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I am looking for someone to do a onexone with me and who is willing to play the male role. I would like this person to have an idea what they want to do, and we can come up with something together. However, I will not do anything that is based off of any book or movie, nor will I do any pregnancy, yoai , or yuri role plays.

I do have some rules before you join, I don't like having someone join and then ditch me, so please read them ahead of time, thanks :3


Literacy is a MUST, if you cannot at least get two to three paragraphs in your post, then I will have to kick you out, this is a lit role play which means grammar, spelling , and punctuation. I know that I sound mean but I hate when people consider themselves as lit when they use computer and text language, which is completely semi-lit.

Make sure you are following the story line, and please be creative at the same time, I love twists and it would bring this role play many possibilities.

Romance is fine, but none of that instant stuff, love doesn't just happen, it needs time to build.

Violence is fine, stuff happens.

Please post and be on everyday or tell me if you will not be able to post then please inform me, I do understand when things come up.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a PM (:

If you have read all of these rules then please put, "Pretty butterflies" in green.

NOTE: I do read all new posts, if I find that someone has been stealing my role play, then I promise you that I will spam your role play or annoy the hell out of you, this is my idea not yours, got it? Good. If you have read until this point you are to send me the pretty butterflies in a PM.

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Read the rules please!
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Can I join?
  Vince / AliceTheHotEmo101 / 7y 191d 1h 37m 32s

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