battle for earth (saga 1)

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its the year 2032 earth has been at peace for years on years till a ancient device was seen near the moon found to be a slip stream ring but what came from it was the worst than for human kind

the seraphium!!!!a ancient race of humanoid beings combined with machines who have no remorse or pitty they only new to kill) as the seraphium start to invade another race called the cyberan nation

led by zeke markesse joins the fight with the deadly seraphium. and now with allies they fight togther to crush them

unit used in battle:
accepted characters

name:zeke markesse
group:cyberan nation
devision:ground and water expert
unit used in battle:experimental acracnobot

bio:zeke was a surviver of the cyberan massacure no he fight to wipe the seraphium out of the galaxy his aracnobot is a bower house but a bit on the slow side but packs heavy fire power is considered as super weapon by his friends and people

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any takers????
  zeke markesse / zerato / 8y 250d 20h 34m 46s
Name: Lieutenant Carter
Age: 26
Group: Humanity
Division: Heavy Infantry
Unit used in battle: T-46 Heavy Infantry Armor
Bio: One of the few remaining soldiers in the UN peace keeping force, Lt. Carter has taken a personal grudge against all who threaten the advancement of the human race.
  Lieutenant Carter / Impostor / 8y 251d 18h 42m 59s

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