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Her face, filled with shock, and her mind began racing. "Who are you two?" She asked feeling surrounded. Two guys both with different intentions. "What do you guys want from me?" She asked trying to boost her own self-esteem here.
  Sakura / skyline339 / 10y 121d 9h 44m 23s
Actually I killed my parents because they tried to kill me when I was 9 and I was asleep. This AT's I wear are the only thing that saved me that night. Since then I have swore to become stronger and get rid of people that don't deserve to even breathe. Soul told her with a blank expression on his face. After all that was his past and he was not afraid of letting other people know if it meant they could answer some of his questions.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 9h 55m 2s
Sakura looked back over at the other, who just arrived. "Run straight home okay." She whispered to the little boy. He nodded and ran. Seeing Soul, lifting up his hands, she lowered her guard a little. "Then you've never had your parents taken from you, against there own will." She said, a little annoyed. What did they want with her?
  Sakura / skyline339 / 10y 121d 9h 57m 35s
"your an ass you know that? What are you trying to do, Heh." Sora wanted this guy to leave him alone, He had a one track mind that really annoyed sora, He couldnt control his thoughts, His mind wandered and once again he remembered the words of his Brother, Smell The rubber Burn, Darkness Falls, Wind rushes forward, And Light from the town Rises, When your Axels Grind, Jump... And you can Fly... Thos were the words his brother said when he gave sora his first pair of AT's, The AT's he used to this day, His brother was the only person who hadn't betrayed him in life
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 9h 58m 37s
Actually having feeling for those that are gone. I have never felt more than pity for those that dye in front of me. They make me feel pity for not being able to protect themselves. Soul told her sitting on the window frame and placing his hands up in motion he didn't want trouble only answers.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 10h 3m 24s
"not you again, Hey that reminds me, you never answered my question either, Are you registered on parts war?" he smiled and rolled around a bit, he was rolling around atop the building, He popped up quick, And looked around, he rolled back and jumped across the gap from building to building, he spoke to himself a moment... "Smell The rubber Burn, Darkness Falls, Wind rushes forward, And Light from the town Rises, When your Axels Grind, Jump... And you can Fly..."
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 10h 10m 9s

Sakura looks at Soul, looking him up and down. Pulling her little brother behind her, she has a questioning look on her face. "How does what feel?" She said as she began bracing herself. If he tried anything she would be ready. Ever since their parents died, she was always cautious, especially when she was with her brother.
  Sakura / skyline339 / 10y 121d 10h 10m 55s
How does it feel miss? Soul asked standing on the window frame of the temple looking down at the blue haired girl and the little boy standing next to her. A wondering look was on Soul's face as he looked around the temple then made his eyes focus on the girl again.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 10h 16m 34s
the boy walked away, "whatever." sora said, He was a bit annoyed, he looked around again, "So-" the girl was gone "damn," it annoyed him, He looked around and he got bored, He sakted away going around 50, He jumped up and did a 720 wallride witch transitioned into a 360 Backflip and he landed on a roof next to the building he rode up. He looked around and saw the girl in the alleyway, He layed down and looked down the alleyway, "So If you answer my question I may leave you alone for a bit." he cackled a bit and smiled.
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 10h 17m 20s
Sakura held her little brother just out of site and around the corner. Her breathing quickly as her little brother held onto her. This was not the time for a fight, not with him around. "Sakura, I'm scared." The little boy whispered up towards her.

"It's okay, let's go pray to mommy and daddy okay." Sakura said with a smile. She looked around the corner and got ready. Holding onto her brother, she rocketed out from where she was. Her power and stability was amazing, even as her knees hardly moved. After a couple minutes, they made it to the temple. Skating up to the small bell, she lets go of her brother and rings it bending over a little and closing her eyes. After a little time, the two of them look up and smile.

Sakura's mind was wandering. Who was that guy?
  Sakura / skyline339 / 10y 121d 10h 22m 51s
Then I see no point in wasting my time with you people. Soul told the man and took another drag of his cigarette then turned around to ride somewhere else. After all this people had no clues so there was no use wasting time with them.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 10h 31m 33s
"Well sorry to disapoint you but I've got my own regalia to find," Sora Smiled and pointed back at zera, Talk to him about the fang road" he paused for a moment, "Are you registered in Parts war?" Sora might have his next Emblem, He realised the girl was gone, "In case you wanna cook up some shit, just know I used to be the lieutenant In Ikumuno, That's right, Im an A class, but then this asswipe... you know what never mind" he outreached his hand, "I'm sorry, next Wing road Keeper," He smirked
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 11h 2m 58s
The only thing I need is clues to find the last piece of my puzzle. Do you know anything about the location of the Fang Regalia? Soul asked straight up. He didn't felt like doing too much of a show or take time to play. Soul just wanted the Regalia since it was the only thing he needed. Even with this AT's Soul was able to produce Fangs without the help of the Regalia. Meaning the Regalia were needed only to be able to support all his strenght and maybe even upgrade his abilities.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 11h 7m 11s
when the girl didnt answer Sora turned to the boy skating up next to him, Sora arched his eyebrow, "little kids shouldn't smoke, It's bad for you," He smiled and looked at the boy's AT's, Fang road, Sora Already had one of those, So this kid was near worthless to him unless he Had regalia, "You Need something?" sora said with a smirk
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 11h 9m 31s
(r Ladies shouldn
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 11h 12m 47s

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