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  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 107d 1h 52m 41s

  Yazami Tokisho / Ghostdoc / 10y 107d 1h 57m 33s
*Glomps him*
  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 107d 1h 59m 40s

  Yazami Tokisho / Ghostdoc / 10y 107d 2h 12m 25s
  Yusuke Hayashi / suzaku1 / 10y 114d 12h 42m 34s
Coolio :D idk were my brother is TT^TT i will pop in at the beach in a momento :D
  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 114d 12h 47m 32s
not very far were doin our own thing now me and my bro are at a beach and other are well else were.
  Yusuke Hayashi / suzaku1 / 10y 114d 12h 57m 15s
[[ OMG i have been away to long O.O were ish everyone i wanna get back into this RP >:D im on a trip or something ]]
  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 114d 13h 57s
Yusuke looked at his sister. "i was our fault we wanted so badlt to make you stay on the ground to protect you from the sky above that you lost your way. " he felt the wind passed them by in a gental brezze and he brushed his hair backwards. "but Yuki-nii was diffent he wanted to prove that even though his name was snow he would melt that and follow his must do the same follow your heart let it be your guide and let me be there to throw you into the air as you glide." he smiled as she was smiling at him they looked to the sky. "he will be back his flames grow closer yuuzuki this will be your battle and your choice will you reach for the sky or set the ground ablaze?" yusuke looked nodded knowing she understood what he meant.
  Yusuke Hayashi / suzaku1 / 10y 114d 13h 2m 58s
Yuuzuki sat on the shore of the beach along with her brother. She stared at the sky and couldnt recall the things that had happen "yusuke was i truely not meant to seems that everytime i try i only get forced down to the ground much more can my wings take how much more can i bare..." she looked at the ocean memiors of her older brother flooded her mind.

a 8 year old yusuke and yuuzuki sa next to thier older brother who was already 12 and a high level rider he followed the flame path. yuuzuki looked up at her brother smiling."onii-chan i'll ride like you one day i'll fly to the sky's with all my strenght"he looked at them shaking his head"your wings will be burned Yuu i'll make sure of that as long as you wanna fly i'll keep you on this ground.""yuuzuki looked in shock as she protest but she was unable as he brother skidded away from them.

she looked at yuske sadness in her eyes. "was i only meant to ride the road of flame as Yuki did.."
  Yuuzuki Hayashi / suzaku1 / 10y 114d 13h 10m 31s
Soul skated across the city using his momentum to jump from building to building with a bored look on his face, after all there was nothing good to do and well he had no clue on where the Regalia where. Finally reaching the school he landed on the roof and looked around. This seemed like a school with a yard and everything. Looking around and finding no one he skated down the wall of the building and landed on the field in front of a tree. Gently skating over to the tree he took a seat under its shade and leaned against the trunk. Smiling he took out a cigarette and lighted then began to smoke with a smile on his face.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 114d 16h 22m 11s
Sancho felt the air against his sweat moistened skin as he leaped through the air doing a back flip off a power line, and landing on a near by roof grinding the ledge staring at the populated streets below. The freedom of expression was liberating.That's what Sancho loved about ATs he felt as anything he did was his, and his alone. He had seen parts of the city most people never knew existed and like most riders to him everything was a potential object to be shredded.

Destruction to Sancho was the ultimate form of showing your skills. He would leave his mark by skating the spot until it literally died. It made him quite popular with police as he had a warrant out on him for the vandalizing several monuments and private properties. This didn't bother him though, Sancho had been homeless for two years after his mother died. He has been living on ATs ever since raising just enough money to spend the night at an inn every once and while when he needed a shower.
  Sancho Nakamira / dobson / 10y 114d 16h 38m 54s
[Heya so anything new happen?]
  Sakura / skyline339 / 10y 116d 12h 18m 12s
Hey soull is on my team now
  Sora Tadaki / Arrekusu / 10y 116d 13h 3m 59s
  Sakura / skyline339 / 10y 119d 22m 36s

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