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Sure! Smiles, because she loves that movie.
  I'm Eating Some Stripes!~ / Marceline / 7y 2d 10h 1m 45s
Hey Mar, wanna watch... epic music. HEAT SIGNATURE!?!?! xD
Bye Marshall! *Waves*
  I'm Eating Some Stripes!~ / Marceline / 7y 2d 10h 4m 42s
See ya later Marshal. Waves with sword. Man, I do like, everthing with htis sword.
:3 Does that poptart monster happen to be strawberry flavored? *Smirks*

  I'm Eating Some Stripes!~ / Marceline / 7y 2d 10h 5m 24s
I gotta go ono
  [Marshall] / Marshall / 7y 2d 10h 6m 19s
You should advertise again saying witch charries we needs.

Beats the stuffing out of poptart monster. Phew! I really though he was going to get us! Eats some poptart.
o.o...Okay then...Cake, no catnip for chu! *Giggles*

[ YES WE DO. <3 Finn!]
  I'm Eating Some Stripes!~ / Marceline / 7y 2d 10h 10m 11s
Don't we need a Finn too? o.o
Nah im good.. =w=
  [Marshall] / Marshall / 7y 2d 10h 12m 6s
[ That sucks... :P ]

Cake jumps off of Fionna's lap.

Cake: I want me some catnip!
o.o Y-You can let go now, Marshall. And hi, Cake. *Grins evilly at Cake*

[ DARN, WE NEED A CAKE. I'd love to see Marceline suck the color out of Cake, but she only eats red! XD]
  I'm Eating Some Stripes!~ / Marceline / 7y 2d 10h 18m 29s
Ohhhhh... It must be the sword... Jumps off of the rock and hold Cake the cat close to her. Kitteh!
  Fiona the Human / HowlingMoon / 7y 2d 10h 20m 46s
Fuuu! *Clings to Marceline* I forgot my Umbrella o_o;;
Oh.. I knew that... *Still clinging* =w=
  [Marshall] / Marshall / 7y 2d 10h 20m 25s
[ :D We can start the roleplay once we have all the characters!]

Has her guitar/axe in her hand as she flies, scanning the area for any sight of monsters. She then lowers a bit to the ground as Fionna jumps on top of a rock.

Looks up at the sky It's nighttime :D
  Laughter / Marceline / 7y 2d 10h 20m 8s

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