticed him, he could tell that zera hadn't really had any true team experience, Sora turned and began to skate through town, He noticed a Girl in the park with brand new AT's and another guy, "Possibly sonia... sweet!" he smiled He skated over to her, "hello there" he smiled again as he began to skate around her moving his feet weird but his movments were fluent, he looked like he was gliding, almost breakdancing, He did this to showcase his skills, "You know how to use those things?"
  Sora Tadaki / Arrekusu / 10y 122d 11h 21m 21s
Sakura looked around, before turning back towards her park. Smiling, she sat on the swing waiting for her brother to come get her. She looked at the air gear she had. State of the art, brand new pair. Laughing she gets up as she sees her brother begin to skate up the road, and heads towards him.
  Sakura / skyline339 / 10y 122d 12h 35m 25s
In the rp. I just joined and entered town so I need to find someone to introduce me to the whole AT world in this town.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 122d 13h 23m 19s
yuuzuki hold her side as he looks at her brother. "come on i can go rest at home." she looks at him knowing he would be mad at her.
  Yuuzuki Hayashi / suzaku1 / 10y 122d 13h 34m 2s
lolz, are you talking RP or ooc??
  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 122d 15h 37m 58s
Oh well. Zack could you help me out? I am new in town and need someone to introduce me.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 122d 15h 44m 14s
please don't call me sir XD apriciate the formality tho ^.^
  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 122d 15h 47m 51s

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