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He whips one chain knocking it away but is stabbed by the other on his arm he drops the whip and pulls it out then pulls the chain towards him his hands bleeding
  Zeratyx rose (sexy zer) / Zeratyx / 10y 121d 8h 2m 18s
Soul smiled when he was shot back but was taken by surprise when the boy stood up. Without wasting a second Soul began to move from the whip's way evading a few hits but being hit once in the face then another on both hands when he covered another hit. With an angry face he jumped back away from the boy's reach. Moving his arms he looked at the boy. Wow that whip does hurt. How nice I have something that is almost the same. Smiling Soul stretched his left hand and the chain rolled out imitating the length of the whip. Smiling Soul spun the chain that had a small kunai on the end towards the boy hoping it would hit him and stop his crazy whip swings.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 8h 5m 3s
Ooooh o.o;; Air Gear
Hold, working on something
  Star / Tesana / 10y 121d 8h 5m 16s
Zeratyx flew backwards as the chains fell off of him he hit the floor and slowly got up "you think you can do that to me!" he yelled and ran at him swinging his whip all around leaveing no blind area
  Zeratyx rose (sexy zer) / Zeratyx / 10y 121d 8h 9m 16s
Well yes but still don't auto attack me like that unless you take some hit me first il delete my post and redo it.."
  Zeratyx rose (sexy zer) / Zeratyx / 10y 121d 8h 14m 8s

  Zeratyx rose (sexy zer) / Zeratyx / 10y 121d 8h 18m 24s
Got you. Soul told the guy flying away because of the kick but a smile on his face since he had used his left blade to tie the chain around the boys leg. After gaining a few feet of distance Soul moved his hand to the side releasing more chain and then made a spiral with it that made around the boy. My turn. Soul spoke smiling then pulled on the chain making the circles around the boy tighter and bonding him in place. When the chains touched his skin blood began to drip because of the spikes the chain had on different places. Time to end this. Soul told the boy smiling evil then lifted his right leg and kicking the spot in front of him making a 'fang' that traveled full speed towards the boy. When it hit a huge explosion happened and smoke formed around the boy.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 8h 28m 50s
When the flash cleard zer wasn't there he was behind the boy he was moveing with great speed he kicked at the boy with the blades on his ATS
  Zeratyx rose (sexy zer) / Zeratyx / 10y 121d 8h 33m 3s
You use those when you have somewhere to move. Soul spoke then ran forward changing his position using the bombs as a distraction to change position then used his right hand to send the same attack directly at the guy in midair. Meanwhile, his left hand chain was moving back into place.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 8h 36m 49s
He he jumped up the black rose whip following him he spinner and threw flash bombs randomly all around
  Zeratyx rose (sexy zer) / Zeratyx / 10y 121d 8h 42m 40s
Then I shall show you how hard it is to ride on this road. Soul told him as he extended his hands to his side then launched a knife connected to a chain that came out from under his gloves directly at the spinning figure as if trying to stab him in the stomach.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 8h 45m 37s
It's a name I carry for someone that was lost" he said as he starts to spin around letting the whip spin around him "and then I'll give it to sora so he can finish her dream!" he yelled as he got closer
  Zeratyx rose (sexy zer) / Zeratyx / 10y 121d 8h 48m 3s
If you called yourself a raven why did you decide to ride on a road that requires your wings to be cut off? Soul asked looking at the guy with a weep on his hand and remaining still waiting for his first attack.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 8h 50m 22s
He jumped up next to them holding his whip "call me tiger again and I'll rip you heart out it's raven" he states calling himself the name of the person that gave him his ATS "let's go!" he yelled
  Zeratyx rose (sexy zer) / Zeratyx / 10y 121d 8h 53m 3s
Soul just took his tongue out and spined in place coming to a stop and waited for the so called Zera to step up to the battle. It would be so much fun fighting someone that was on his same road. Smiling he moved his hands placing them behind him inside his jacket as if grabbing something and was followed by a clicking sound as if something had locked.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 8h 53m 32s

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