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  Zeratyx rose (sexy zer) / Zeratyx / 10y 119d 26m 3s
Watching the fight that was going on for a little, Sakura turns towards Sora. "If you want me to join, than you need to complete my challenge." she said to him, looking serious. "5 Miles from here is the ocean. I will head towards the ocean, if you can knock me off my AT's before I reach the ocean. Then I will join your team." She looked and smiled at him, a little darkly.
  Sakura / skyline339 / 10y 119d 27m 16s
Hey guys im back on anyone else here
  Sora Tadaki / Arrekusu / 10y 119d 15h 27m 2s
  Uin / sondiame / 10y 120d 19h 50m 29s
[Your accepted, haha sorry. XD]
  Asato / StrifeX / 10y 120d 19h 51m 6s
[oh nothing bad just an rp fight thing]
  Sakura / skyline339 / 10y 121d 5h 5m 41s
]What happened? o.o]
  Asato / StrifeX / 10y 121d 5h 18m 46s
[:( everyone's gone, I kinda got lost in the whole fighting thing and well yeah... anyone there?]
  Sakura / skyline339 / 10y 121d 5h 21m 35s
"It's All gonna work out, Ikumuno Would fall and the Angels will reign supreme!" Begins with demented laughter as He begins to skate back to His apartment, He had to register Sora into Parts war, "Meet me at the school 5am Tommorrow, You've got a busy dday ahead boys!" He Skated Even faster Going aroun 65 Mph Doing flips from building to building, He planned on sleeping when he made it back to his Apartment.

<GTG later guys>
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 5h 51m 16s
Sure as long as I get to tear down flesh of fools that dare to fight me. Soul told him with a smile on his face as he engraved the name on his Kiyone was his next target. Still smiling Soul began to skate back to Zera to talk to him about team attacks like Sora had told him.

[G2G laterz guys.]
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 5h 58m 2s
"are you familiar with the A class team Ikumuno, I used to be one of them, We had a master plot to find and capture the regalia in one swift move, but this guy, my not best friend... Kiyone, Kiyone Pulled the wing regalia from under My nose, Odds Are that Ikumuno Has the Fang regalia, and if not, They could tell you how to get it, But we have to make at least B class before we can do anything About it... Anyway, Congratualations Soul! Your Officially an Angel!" He smiled a bit, "You and zera should work on some team moves, If we Had a sonia we'd have killer defense, and if we had a gaia, no one could take us on the ground, and if we had a Ring, He could help us with out AT's and what not, We'd be Impenetrable, Me in the Sky, Gaia on the ground, Ring keeping our AT's Perfect, And You and Zera, Tearing Apart Anyone who Had the nerve to go for you, It'd be Amazing!"
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 6h 3m 32s
You had me not wanting till you spoke the last words. I am in now tell me who has the Fang Regalia. Soul told the man with a serious face and waiting for him to answer. This was the best lead to the Regalia in months and Soul couldn't just let the opportunity go.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 6h 8m 25s
"Together you guys would be the Gatekeepers to The Sky, Together you Guys Would Be...." Sora Laughed a we bit, "The Demon Brothers! individually you'd have diferent name though, Yours Would Be Guardian, and His is Gatekeeper! it would be perfect, Our team would be Unbreakable, if only we had Sonia, Gaia, and Ring! oh yeah and if that info doesn't quite make you wanna join, I know who has the fang Regalia!"
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 6h 11m 30s
I just really like the character and how he looks. Also I love the manga.

And what title would that be? Soul asked suddenly stopping on a roof top to have a better conversation atmosphere.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 121d 6h 16m 54s
Sora skated after soul, "so will you Join the team?" he smiled at soul, "After all I do have the info you want." he thought for a minute, "plus im gnna give you a nifty new title!" sora smiled awkawardly at soul
  Sora Tadaki / arrekusu / 10y 121d 6h 18m 40s

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