HikaKao RP , anyone? In need of a Hikaru

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I wanna do a HikaKao rp super bad. Well.. another one. xD

I'm slightly in the mood for one where Hikaru is slightly forceful with an innocent Kaoru.

We can think of a proper plot together if you're interested. (:

I don't have many rules.. but there are some I do have:
1. Post regularly.
2. Be somewhat literate. No one lined posts, and have proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
3. Cybering, if it happens, gets timeskipped or taken to PMs. (:

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Roleplay Responses

Haha... Ah.. I did not sadly! DX I have been studying for some test. T_T
  Hikaru Hitachiin [FTW! >O<] / LLAMAS-FTW / 10y 55d 21h 36m 58s

I'm finally back. >_< Silly parents and silly school causing me to have bunches of stuff to do today.

Anywhoo. If you're around, and if you came up with any ideas, that'd be quite epic. :D
  Kaoru Hitachiin / serahfarron / 10y 56d 1h 19m 54s
SHWEEEET! >O< Aw... OKAYSH. :/ MMMMM~! o not really... LOLOLOL I am pretty brained dead at the moment. X3
  Hikaru Hitachiin [FTW! >O<] / LLAMAS-FTW / 10y 56d 21h 17m 15s
Yesyes. You can join, though I have to go for the night. Dx

Any plot ideas/suggestions would be super awesome if you have them! :D
  Kaoru Hitachiin / serahfarron / 10y 56d 21h 19m 17s
J-O-I-N-!? :]
  Hikaru Hitachiin [FTW! >O<] / LLAMAS-FTW / 10y 56d 21h 22m 32s

The waiting game begins. :)
  Kaoru Hitachiin / serahfarron / 10y 57d 16m 54s

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