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Many of my RPs are slow or dieing, and im in a creative mood. Im a bit picky, but im easy to get along with ^^.

What im looking for.

  • Someone whos literate: I only RP with people that can get up into the thousands easy. You dont have to get it every time, but often would be nice.
  • I only do Yaoi and hetero. Sorry, no yuri.
  • Im in the mood for something serious and maybe slightly angst-y? But something defiantly something serious and mature.
  • I dont mind doing sexual scenes, but we will of coarse take them elsewhere and i dont do tem just because, i only do them if they are needed in the story.
  • Try to be varied, like be able to do many things. Like i said, i want maturity. Such as blood, gore, character death, etc.
  • I only do anime pictures as well.

I have a few ideas that we could go on. Im really wanting to use my android character, his code name is 'Casper'.

Idea 1 for Casper: Hes an android that is sent to crush an enemy resistance force who plans on overthrowing the government. Hes captured and they try to get important info in him while their scientists try to figure out hos he works. This one id rather be a yaoi, and we could do something with one of the scientists or with the ringleader. Id be Seke in this one.

Idea 2 for Casper: Once again, hes an android. Hes sent to a high school of a local gang leader and hes forced to try to be his friend to get info. Hes extremely socially awkward and many call him 'the robot kid' without knowing that he was an actual robot. His voice is very monotone and robotic, so they call him that to tease him. him an the gang leader begin to get along, as the gang leader related to Casper for being teased. Possible friend betrayal and whatnot. This one could also be Yaoi, but they dont have to.

Some other random plots id be willing to do.

  • TeacherXstudent*
  • BossXwoker *
  • Male modelXCommon person**
  • Assassin/SniperXCriminal**
  • Clepto/ThiefXCop*
*=Hetero *=Yaoi

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Casper watched the man unhook the generator and his power supply, though at half capacity, began to dwindle instantly. He had multiple batteries and only giving charge to one wouldn’t do much. He probably only had half an hour until he’d shut down again. He needs to be in the sunlight to charge all of his batteries at once. It took a lot of energy for basic functions such as speech and his sight.

Feeling what may be close to annoyance by human standards, he scanned the doctor once more as he spoke. So he wanted answers? Casper thought for a moment as his computer brain tried to process the outcomes if he did tell the doctor what he wanted. His questions seemed simple; in fact Casper could tell very little and still give the doctor what he wanted. Logic outweighed confidentiality. “Very well Doctor Pierce, I shall temporarily lower your threat level to zero. For now, you have the clearance into the classified files of my mind. However, you must begin recharging me if you would like to know a lot. My battery levels are dropping quickly without a source of power to rely on.” With that he began speaking, answering the doctors questions. “My size is important to my missions. I was used for ambush attacks as well as infiltrating the local houses of education. As you put it, ‘Goth children’ were what I was designed to mimic for this purpose. I was created by a doctor, Code name: Father. He wanted to use me to go into buildings of learning and understand the minds of children and how they can be used in order to fulfill his goals. However, I was taken before I was completed by a Group of men and I was converted into a machine of war. I was given many weapons t my disposal and my used for intelligence gathering were converted into war tactics and gun usage.” He stopped not sure how much more he should say. He hadn’t given away anything that could be considered ‘highly classified’; at least not that he thought was anyway.

Casper glanced down at the generator and then back to the doctor. His battery was getting lower and lower. If he could feel, he’d probably be feeling nervous by now. He didn’t like powering down due to low battery. It wipes his memory sometimes and causes him to forget what he was doing prior to shutting down. “What other questions do you have, Doctor Pierce?”
  Casper / artimus_Lan / 6y 218d 22h 33m 40s
Doctor Pierce was glad that he made the old battery system work. It had been a few years since he used it for anything other than a back up generator after a storm. But even though he was glad that the battery worked and that his 'clearance' was lowered down, he knew he couldn't risk having the robot fully charged. Not quite yet, because Pierce didn't even complete a diagnostic. He had to determine whether or not this Android would be safe enough to release. That meant he couldn't allow a fully powered Casper to roam the halls, especially in the sunlight. He knew there had to be something special about the Androids's color combination. Pale skinned, to increase reflection, and the black miniature solar panel filaments that disguised as his hair. Whoever built this guy was a genius, hopefully... not an evil one. "I can't do that Casper. I can't allow a fully charged Android run around the facility when I still only know the basics. As you are now, you're still ranked as a dangerous weapon, at least now lowered to level 3 with your automatic guns removed. Besides, I did have to repair you, look at yourself! You're a pretty cool machine my friend." He smiled. Ryan guessed that Casper didn't have a sense of pride, which was understandable. One could only program such few emotions, and pride... well it wasn't as important as things like fear and agression, more primal emotions. He looked at the machine... 20 volts would still be pretty weak he supposed, he raised the voltage on the generator, to about 120 volts, at 20 volts Casper would have been at full charge in weeks. But at 120, well... more or less a few hours. That is, if Pirce allowed the current to continue.

"I would still like some answers from you, now that I see you're awake." He calmly turned the switch off, the generator hummed until it completely sputtered off. "So. If you want to be fully charged, I think that 'you' need to give 'me' some answers. Not the other way around kid, you're here because you were deemeda threat to our government. Do you think I'd be anywhere near stupid enough to release a mechanized terrorist out on the streets? I know your brain has more logic than that... unless you really have a teenager's brain in there, I wonder, why make you look like a teenager anyway? If you had no gear on, I would have thought that you were just a pale goth kid, with a thing for pirates. Eheh." He laughed. It would've been funny if that was the case. But, it wasn't, and he came back to his senses. He could see that Casper wasn't enjoying his, situation, especially with his limited access to power. But until answers came, well, he couldn't be lenient with him. "I need to know some things, and this is important. I know you have sensors going off, probably detecting threat levels and creating probable situations. But this here is necessary for me. I can release you, but only after I can deem you as a level one class AI. As I can see, you should be at about 50 percent or so of your power. I can tell because you're actually answering me, and you're using your hands, you can't find the guns can you? Unfortunately, you'll probably ahve to get used to that. I can't allow you to shoot up my colleagues can I? I need you to do something for me... Who created you? We can start from there. I'll turn the switch back on if you tell me." He was completely serious as he explained the deal he proposed. Dr. Pierce needed to know who this Android was working for. Could this robot ever be trusted?
  Dr. Ryan Pierce / Dratch / 6y 229d 18h 53m 56s
Alright thats fine
  Casper / artimus_Lan / 6y 233d 23h 24m 45s
Battery capacity at 50%, rebooting systems. The battery had slowly begun to replenish his battery supply until he was able to reboot. He would most likely have to have the wires attached to his battery for him to function. If they came off, he would most likely shut back down.

As his body began to boot up again, he stirred on top of the table. His eye began to glow red as his mind turned back on. He had been moved in his shut down that much he could easily see. The sighs above his head was different than from when he had been inside the box. Curiously he shifted his body. He was still in the chains, but he noticed something odd. His eye narrowed slightly as he strained to see the source of the odd sensation. His hand was back?...'…I have been repaired…?' he stated to himself silently as he tested his fingers. They all seemed to work properly, but he could feel that parts were missing. Whoever had fixed him had also removed the gun part. He turned his eye to see the doctor sitting in his chair, watching Casper. "You repaired me?..." he asked the human cautiously. Why did this man repair him? Doing something like this was what allies did, not enemies. Perhaps this human wasn’t as hostile as the others. The small voice of reason inside his computer brain stated that this human could be at least trusted when Casper powered down. Words flashed across his vision, Doctor Pierce Orientation: Switched from Enemy to Cautionary Action. “Dr. Pierce, for repairing my appendage you have my gratitude. However, you are still under caution. Do not think an act of human kindness will allow you anything that may be classified or out of the question.” He stated calmly.

As he spoke, he tried to move himself once more and felt the wires coming out of his back. He mentally cursed his creators for making him solar powered. Now that he was somewhere with little light, he was nothing more than a talking plugged in toaster. “My operations work under the energy of solar power. Until I am taken to somewhere with natural lighting, I must remain plugged into your power source. If you allow me to receive some sunlight, I may drop your caution rank.” He knew how humans worked. They liked to do things only if they also got something out of it, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to make it anywhere with the cables. It was stupid to even try. A lot of his mind was over human behavior, and he knew how to go about them more than his robot brethren, but with humans’ unpredictable nature, it was hard to completely understand them.
  Casper / Artimus_lan / 6y 237d 16h 42m 42s
"Oh no, I only just began learning about you... Oh well, just a man, you must replenish yourself." Dr. Pierce said aloud to the android. Although if the android really had shut down, then he would have heard his statement. With his weapons disarmed, Casper didn't seem to be much of a threat. Perhaps, I can make it so that his weapons are gone. He thought this and began working on disassembling the robotic hands that were laid on his table. Ryan looked under the drawers for the tools he would need. Judging by the few screws placed here and there, he would need something smaller. Casper's hands themselves were pretty advanced, as they concealed something more than just simple fingers. Ryan wondered, where was the ammunition for this gun stored, as well as, what kind of ammunition? But of course, he couldn't simply ask the android, he would only say 'Classified' and ignore the question. He sighed, and spoke aloud once more, "Sometimes... I wish it wasn't so difficult to figure you guys out. But that's my job, and you'll be found out soon enough my little friend." He laughed a little, surely if Casper couldn't comprehend humor, would not friendship be out of the question? Sure, Dr. Pierce could install some kind of emotional-reciever and recipricator, but that would only produce a mechanical response. Laughter based on the use of grammar and puns searched in their databases, not the genuine feeling he was looking for. Only very, very few androids that he worked with had that quality, he had hoped that Casper would be one as well. But, apperently not, he would have to go deep into this guy.

He layed the hand upon the table, it's digits or fingers were separated and lined neatly upon the work bench. The gun was completely dismantled, as too asure no accidental shoot offs within the laboratory. Clanks, tings, and general clinging sounds were heard throughout the lab. It seemed almost too silent, Pierce had stopped talking once he grew concentrated in his work. He looked on at Casper, that's what he would call him now, Casper, because he's as pale as a ghost? he shrugged. That could be it, but because of his military use, it could mean something more... sinister. Dr. Pierce had finished diassembling the first hand, and commenced on reassembling the pieces, this time however, without the gun. He made sure to keep the gun dismantled, but he wrote down the sequence of how he disassembled it. He took the paper and placed it in the drawer, he locked the drawer, ensuring it's security. Only he and the Commander, the leader of the scientists, would have access to it now. The other hand, now that he knew the structure and manner of the build, was a lot easier to disassemble. He put that one back together just as before, and locked the gun pieces along with the blueprints in the same drawer.

"Now comes the tricky part, putting this back on." He looked at Casper with a smile, if only you knew what I was doing to you. He kneeled before Casper, holding his hand in his. He fit them together with the sockets, a little bit of soldering would be needed, those guards did a hell of a job... he mumbled. But soon enough the hand was completely attached, the wires placed into the right connections, minus the ones that configured the gun. He did the same to the other hand and wrist. The second one wasn't as badly damaged, so the connections went by easier as well. Dr. Pierce looked at Casper, now that his body was put back together, from head to toe. His features were, well he seemed like a fair young man, aside from the eye patch. But now would have to come the time to examine him more closely. Dr. Pierce lowered down a hand cart, he shoved it underneath the box, and lifted it enough so that he could wheel Casper beside his bench. "Boy what are they feeding them these days?!" he exclaimed about the weight, nonetheless he still managed to carry the android to the table. Ryan set the cart down, and cleared the table. He layed Casper down as far as he could manage on the first try. Basically, this meant that he layed Casper down as far as his stomach before having to readjust. This wasn't an easy feat, so, using his strengths, his mind, he realized a quick solution. He grabbed some of the chains that Casper still had around him, and used them to chain the area around his arm and shoulder. He went across the table, and set himself on the floor, his legs touching the bench. He hoisted Casper up the last few feet. Once casper was laid completely upon the workbench, Dr. Pierce let go of the chains, and untied the rest of the chains from Casper's body. With Casper now sprawled across the table, Dr. Pierce looked for somewhere to connect an electric current to. He had to get a charger to see if Casper would be operational once more.

Alas, he couldn't find the proper entrance, he opened up Casper's back instead. He attached two clamps onto what seemed to be the main "battery," the only energy reserve he could find at the moment. A robot like Casper, may have a few more, but could've depleted them all in his efforts to escape. Still, he didn't want to waste much time. He switched on the electric current, on a low dosage of about 20 Volts, this should give Casper a steady flow, enough for him to complete basic functions.

"Well, I guess I'll just sit here and wait for you wake up." He sighed, who knew how much time it would take to set up the charge? Ryan didn't build this droid, all he could do was observe, and record. He wrote down the rest of what he had done since the arrival of the Android on a separate sheet, he didn't include the mention of removing the weapons, as this was the observational report, meant for release to the public. The sheet with the blueprints would go to Commander. Ryan finished his report and sat back in his chair. "It's funny sometimes, a little bit of technology seems to always make a bunch of commotion. The lightbulb, the telephone, the car... And now we see you here Casper. We seem to always look forward." He looked at Casper, and back to the switch, he had to monitor them both.
  Dratch / 6y 242d 19h 36m 11s
Casper warily watched the doctor as he spoke and moved about the room. He was defenseless, and if someone decided to attack him he would have no chance. His only shield for now was his hard iron and steel body.

As the doctor examined him, he laid very still. His single eye scanned over the man rapidly, trying to find any weakness within the human before him. At the humans statement, his mouth seemed to frown slightly. “Negative. Being that you are a possible threat, I have no obligation to use human politeness and manners.” As the doctor told him his information, Caspers mind went to work sorting files of the information and also taking a picture of the man. A flash emanated from his single eye, like one of a camera, and he stored the picture with the information provided. “Information verified, and stored into permeate memory.”

He didn’t understand this human. His behavior was unlike what he had been trained to encounter. He expected hostility and anger, but his sensors picked up no such thing. The look in the mans eyes looked more like the emotion of curiosity and interest. He may not be able to feel emotions, but he had learned how to recognize them trait-wise. “Negative. Humor is not within my programming. However, the irony of your statement could cause humor to one with such programming.” he spoke coldly and shifted within his little box. His gears were starting to grind together in a way that they were not supposed to do, and his robot mind was trying to correct the error, but was having trouble thanks to the chains. “Unit number 1223-C, Code Name: Casper. Further information is classified to humans without proper verification codes.” As he introduced himself, a stray spark from his hand landed on his face. It didn’t burn the skin, but he did glance at it. He wished he had his hands back. Having sparks coming out of your hand was truly bothersome. “As for your earlier statement, that is a negative. My optical sensors are working at optimum efficiency, and I am by no means a ‘Cyclops’. My right eye is used for using sniper rifles within the line of battle, as well as scouting during recon. Further information is classified….” As he finished speaking, his glowing red eye became dimmer. “Losing power. Power battery at 37.4 percent. Commencing shutdown.” He announced and his whole body became like stone. His gears stopped, and so did the sparks. His eye became black as his mind completely went on shut down. He ran on a powerful batter as well as solar power, an he had been in that box all day. His battery has had no chance to charge.
  Casper / Artimus_lan / 6y 248d 18h 17m 39s
Dr. Pierce jumped up when the door open. One of the interns, had to have been a newer one for the name had escaped him, had brought along a stack of papers. After hearing his ecstatic exclaimation, Ryan stood up, "New droid huh? When will the---" He began to say before he was interrupted by the small squad of men who had dragged a rather confining box into the work place. They had explained the situation to him, it seemed like a rather hostile android had been captured. For even within it's voice, a sense of agitation could be heard. Perhaps, this one felt like it was angry? He would definitely have to investigate. He drew near to the android, it's arms still sparking out electricity, they must have tried to rush the job. "Thank you, men." He saluted them, silently asking them to leave, implying he would be fine from this point. "" He looked in on the android from the box, ignoring its threats, as he observed the android's features. He looked at the intern, who still stood by his papers... "Um, well I think I got the news then, heh, thanks for letting me know. I'll take of it from here, you should get those papers finished." he said to the intern. He waited for him to leave before he continued examining the robot. Ryan put on the goggles that hung from his neck, checking to see if the android was emitting any toxic levels of radiation. He didn't see any dangerous readings, pleased with that result, he pulled a chair from the work bench and sat next to the man-made creation.

"Now,now, Mr. Android, that is no way to talk to strangers..." he smiled, but could tell he didn't really alleviate any of the android's temperament. "If you must require my identification, my name is Dr. Ryan Edgar Pierce, but you may refer to me as Dr. Pierce, or Ryan, no need for formalities. It appears that you have made quite a few people upset. For that reason, your weapons have been confiscated. So, I'm sorry to say that you will not be having any playtime for awhile. Hey, at least you get to spend some time with me then, ain't that something Mr. Cyclops?" Dr. Pierce wasn't sure as to how much vocabulary this Droid would be able to respond with. It's voice wasn't human in tone, but it did understand English.

Dr. Pierce stood from his seat, and went closer to the android, he made sure to stay wary of the electric circuits that kept sparking. Its hands were still within the box, and judging as to how many sparks flew from the robot's arms, it could be seen that these hands were out of commission. He picked them up, one at a time, for he saw that the second hand was obviously in mid-transition for a gun. This android was definitely military, not a common household helper gone awry. He looked at the hand, held it in his own and compared the sizes. If the robot was human, he couldn't have been much younger than Pierce himself, who was only 22. His gift with robots helped him reach this position right after going to university. Ryan looked again at the android holding up one of his hands, the gun-mode one, "Did you mean this weapon? Hmmm... I don't think I'm allowed to let an armed robot go free... get it? An armed robot?!" Yes the joke was corny but he couldn't help snickering at the end. He shook his head sympathetically, and continued observing this new android. It did intrigue him, why was it built? Who built it? Why was it captured? Just a few things that buzzed in his head at the time. He also wondered as to why it only had one eye, he suspected it was damaged by one of the men whom captured it.

But he only asked it one question in a serious tone, "Well, besides 092684300, do you have a name?"
  Dr. Ryan Pierce / Dratch / 6y 249d 18h 25m 18s
A knock camt to the good doctors door, and entered a young male. He was just an intern, barely knowing anything about the machines that he assisted with. He was a quiet boy, but very smart. He was holding a large stack of papers and he had a bit of difficulty holding the door open with his hands full. “D-Doctor? I have some reports for you.” He said as he managed to open the door and walk up to the doctor. He made a small smile, tring to strike up a conversation. “Have you heard about the new droid that they found? They said that its the most advanced theyve seen! I heard they found it destroying tanks like paper.” He said excitedly, like only a young boy could. He laid the papers on the doctors desk and began to speak again. “Theyre bringing it to you, last thing i heard. Do you think youll like this one? Youve often said that youve become bored with the bland robots as of late...”

Just as e finished his sentance, the door swung open and three men entered. They grunted and groaned as they pulled in a large wooden box on wheels. By the sound of the wheels shreeking, the box was obviously very heavy. "Damned robot! I thought the more advanced they got, the lighter they were!" The large of the three complained. One of the men broke away and went up to Dr. Pierce, his face red and flushed with exertion. "Doctor, we brought that new droid...." He panted and jumped as the box began to shake violently. He gulpped, gave it a glance, then turned back to the doctor. "We couldnt get this one to deactivate...hes a tough one. We tried shocking him and everything! All we could do was take out his weapons and bind him...i suggest you be careful."

The other two removed the lid of the shaking box, and a black body could be seen inside. It looked like the body of a young male, judging by its size and it wore a long black cloak. Thick leather boots adorned its feet and silver, pointed, gauntlets were on its hands The side of his neck had a bar code and the numbers '092684300', like someone had burnt them into his artifical flesh. He was bound by thick steel chains, some of which had cracked, and his single eye blazed red as it scanned the room around him. Even as he struggled, his face remained a stationary mask with no emotion. As his eye scanned, words flashed over his line of vision. Location: Unknown Status: Captured Course of Action: Immediate escape flashed across his eyes, and his struggling increased. The gears inside his body ground against each other and made winding noises with his attempts. Then he spoke, with a voice a little too deep for his small five foot five frame, "Command, release me from my binds. You will all be terminated." His voice had a robot-like tone , and yet threat could be heard in his voice. He was not happy, even though he could not feel anger, he was frustrated. He was not being aloud to fofill his programming, and his computer mind did not like that. This was his form of anger, and it was being directed toward the scientist not in his line of sight. "State your identification or be terminated. What have you done with my guns?" He asked the scientist.

Beisde him, his arms sparked angrily. His guns were apart of his arms, in fact one of his hands transforms into a gun. Both one of his hands and his other weapons had been ripped out of their circuts, and the live wires were now just hanging out of his body. He was lucky he had been wearing leather because the live wires inside the box could have caught him on fire and he would not have been able to escape.
  Casper / artimus_Lan / 6y 249d 22h 20m 1s
Dr. Pierce had been going over the days demands. Most of them are quite boring, as they do not allow for Ryan to use his complete potential. For years now Ryan Pierce has diligently followed his parents wishes, joining the government's core team of robotic scientists. He loved working with them, but didn't like decommissioning the robots and androids that seemed "too human." He found those kinds to be the most interesting, but alas, the government has defaulted to destroying these kinds of androids, for they seemed to easily manipulated into doing whatever the creator tells them to... or in some cases, destroying what the creator programmed the android to protect. Ryan's job, is to find out the 'quirks', the inner workings of the androids and other robots so that mishaps happen a lot less frequently.

Currently, it seems like there have been quite a rise in the demands and use of android technological warfare. Sometimes he would be called in more than 10 times in a day! Which has taken a toll on his social life... sometimes he could be found talking to the Androids that would be getting repaired, or those that were on the E.O.L list. The ones that aren't deemed dangerous... well, they tended to be rather boring, no real personalities. Usually they already have pre-programmed conversations, which in other words, made them dull as dirt. Still, he couldn't deny he had a passion for his work, he loved technology, and working to help them improve. The government had paid him pretty well, and just to play around with robots, it would've been stupid to do something that would get him fired.

As it was now, Dr. Pierce was curious. There have been a few reports that spoke of few missing androids from the terrorist country's line of militant androids. Something had to be up... And surely, he'd be one of the guys who'd have to see this situation through. Who knows how long this war has been on? And each day seemed to take its toll on the neighboring countires. Neither side seemed to be backing down, and recently, the terrorist country had been implementing androids into their arsenal. "That's no way to use technology... " He commented on the screen in front of him, an image showed a flank of androids shooting at several marked targets. He sighed and went back to his desk, it seemed rather quiet, most of the robotics team was either married or/and had children, so they would leave by the afternoon. The others, were probably on break, or slacking off somewhere.

The team wasn't very big in this station, BG-S10, it only had 7 members anyways. Dr. Pierce was the next in line for the lead position, so he had pretty big jobs and would work longer hours. He looked at the workbench across the room, a disected android from MechTech Labs layed there. It was a nurse droid, 'she' as it was called Nurse Annie, had a malfunction. She would ask patients how their day went, and seemed to care about their lives, outside of the medical field. She was deemed unprofressional, and with MechTech having such a large base in hospitilization, they couldn't afford to have any records brought up on faulty machinery. Ryan shook his head, how could wanting to be alive, to be human, be so wrong? It was a question he had asked in his head a few times....
  Dr. Ryan Pierce / Dratch / 6y 250d 13h 52m 28s
I'm on a computer for now, and I will be on later, but probably from my phone... my posts will take longer by then. Hmmm Monday and wednesdays I can post after 12pm, and Tuesday/Thursday after 3, Fridays no school for me.

I'll post my intro for now. :3
  Dr. Ryan Pierce / Dratch / 6y 250d 13h 54m 33s
I am back ^^ ill be online tonight will you be on? I do hope so ^^
  Casper / artimus_Lan / 6y 250d 23h 29m 7s
And I with you, its been awhile since I've done an 1on1 yaoi.... I look forward to it ;3

This should be some good times, I'll wait for you then buddy. Have fun, or... good luck with whatever's going on for your weekend. 'Til next time!
  Dr. Ryan Pierce / Dratch / 6y 250d 21h 51m 12s
Heh i love him and your idea. I have some thoughts as to why he could be captured, but im running out of time this morning. Im leaving for the weekend and will be back on sunday though. Id love to discuss it then ^^. Gosh im so excited to RP with you!
  Casper / Artimus_lan / 6y 253d 2h 48m 7s
A scientist and an android... How's this for a scientist?

Let's see... So the government I work for has caught you, and being a robotics scientist, I must examine you. Would we start from the capture, or lead up to the capture? Just wondering about that.

I wouldn't mind wherever we start, there would just be a different opening. I think there must be a reason for why the government considers you dangerous... hmm what could a little robot have done to tick them off?

I suppose we will find out soon enough though. :3

I wonder.... will it be easy to break this machine down, a mockery of the human being? What is his purpose, was he sent to help.... or to destroy? I can not let this chance escape me, for if I can not figure out this machination, the soldiers will dismantle and dispose of him. -- Just getting into the mindset. :D
  Dr. Ryan Pierce / Dratch / 6y 250d 21h 50m 57s
Haha i think that was pretty clever ^^. ANd i think we should just go with it! As long as the story is somewhat serious with some occasional comic relief than im all for going full speed ahead ^^. You already seem like an interesting person with alot of personality, so id love RPing with you.

Do you have any ideas or thoughts youd like to put into the story your more than welcomed to put them out. Also, what character will you use??
  Casper / Artimus_lan / 6y 254d 15h 44m 9s

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