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Urseelie Character

Username: MakiOnyx

Character Name: Cre Liante Sekeolath

Character Species: Sidhe

Character Gender: Female

Character Age: Five hundred and seven or 507

Fey Court: Urseelie Court

Fey Rank: Nobility - Lady of Court

Fey Power: Creepy Crawlies are our friends. Cre's power is that of controlling spiders. She can use them as spies, as weapons, or as defense. Her abilities allow for flexibility as she can also take in the spider’s natural abilities and use them herself. Spinning a silken trap or placing her own concoction of venom on a blade for a price. She is the Spider Queen. Fey Glamour is a simple but fun bonus.

Character Weapon Choice: Cre has two weapons. The first is a parrying dagger. Though she doesn't have a sword that this dagger usually accompanies, she does like the trickiness to the blade and decided to train with it. Her second weapon is a modified version of the Bagh Nahk Hand Claw. Instead of a set of claws coming out over her knuckles or under her fingers, she has paid a pretty price to a dwarf for Bagh Nahk Finger Tip Claws.

Character Personality: Ah, but all the Urseelie have the capability to backstab and "lie" to one another. Cre, though unlike some she could mention, is an oddity in Urseelie- Hell both Fey courts. Being five hundred and seven, she still has not taken part in a tryst of passion. No, her passion lies more in watching others, predicting tactical moves made by the nobles around her, and irritating royals. Could this cost her her head one day? Possibly, but she will worry about that when the time comes. Cre has an aversion to wearing a dress, and refuses at all costs to do so. One of her favorite sayings is that she would run stark naked among the thicket before placing one of those dammed things upon her flesh.

Character Short History: Being a five hundred and seven year old virgin doesn't mean all that much to Cre. The things she has seen have yet to spark passion in her soul for a lover. On the other hand, her father is persistent to find someone to wed her off. Not for grandchildren though, or her happiness. He simply wants the power, favor, and riches that come with selling one of his legal offspring off to another man. Perhaps it's also another way to "stick it" to Cre's mother who left him for a rather more adequate lover.

Character Secret: Love is a lie, passion is as ice. She feels only the negative that surrounds her and has never been in love. Could fates dare to make her first love a risk that could end all?


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Roleplay Responses


Character Name:
Hachi Rai Fay

Character Species:

Character Gender:

Character Age:
Four hundred eighty six

Fey Court:

Fey Rank:
Royal Family: Winter Prince

Fey Power:
Freezing touch, often mistaken for the death touch. It works quite simply, actually. A single touch from him can cause the skin on the victim to blacken and become numb. The blackened area also becomes brittle and is prone to shattering or falling off. In addition to that, his body temperature is unnaturally cold as if winter follows his every step

Character Weapon Choice:
His favored weapon is the saber sword. The weapon is often seen at his side and in many of his battles. Much like a trusty companion, this sword his always with him. His second primary weapon would be the chain whip, allowing him to engage in mid-ranged combat before entering close-combat with his blade.

Character Personality:
He'd not prone to honor in the least. In his opinion, you fight to win. It is your life at stake. However, pride can be a whole different thing. He prefers to keep his image as a prideful prince, but in most reality, would shoot it down without hesitation to go about his own intentions. Among that, he adores winter and fancies the scenery. It keeps him lax and calm instead of growing irritated with the people around him and their selfish needs, especially in dealing with the Seelie Court.

Character Short History:
Growing up as a prince, he was pretty much spoon-fed everything. However, he greatly preferred to go things his own way and could care less of what others had to say. In a sense, he grew up always learning the hard way and mainly always benefiting himself. Of course, his parents expected him to already have been married, but he heartlessly turned away each woman that was brought to him, not feeling the need to settle down quite yet.

Character Secret:
Unconsciously, he's drawn to the Summer Princess, but in his ignorance, would immediately say that she means nothing to him.
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