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[center [i "..Thank you once again, SSweetheart."] More appreciation is granted. A comportment which had been practiced once immensely. This time, with something quite similar to a smile now, the 'Flowered' woman gingerly took a seat alongside the [i feline] girl.]
[center [i Feline?]]
[center Her mouth form a little 'o' in surprise. It appears she had finally regarded the gi-Clara's Grimalkin ears. A moment later, after recollecting herself some, the woman is capable enough to respond. [i "..What a quaint name you have, Clara."] Another heavy pause. [i "..I do not remember my real name any longer. Apologies."]]
[center Meanwhile, the Dire Buttercups would elegantly sway about with every slight gesture she committed.]
  うそつき / siho / 2y 330d 16h 16m 27s
Clara turned back to the woman as she heard her speak."Yes,you may." Clara replied as she pulled out a seat.

"My name is Clara,What's yours?" She asked with her tail held up with the tip curled.
  Clara / Oranges / 2y 331d 6h 45m 10s
[center There is no response at first. Mostly since this winsome girl's behavior heavily reminds her of someone else. A neglected memory she isn't capable of simulating again. Nothing is felt nevertheless.]
[center The corners of her mouth were beginning to quirk up slightly. [i "..Thank you kindly, SSweetheart.."] A pause. [i "..May I sit here with you?"]]
  ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ / siho / 2y 331d 8h 31m 0s
"Okay,I'm glad your fine.I don't like seeing people in distress with nobody helping them-"Clara covered her mouth."N-not that I'm saying that your distressed or anything,its just that i'm worried and I would like to offer help to you even though I don't know you." Clara gave her an awkward smile.

"I hope that doesn't weirds you out or anything!"She added and turned back and face-palmed herself.'I have never felt this awkward offering help before!'.
  Clara / Oranges / 2y 331d 10h 40m 59s
[center Once inside, the 'Flowered' woman slowly saunters forward, yet is quick to pause when this adorable girl inquires about her welfare. The compulsion to answer is overwhelming. Some attributes would never evolve.]
[center Still it would be terribly wasteful if she didn't respond.]
[center The woman tucks some of her chestnut-colored locks behind her ear, along with several of the dire buttercups. [i "..Ah..SSweetheart, I am fine."] Her voice is insufferably hoarse. Probably from disuse if anything.]
  ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ / siho / 2y 331d 21h 6m 5s
Clara whipped her head to the entrance of the tavern and saw a woman enter rapidly.

"How strange..." Clara whispered to herself as her tail started swaying side to side slowly.She had sensed something strange about this woman but could not put a finger on it.

Clara raised her hand."Um,Miss?Are you okay?"She asked as she waited for her answer.
  Clara / Oranges / 2y 332d 5h 39m 42s
[center Millions of rubbernecking eyes were slithering among her spine. A situation that should have been provoking mass amounts of stress. Yet it bought nothing. There's no physical reaction from the woman. Her feet simply continue trudging forward.]
[center [i Dire Buttercups] were gracefully swaying along with her stride. Something is rising however. A major problem. Which cannot be ignored for much longer.]
[center [i [#b8b8b8 .Humans were too curious for their own good.]]]
[center There were a few stragglers trailing several paces behind her. Only two options appear. Calmly inform them to leave her alone. Or find someplace to 'rest'. The latter is considerably more appealing. Especially right now. Shifting her single visible eye around the surrounding woodland area. One establishment shines as a beacon of hope.]
[center [b - A Tavern -]]
[center The [i 'Flowered'] Woman quickly darts into the building without another thought.]
  ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ / siho / 2y 332d 6h 55m 42s
As the newcomer did not reply,Clara gave him a irritated glare,growled softly and walked back to her table.

Clara turned her head to the sound of writing and saw another person at the corner."Another male?When is a girl just going to step in this tavern for once?!" She mumbled to herself as she tried to occupy herself ,so that she could resist the urge to talk to the guy,knowing that might ignore her like the guy she tried to talk to earlier.
  Clara / Oranges / 2y 332d 9h 33m 16s
[b The strange man walks in and at the prompt of what looks like the tavern owner raises his satchel and shakes it a bit to signify value to his name. Casually looking around he notices a somewhat quiet corner at the bar and sits down taking out his own preferred drink and a notebook to write down his day 1 experiences at the new land.]

[i The land is cold and unforgiving, luckily I found a nice little haven to call home for the time being, hopefully for a while until I figure out how to exchange my jade chips for the local currency, which looks like some type of yellow metal that's punched with a stamp. The sounds are a bit rowdy, and the people more-so, but I feel I can hold my own in this new world, only time will tell though...]
  Draemon / Anarchist_Zeta / 2y 355d 14h 30m 8s
Clara smiled as she had returned to the very same tavern again,''This could be a routine or something..."She giggled at her own thought and sat down at the very same table that she had sat on before.

As she scanned her surroundings,She noticed someone new.She smile even wider as something caught her interest and it came with that new someone.

Clara confidently walked up to the newcomer."May I sit here?" She asked with a friendly smile.
  Clara / Oranges / 2y 362d 1h 22m 31s
Seikros looks over the person that came to attend him it felt nice to be welcomed to a new place. However, it felt somewhat awkward to be greeted in such formal manner in a small town. In either case, he had to reply back, in the same manner, it was only appropriate.

''Thank you very much may I ask for something to drink I came from a long journey and I am parched''. He asked while staring back looking at the person that greeted him
  Seikros / AresDark23 / 2y 363d 16h 7m 16s
[i Lizzy saw the new customer come in and stopped sweeping as she went over to get his order.]

[b Welcome to my tavern traveler enjoy your time and relax at your leisure.]
[i Dave said with a smile.]
  Dave Featherfist / Twin_Lance / 2y 364d 23h 20m 36s
Seikros was walking around the port town after returning from a dangerous journey just before he noticed the Tavern. The place drew him in he was not sure why regardless , he stood on the frontal door and opened it walking in while taking a look at his surroundings. The place was well kept not like other taverns he had visited before whose floor was covered in rum and blood with a mix of liquids. Seikros walks towards the nearest table with free chairs and takes a seat placing the sword that was attached to his belt on the side. It had been a long journey filled with battles so he wanted to relax, this place seemed to have been his lucky break.
  Seikros / AresDark23 / 3y 18h 14m 57s
[i Dave was cleaning the tavern as usual the weather was sunny bright with little cloud.]

[b Perhaps with such great weather trade in town might be booming travelers do enjoy port towns and the beaches near them more with the sun around.]

[i Though a few water elemental had been rampaging further north of the town it was nothing to worry about they don't tend to venture into larger towns.]

[i The tavern was fully stocked and shining clean just the way Dave liked it though he did have a man point a gun at his face recently over some quest he was on to find it his sister.]

[i Now other than that the place was pretty silent other than one or two regulars sipping there cold beers.] [i But surprisingly not every day in a port town is rowdy, so this was not too rare for Dave to experience but who knows how the day might go he thought to himself.]
  Dave Featherfist / Twin_Lance / 3y 19h 55m 38s

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