Sama and necko chat <3 XD

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Roleplay Responses

  play time / Princess-Epic-Necko / 8y 82d 17h 59m 21s
  play time / Princess-Epic-Necko / 8y 158d 6h 14m 48s
o>o~ <W<~?
  Flames~ / Yarn_Lover / 8y 162d 1h 34m 18s
owo in this bish XDDDD
  HA ~ / Monstervoid / 8y 225d 44m 25s
*glomps and suggles sama HIIIIIII <3
  play time / Princess-Epic-Necko / 8y 244d 5h 54s
owo... mews as well X3
  Ribbon / Yarn_Lover / 8y 244d 13h 12m 8s
o-o *walks in and sits* meeeeeewwwwww

  O_^ / Princess-Epic-Necko / 8y 245d 3h 27m 7s
lurks in with her tail swishing and the ribbon around her neck -w-.... sits and mews X3
  Ribbon / Yarn_Lover / 8y 245d 4h 44m 22s

night; *noms on a cookie
  u hurt my feelings / Deaths_twin / 8y 248d 8h 14m 21s

Hi? O.o

... Whats wrong? <.<;;?
  I'd be honored~ / Twisted_Sanity / 8y 248d 10h 30m 53s

night; ...walks in ...her~

Kid T~T
  u hurt my feelings / Deaths_twin / 8y 248d 10h 39m 46s
  I'd be honored~ / Twisted_Sanity / 8y 248d 10h 49m 35s
  meow / Deaths_twin / 8y 249d 9m 23s
night: i am *purs* and then lays on your lap

kid; wanna dace with me chirss
  meow / Deaths_twin / 8y 249d 3h 57m 34s
... o.o' xDD grins Who's a good kitty? =3

Chris: ... <w<;; blinks
  I'd be honored~ / Twisted_Sanity / 8y 249d 4h 50m 17s

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