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Visit Sanctuary, revered for its natural beauty and high-class accommodations, brought to you by system-class companies like Core Technologies, Torquetonne Industries, and Ascentia. Visit cutting-edge medical research laboratories, and learn how the technology that makes your life so much easier is made. Fed up with the day to day grind? Why not spend your hours soaking up some sun? Not your thing? Well that's fine, too! There's racing galore in the wide open plains for all of you thrill seekers. Yes, there's something for everyone in Sanctuary. Even the kids will enjoy their stay. They can even feed the local wildlife and learn valuable life lessons. If you need an escape, there's no better place to run away to than Sanctuary, your final vacation spot.


Don't believe everything the brochure tells you. Once-beautiful Sanctuary turned into a war zone full of displaced civilians as soon as Doctor Shtyne made an announcement that he had made a ground-breaking discovery. Most of the civilians fled the massive cities of Sanctuary and instead formed small shantytowns and banded together for protection while mercenaries moved into their old homes. Six major companies have moved in to take control of the new technology brought about by Doctor Shtyne's discovery.

Information regarding each of the six companies has been attached for your review. Decide who you wish to side with and sign the contract.

Cybernetic research and implementation. Also manufactures high-end computer components.
Cybernetic enhancement speciality.
Planet economy rank: 1
System economy rank: 3

Genetic modification research and implementation.
Genetic enhancement specialty.
Planet economy rank: 2
System economy rank: 1

Construction material and power tool manufacturer.
Mechanical enhancement specialty.
Planet economy rank: 3
System economy rank: 2

Chemical research and production.
Chemical weapons specialty.
Planet economy rank: 4
System economy rank: 5

Nuclear power source and starcraft engine production.
Nuclear weapons specialty.
Planet economy rank: 5
System economy rank: 4

Sound equipment and sonic instrument production.
Sonic weapons specialty.
Planet economy rank: 6
System economy rank: 6

Also, if you have an questions about the rp itself or any of the companies, feel free to just ask me either here or in PMs.

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Working for a technologically advanced company had its benefits. JD himself had helped design the suit he was now wearing. It was the latest in non-combative power suits. Meant mainly for field research and scavenging, it was well equipped with all of the scanners and modules he would need. As he lifted a cracked power core housing up out of the wreckage, a quick scan his suits main gauntlet told him that the core within was still operating at seventy-five percent capacity. That was good enough for any scrap rat to bring home.

JD had a much different job than the rest of the boys Torquetonne had sent down planet side. He wasn't a big beefy marine like them, battle hardened and looking for something to shoot. He was a mechanic in every sense of the word and his job was to keep everything up and running as smoothly as possible on the planet that God seemed to forget. In as run down a place as Sanctuary, things tended to up and stop working for no good reason at all. So it really paid to have a mechanic around to keep things from getting jammed.

Of course, that meant putting someone as squishy as a mechanic right in the middle of a God damn warzone, but apparently the corporate brass thought that was an acceptable expenditure. With a sigh, he stashed the core into his satchel to bring back to his company's base just outside of the city. One of their battle mechs blew its power core during a fight right when they landed and needed to be replaced ASAP. Savages were everywhere.

JD wasn't built for the field. He had a strong tendency to get lost in thought and forget the world around him. If it wasn't for the extremely poor discipline of most of Sanctuary's inhabitants, he might have ended up another expense that needed to be written off in the budget.


While he poured over the power core, locals had moved between him and his home base. They were surprised when he wheeled to face them, so only one was able to get a shot off before he took cover. Locals were always after the technologies that the companies brought with them, but lacked any sort of real military training or hardware. The bullet, a simple nine milometer, only scraped the shoulder plate of JD's powersuit, ripping the jacket he wore over top.

As quickly as he could, JD slid a clip into his TR-7 tactical pistol and ran through all the terrible things that could happen in his head.
  JD / Junkyard_Dog / 7y 205d 2h 17m 15s
Welcome to System News Network, the system's most trusted name for accurate news.

Sanctuary has become a bit more populated as of late, but the new population is mostly mercenaries and corporate officials hunting for a Doctor Shtyne, who claims to have made a discovery that will revolutionize all aspects of technology. He's retreated into hiding instead of trying to make a profit out of his discovery, and now everyone seems to want to find him first. Murder rates have already increased on the planet, which is well known for having the highest murder rates in the system.

We will keep an eye on the Sanctuary situation and update you as new information becomes available.

This is System News Network, keeping you informed and up to the minute.

[To explain, this will be an in-world way for me to communicate major plot developments to everyone in the RP. Pay attention to these posts, as they will usually affect everyone. And, for those that see the earlier posts were from over a year ago, I'm trying to kick some life into this old rp.]
  System News Network / Junkyard_Dog / 7y 205d 2h 30m 0s

An "ADAM Solutions" spaceship, low orbit above Sanctuary

Two men in white and red uniforms were standing in front of a window that looked to the planet below and were discussing something hunched above a datapad.

"I'm telling you, we need to move against Ascentia soon. They've gathered too much power." one of them said.

"I know, but currently we're fighting on two fronts down there. We can't afford to fight on another one." replied the other. Low thuds were heard behind them, but they were too engrossed in their conversation to hear them.

"We don't have to. A few well-placed Nukes will..." A voice bomed from behind the two, making them jump.

"That won't work. It'll just make them and the other four to turn against us. And then we'll be driven off this system faster than you can say "Nuke"." The two men turned around and the first one 's jaw fell at the sight of the being in front of them.
Standing more than two meters tall and a meter wide the armored being was intimidating. The other man, however, just smiled.

"Ethan Black! You crazy son of a bitch! What are you doing here, man?"

"Your boss said that there was a good fight here and I got interested. And guess who's my superiour. You." The other man laughed before he turned his back to his assistant and left the room with Black...

A few hours later a shuttle departed from the ship. Aboard it was Ethan Black, fully armed and ready for war. Sanctuary won't know what hit it...

I hope that this post is good enough.
  Ethan Black / Shadowstorm / 8y 285d 18h 25m 12s
"We all live to die. We all die to live. I live by a meaningless code. A code only one such as myself would live by. 'The Code Of a Mercenary. To live, die, and fight for the highest bidder. To find your place at the side with all the power. Let no one weak stand by your side. Be honorable and unselfish towards your enemy and hope for the same treatment. And never strike an unarmed soul, for they are not fighting you and they are not fighting in your war.' To live and to die by the code, is to follow the code to the 'T'. If that means, death than so be it. Because today, the enemy is ready, their enemy is ready, our enemies are ready. But I myself know one thing, they might be ready, but not for us." A large, black haired blue eyed man said before he pulled on his helmet. "Then it's to war! Kill all, crush the enemy! Leave nothing alive! Live long and kill many my brothers! He said yelling as the ships doors started to open.

"CHARGE!" "GET TO THE NEAREST COVER! MOVE YOUR ASSES!" "WATCH FOR SNIPERS!" Jonathan heard as he sprinted out of the drop. He landed on the ground and dust from the smooth dirt flew into the air. His next move was to raise his Sub Machine gun once made to shoot bolts into things. This new weapons was named 'Bolter' for it's old use and it's firing speed. It could unload a 50 round bullet magazine in 5 second and it could rip a sheet metal in half.

John found a building and sprinted towards it and pressed his back against the wall next to the half open door. He then raised his weapon and headed in. He saw nothing but darkness and could hear only the fight outside. He moved quickly and quietly before he came onto an ambush group which composed of three heavily armed troops a light tank, a flamer and four light infantryman. He smiled and pulled out his foot long blade and started over towards the guys. He raised his knife and cut into the first guy, the unloaded his gun into the tanks side, hearing screams, he knew the driver was dead. After, he unloaded into the other 3 light infantrymen before realizing the flamer and three gauss riflemen were staring at him. "Kill that..." One said before John threw his knife and decapitated him. The others dove behind cover.

John took this time to find his own cover, reload and assess the situation. "Oh great." He scolded himself as a gauss round flew by his head, the hot plasma burning the ground as it passed but, leaving a five foot hole in the wall. John got up and strafed while running a long the high cover. Then he made it to a door and kicked his way in, finding a mine. He set the mine up quickly and went to another door. This door lead up so he went up, floor after floor until he found a snipers nest.

"Oh, my favorite." He finished before he looked around and got ready for the sniper's return.

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"It'll be just like a vacation! It'll give you the field experience you need! It's an excellent growth opportunity!" A single voice sounded clearly in the wreckage of one of the old cities. Though it was extremely digital, clearly coming out of a VOX Box, it was a mans voice with a slight British accent. It was clear by the way he spoke that he was not pleased, sarcasm almost dripping from each of his words.

Alone amongst the ruins was a single figure, the silhouette obviously mechanical. Lights on the power suit had been shut down to avoid unwanted attention in the black night, though it didn't stop him from cursing loudly about his employers. Sanctuary, which had once been a bustling metropolis with beautiful cities and even more beautiful plains uncommon to outer planets, was now reduced to ruined cities inhabited by the most unsavory of sorts and the plains dotted with small, unwelcoming towns put together by locals who didn't want to get preyed on in the cities. The cities belonged to the mercenaries now and it was all that doctor's fault.

Of course, it was far from JD's place to judge. After all, he was on the payroll of one of the companies hiring mercenaries planet side. He'd been with the company, Torquetonne, for a few years, but had always remained in a workshop somewhere. After all, he was a member of the mechanical division, but every division had needed to send representatives planet side and JD got handed the shit end of the stick. Still cursing his luck, he overturned the mess of a crashed land cruiser for any salvageable parts he could use.
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