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Soren and ______ have been friends for quite sometime, and spending so much time as kids has made them fall in love with each other. They both want to tell each other that they love each other, but they are too frightened to see what would happen if the other refused. Soren would do anything to keep their friendship, but he didnt want them to act weird around each other if she refused him. But when ______ has to suddenly move away from home after high school, the pressure is all on Soren to see if he could tell her before then, maybe even have a chance at something more if she knew. What would happen between them? Would they be together? Would Soren be a good boyfriend if she was his first? Or would he still be shy about expressing it to the world.

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Official end 9/16/12
  Soren (suit) / ellocalypse / 6y 127d 20h 36m 51s
[[ We can go back to this one. ]]
  ~Loving You / PassionStar / 6y 143d 21h 30m 5s
Understand that.
  [J]asmine [A]nn / PerfectHarmony / 6y 177d 12h 49m 34s
Soren was just relaxing quietly, trying not to think about that dreadful day that was soon to come. He knew he would visit her, but it wouldnt be as often as usual, and he knew that long distance relationships were tough.

WHen he stood up, he could see the tears in her eyes and he started to get so emotional. Hugging her tightly, he kissed her forehead and felt so sad inside. "Im going to miss you too Ana. So much. But ill visit as much as I can okay" he told her, wiping her tears off as he nodded, walking her back home.

We can TS to graduation if you want darling.
  Soren (suit) / ellocalypse / 6y 233d 20h 39m 40s
Anabelle heard exactly what he said, and knew exactly what he meant. She was really going to miss it too. Anabelle sighed softly, and theng grabbed his hands, and then she got off the ground. She dusted herself off, and then she looked up at him. She couldn't hold it anymore. "I'm going to miss you.." She thought she was going to cry, but she didn't cry. She sighed intently, and then she bit on her lip lightly, as the tears finally slid down her face. She wiped the tears, and then she looked at him. "Sorry.. Let's go.." She said softly, and started to head back to their house.
  ღ Anabelle Kesesese ღ / DreamGirl_ / 6y 234d 8h 52m 40s
Soren slowly pulled away, his eyes gazing into hers as he wrapped his arms around her waist. He pulled her against his chest and he sighed a little. "Im going to miss this. Come on. Let's get home. We have class tomorrow. OUr last week" he stood on his feet and reached his arms out to hold hers, helping her up on her feet.
  Soren (suit) / ellocalypse / 6y 241d 4h 36m 36s
Anabelle looked at him, and then smiled softly. She scooted closer to Soren, and then she blushed at the kissing, but then she kissed him back. Then she heard his words, and then she nodded. "Me either.. I will never forget this day." She smiled at him, and then kissed him again.
  ღ Anabelle Kesesese ღ / DreamGirl_ / 6y 241d 9h 3m 47s
Soren smiled brightly, turning to face her as he draped his arm around her. He gazed into her eyes and he pressed his lips to hers gently as he closed his eyes. He wanted to remember this for rest of the week. And he wanted it to last until they graduated. "Baby? I dot want to forget this. Ever. Being here with you is just what I want"
  Soren (suit) / ellocalypse / 6y 242d 16h 41m 25s
Anabelle smiled, and then she bit on her lip, as she slid next to him, and layed down next to him. Anabelle smiled, as she looked up at the stars too. She nodded her head, lightly. Then she just stayed smiling. Anabelle knew this was the last night that they could do this. It was breaking her heart into a million pieces, but she didn't want Soren to know that.
  ღ Anabelle Kesesese ღ / DreamGirl_ / 6y 243d 2h 38m 9s
Soren led her through the park, leading her up a hill beneath an old oak tree. He laid in the grass and patted the empty side beside him. His eyes gazed up at the stars and he felt so happy. NO girl has ever made him feel this way. Only Ana. And spending this night with her could be the last time before college. "Mmm, its beautiful"
  Soren (suit) / ellocalypse / 6y 243d 8h 8m 15s
Anabelle looked over to him, and smiled brightly. "Of course I liked it." She smiled lightly at him, and then she stayed close to him, as she held his hand lightly. Anabelle felt so happy, and going away for college was going to kill her.
  ღ Anabelle Kesesese ღ / DreamGirl_ / 6y 244d 9h 21m 50s
Soren held her hand in his, trying to push the thoughts of college out of his mind. RIght now he was happy with Ana by his side. He smiled up at her and led her through the park, walking along the sidewalk as he took a deep breath. It was already dark out, the night sky shining with stars. "Ana....You look so beautiful today. I cant help but smile when I see you. You're expression today when I sang the song...Im glad you liked it!"
  Soren (suit) / ellocalypse / 6y 246d 20h 21m 10s
Anabelle looked at him, and then smiled as they walked out. This was going to be hard to break when she goes off to college. That's all her mind could think about right now. College. It scared her, because they are so close right now, and after they go there different ways, what would happen to them? Anabelle just hid it with a smile. She didn't want to be upset at this point. Anabelle smiled, and then nodded her head. "Yes." She smiled lightly, and then took in a deep breath.
  ღ Anabelle Kesesese ღ / DreamGirl_ / 6y 247d 3h 23m 32s
Soren took her hand in his and he grinned. "Aww, okay a walk in the park it is. Just you and me. HOw romantic" he grinned and led her outside towards the park. Once they were walking towards the park bench, he kept his fingers in between hers and he grinned. "So a comfortable stroll?"
  Soren (suit) / ellocalypse / 6y 247d 3h 27m 53s
Analeese looked up at him, and then smiled, as she wiped the grease of her mouth, and then she took a drink of her water, and then she grabbed her jacket, and stood up. She looked around the cafe for a little bit, and then she smiled, then she looked towards him, and then she nodded her head. "Of course." She smiled, and she slipped her hand in his, and then she intertwined their fingers together.
  ღ Anabelle Kesesese ღ / DreamGirl_ / 6y 247d 5h 19m 58s

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