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Necoco had always been a good wolf. Her mother and father led the pack, and she simply followed.
Recently, she has turned sixteen. Only a few more years until she too, can lead her pack. The only problem is, she needs a mate.
She finds it stupid that she should find one right away, but her parents insist.
Repede, is a strange creature that the pack has taken in after they found him half starved to death on the snow covered forest floor.
Necoco's parent's believe he would be a good mate, simply because he is different, but Necoco suspects him of spying for the other packs.

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  Repede / StrifeX / 9y 280d 7h 34m 26s
  Necoco (Wolf Form) / Mikeru / 9y 280d 7h 35m 48s
Repede would have wanted to stay with her, but she was right, and he was really hungry. He nodded and looked at the pile. "Alright Necoco... I'll be right back alright?" He said as he started walking towards the food. He finally felt like he was accepted by her. And he hoped that it was the case. As he reached the food, he started his meal.
  Repede / StrifeX / 9y 280d 7h 39m 52s
Necoco's ear twitched from Repede's breathing when he whispered into her ear.
She smiled.
"That's okay," she replied. "I'm still full from last night, so you can go ahead and eat, kay?"
Necoco knew he had skipped some pieces of meat last night, so she thought it only fair for him to eat now.
She lied down next to the buds and watched them.
  Necoco (Wolf Form) / Mikeru / 9y 280d 7h 46m 9s
Repede looked at her and walks closer to her. He places his mouth next to her ear "I wont let you wither alone... Necoco." He said whispered into her ear. He looked back the the food that was supposed to be eaten this morning. "So you want to get a meal Necoco?" He asked happily.
  Repede / StrifeX / 9y 280d 7h 51m 51s
"That's true," she said. "But some of use, are simply made to wither alone. Such as the single flowers. Mostly because of genes or because we're different. Apprentice wise or personality."
She sighed and looked at him. Her chest ached, and she didn't understand why.
  Necoco (Wolf Form) / Mikeru / 9y 280d 7h 53m 51s
Repede smiled and looked back at her, he moved his head back up. "But you know... The only time you know who you are... Is when you bloom." He said to her smiling, he looked back at the flower... And he thought... Wither... "You don't have to wither alone..." He said slowly. He looked up at the clouds, which were all nicely shaped.
  Repede / StrifeX / 9y 280d 7h 58m 53s
Necoco smiled.
"Flowers can show the cycle of life." She said. "Your born, you grow and then you begin to slowly wither away, and eventually die."
The last part was bitter, but is was the truth.
Necoco thought of many things she could be doing other than this, but now? This was what she wanted.
  Necoco (Wolf Form) / Mikeru / 9y 280d 8h 2m 30s
It was Repede's first time seeing flowers in this area. Repede joined the pack when snow was already heavy, he smiled and leaned his head closer to it. "Wow..." He said, even if it was just a bud, it looked amazing.
  Repede / StrifeX / 9y 280d 8h 5m 27s
"When it's not snowing, they're everywhere," she said, passion in her eyes. "It's like the whole forest is one big garden bed."
Her eyes lit up with excitement and she started to shovel snow with her nose. When the snow was removed, small buds were revealed.
  Necoco (Wolf Form) / Mikeru / 9y 280d 8h 12m 47s
Repede watched her limp towards him, it would be good if she started using the leg, so it would toughen up. "It's alright Necoco... You don't have to apologize." He said smiling at her. As she stepped beside him, he walked at the same pace as her, walking out of the gave, feeling the refreshing sun. "So, do you know where the flowers are?" He asked curiously.
  Repede / StrifeX / 9y 280d 8h 16m 11s
It took her a while, but she got up and began to limp toward the entrance of the cave.
"I'm sorry for being so slow," she said. "This is what I get for being such a show off."
She stepped along side him and walked out of the cave. The sun's rays hit her like water would on rock. It felt good and a refreshing.
  Necoco (Wolf Form) / Mikeru / 9y 280d 8h 23m 8s
Repede smile and nodded. She was finally spending time with him and he was happy. His ears perked up and he moved around the pipe in his mouth. "Alright then... Let's get going." He said turning towards the exit, the chains making a clanging sound. He looked back, and looked at her, waiting for her to walk by him.
  Repede / StrifeX / 9y 280d 8h 25m 55s
"I'd like that very much," she said with a small laugh. She really wanted to spend time with him, getting to know him properly was the least she could do. Though, she didn't understand why she was being this nice. She felt like she had to repay him. Maybe this was hoe he felt toward the pack.
  Necoco (Wolf Form) / Mikeru / 9y 280d 8h 31m 42s
Repede smiled and looked at her. It was the first time she ever wanted to spend time with him, let a lone talk so nicely. He nodded and smiled. He looked out as well, it was a nice and warm day, there was barely any trace of snow. He heard her saying she was going to watch the flowers... It would be nice to watch. "I'll join you Necoco..." He said happily.
  Repede / StrifeX / 9y 280d 8h 34m 35s

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