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Sora Stopped, "Then lets watch a tiger fight a Wolf, ZERA!" shouted Sora, "Come show this guy how the Angels Operate, I got a New Title for you guys if you end up on the Same team!" he was always coming up with names, it amused him.
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 8h 58m 39s
I would prefer to fight your so called Fang rider. After all it would be unfair to make a wolf fight an eagle. As a Fang rider I understand I lost my wings and I don't feel bad for that but I still know my limits. If you want a team member so bad then promise me information on the location of the Fang Regalia and I will be your faithful servant. Fang told him smiling as he continued to jump from roof to roof.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 9h 2m 58s
Sora Grunted And began to chase soul from building to building, "we Arn't Weak!" he followed Close to Soul, He was good, but so was sora, "Okay here's A proposition, I'll Battle you, anyway you want, If I win You Become one of the Angel's and become A gatekeeper with Zera, Together you could test the strength of those who wish to fly, And i'll be your first, So... Whattya Say, Oh and By the Way, People Have come to Know me As Dove! Because i can fly like a bird, my wings are strong so lets see if you can break em'!"
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 9h 6m 54s
Zeratyx climbed up the wall and breathed heavy coverd in thorns "damn I feel weird i have no control over my ATS I think I messed um up In the fight.." he says worried he'd never get a new pair it wasn't that he couldn't afford them he was actually a spoiled rich kid but those ATS where a gift from someone inportant
  Zeratyx rose (sexy zer) / Zeratyx / 10y 121d 9h 9m 12s
Soul couldn't help but smile. So that is your Fang rider. Is that a joke? Soul asked with a smile on his face as he shook his head still smiling. How could a guy so clumsy be a Fang rider. There was no way he would be good. That only proves your team level. I have no interest in joining such a weak team. Laterz. Soul spoke turning around and getting enough speed to jump to another building and then to the next. Soul was just wasting time and he needed to find that Fang Regalia as soon as possible.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 9h 12m 14s
He looked at the boy, "Well thats good, because I have no interest putting you on my team, I already have a fang rider." he chuckled a bit, "But there is a team that can help you, My old pal Asato, his team Calamity trigger can uses a guy like you." he was kindve upset, He needed more people to join his team, He wanted a ring a sonia and a flame, he had heard the girl say something, apparently she was a sonia, "then you should have strong defense, me and my second could use a Girl like You, Care to join the Next team to reach the top of trophaem, the Yotsuba Angels?" Sora looked up and Saw zera Fly overtop the building, "And there goes my Teamate now" he laughed a bit man zera's been off his game recently. "so whatya say?"
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 9h 15m 43s
"Yeah I can ride, and I do ride the Sonia road. What do you mean by worthless." Now she was getting angered. No one calls her worthless.
  Sakura / skyline339 / 10y 121d 9h 20m 42s
Soul used the wall and rode it to the roof where he found the guy and the girl. Landing in a point that would make the tree form a triangle he spoke again. I am not currently on a team. I don't really find interest in teams that have no information on the location of the Fang Regalia. Soul told the man standing with his hands on his sides and looking at him.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 9h 22m 13s
Zeratyx sighed and powered up his ATS full charge and rushed into a jump but instead he whent to high and over the roof "shit!" he began to spin out of control and crashed into a rose bush "ahhhhhhh that hurts like hell!"
  Zeratyx rose (sexy zer) / Zeratyx / 10y 121d 9h 23m 11s
"So she can ride" Sora Smiled and began to clap slowly, "Do you ride on the Sonia Road, Otherwise your worthless to me, Now... Answer my question." He smiled and rolled back a bit, He was debating on whether or not to try and make her chase him.
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 9h 25m 29s
"What?" She called back towards him, before powering up her AT's and getting to the roof with him. She looked at him closely.
  Sakura / skyline339 / 10y 121d 9h 29m 7s
"are you on a Team?" Sora asked, "you need to find a better medium for your purpose." he turned back to The girl, "Sonia?" She wouldnt answer him and he was beggining to get annoyed, Sora and soul had followed her all the way from the park, The were atop of building however.
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 9h 33m 2s
Who said my intentions are to kill everyone. I will only kill those that deserve to die because of their sins. I have no interest in fighting you sir. I would never win anything from fighting with you. Like I told you my only gold is to find the Fang Regalia. Soul responded to the guy.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 9h 36m 18s
"Well do you think I deserve to Breath?" sora said to soul, "I never got your name, mostly because you were being a prick and didn't respond to my offered handshake." he smiled a bit, "I' ll fight you right here right now, I'll prove to you that the human race isn't lost yet, So whatsup."
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 9h 38m 48s
My name is Soul and all I want from you is a simple answer on what it feels to loose someone you love like you lost your parents. Soul responded to her with a blank face. After all that was all Soul really wanted from the girl.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 9h 38m 59s

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