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Hello, I'm sam :3

Welcome to this chat.
My own little place to chat chill and met new people.

Fellow otakus/roleplayers ;)


No drama, no cybering, and no coming in dissing about grammar~

Real pictures are allowed
Anime pictures are allowed of course

And yeah so later~•••

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

why green ? D:<
  | My Love | / 96Neko / 8y 164d 19h 10m 19s
Greeenn D:<
  Anro / Tofu / 8y 175d 13h 16m 2s
  | Gumi Megpoid | / samluvsyou / 8y 199d 4h 46m 53s
Lol it's fine xD
  Ai Enma / Tofu / 8y 199d 5h 22m 21s
I couldn't find any twins I knew of, so I just used vocaloid lol.
  | Gumi Megpoid | / samluvsyou / 8y 199d 5h 34m 58s
It's totally fine :D I saw it anyway xD
  Ai Enma / Tofu / 8y 199d 9h 13m 44s

Oh if you go to my profile, and look at my friends list look at the pic by you. "Twin" is you but is that okay? :o. I never got to ask you XD
  | Gumi Megpoid | / samluvsyou / 8y 200d 5h 51m 58s
  Ai Enma / Tofu / 8y 202d 6h 57m 48s

"no twinkies"-little rock.
"SHIT FUCK"-Tallahassee
  | Gumi Megpoid | / samluvsyou / 8y 202d 7h 41m 29s
Yeah. >.>
I'ma twinkie.
Don't hate 'cause Tallahassee from ZombieLand LURVS me <.<

Anyway lol.
  Ai Enma / Tofu / 8y 202d 8h 15m 49s
  | Gumi Megpoid | / samluvsyou / 8y 202d 9h 2m 20s
Lol so? xD
My first video sucked so bad I deleted it and never re-made it like I said I would o.o
Anyway lol
I don't delete my videos anymore. They are for the world to see. If they don't like it then they can kiss my white-washed assssssss. :D
  Ai Enma / Tofu / 8y 202d 9h 14m 38s
Yeah e.e besides they are old ashellz XD I haven't updated since I gotten better in vid editing~
  | Gumi Megpoid | / samluvsyou / 8y 202d 11h 12m 42s
Oh D:
  Ai Enma / Tofu / 8y 202d 11h 42m 23s
D: I can't show mine I'm on my phone T~T

D: but I deleted everything on old accounts and made a new one.. So >.< I'll just find the vids somewhere, unless I figure out how to access an old one I haven't deleted the vids on.
  | Gumi Megpoid | / samluvsyou / 8y 202d 11h 45m 28s

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