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I love how she says 'Lump off mom!' XD
  Cute. / Marceline / 7y 89d 15h 13m 7s
I like how LSP's a girl but sounds like she's a boy. XD
  Ask Fionna / HowlingMoon / 7y 89d 15h 13m 28s
We need LSP too... XD
  Cute. / Marceline / 7y 89d 15h 14m 19s
Mathmatical! I'll find a pic of Jake for ya. :D
  Ask Fionna / HowlingMoon / 7y 89d 15h 15m 56s
:D Awesome! Now all we need is Cake and Jake! Oh and Princess Gumball too!
  Cute. / Marceline / 7y 89d 16h 5m 29s
I would love to be Finn but I am having trouble finding a pic. D:
  ReminscingToDeath / 7y 89d 22h 54m 37s
  Cute. / Marceline / 7y 90d 1h 50m 43s
I think I may have one
  Digit / 7y 90d 1h 52m 44s
Awesome! Do you need any help finding a picture?
  Singing / Marceline / 7y 90d 1h 57m 5s
Yay! xD
I'll be Prince Gumball~
  Digit / 7y 90d 1h 57m 49s
Yes, he is. But you can be Finn! Or Prince Gumball!
  Singing / Marceline / 7y 90d 1h 58m 25s
Is Marshall Lee taken?
  Digit / 7y 90d 1h 59m 6s
I will, sooner or later. Sits by Fionna and watches the movie
  Singing / Marceline / 7y 90d 2h 20m 27s
Puts in the movie and sits on Marceline's really uncomfortable couch. You really gotta get a new one dude.

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