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[size11 You have been wandering the port town for a while when you notice a building that everyone seems to be running towards, or avoiding all together, with the hint of fear in their eyes.
You become curious once you reach the building. You then read the sign above:]

[size11 'The Red Hat and Pipe'.]

[size11 As you step in, you are greeted by the owner who shouts the words "Purse out! Shake it about! "; it seems one can not enter without proof of coin. On further inspection, you notice a boxing ring -confused as to why it is there. The Tavern has 8 guest rooms each with a single bed and 4 staff rooms each with one bed. The staff and tenants all seem friendly, and you have all the food and drink you could desire. But this place is prone to danger and sudden change.]

[size11 Do you decide to leave or shake your proof of coin and take a seat?]

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[size12 An armored woman breathes a sigh of relief upon entering the quaintly named tavern. Her name is Matilda and she has been hunting a creature for weeks. Too many weeks if she were to be honest. The foul thing just wouldn't remain still. It traveled fast and considering her armor itself, she wasn't always capable of keeping up.]

[size12 Thus this tavern is a warm welcome. She could recharge for a couple of hours, perhaps even a day, and then resume chasing her wary prey.]

[size12 After catching her breath, Matilda steadfastly approaches the bar's counter and orders a chalice of mead. Her voice is hoarse yet confident.]
  Ichor / Pucelle / 194d 17h 50m 58s
[i Dave sweeped the tavern floors, this old tavern was in good shapes till he thought.]

[i Wiping the tables and setting up the stock for that morning Dave was in a good mood.]
  Dave Featherfist / Twin_Lance / 224d 1h 56m 38s
[b Picking up his drink and walking away, Draemon notes not to mess with that lady, she seemed to busy when he asked for her name. Rather he walks back to his corner of the bar and sits down, half expecting nobody to bother him, but also hoping someone would. He pulls out his notebook to doodle a bit in the meantime...]
  Draemon / Anarchist_Zeta / 1y 359d 14h 52m 15s
A few minutes after the siblings,or Clara guessed,another pair came walking inside the tavern.Clara noticed that the female was quite shaky while walking.When they had started walking to the back of the bar,the same person looked around and started talking to the male as she went closer to him.As soon as they had made their minds they sat down.

Clara blinked as a new scent wafted passed her.As she took a deep breathe and tried to recognise the scent,it only made her tail move back and forth.As a familiar image popped into her head,her tail stopped moving and curled its tip.The sea.The female neko frowned in confusion,why was the scent of the sea even here?and how did it even get in here?As she tried to pinpoint the source of the smell,she found herself looking at the female and male duo whom just came.'Why did they smell like the sea?Are they perhaps sailors?Live by the sea...or mermaids...' as Clara asked herself,the last question nearly made her jaw drop.'But that couldn't be!Mermaids can't last a second without water and where are their fins?!' as she continue to rack her brain for an answer,the tavern door shut itself as a new customer entered the place.

As Clara looked up,she noticed the man had asked for a strong drink."That man must really want to forget something badly..." she muttered as she had pushed the mermaid question to one side and blinked at the males direction.
  Clara / Oranges / 2y 149d 4h 26m 14s
[h3 [#1a3a84 Haku] & [#af6feb Cachia]]


Haku helps Cachia walk as the two head for the tavern, Cachia's legs shaking quite a bit, [b [#1a3a84 "You're going to have to practice a bit more, little sis... Otherwise your always going to have to rely on someone to get to places on land..."]] Cachia kinda pouts, [b [#af6feb "Your one to talk! Foxes and deer taught you how to walk on land! You know I get along and understand sea creatures more than land creatures..."]] Haku smiles as he stops, kinda ruffling Cachia's hair, [b [#1a3a84 "I know... You're trying your best... I'm just worried about when I'm not around to help... Both you and Rosa haven't adapted to land yet... Just take your time. Okay?"]]

The two of them stop in front of the tavern, [b [#1a3a84 "We can rest in there if you like... Order a few drinks maybe something to eat if they have any food. What do you think?"]] Cachia is very hesitant as she can hear the people inside, however, her legs are feeling very sore, and she gives in, [b [#af6feb "Okay, fine but can we at least sit as far in the back as we can, please?"]] Haku smiles, [b [#1a3a84 "Sure."]]

Haku aids Cachia into the tavern, taking out a bag of money, and shakes it before heading to a spot in the far back. Cachia looks around, very nervously as she gets closer to her older brother, not use to being around so many other people. [b [#af6feb "Have you been to one of these places before?"]] She whispers. [b [#1a3a84 "Once. It was very noisy and crowded, more crowded than it is here. It caught me off guard at first but since the last place I went to had a pretty catchy name, so I figured this might be the same kind of place. Think they call these places a tavern?"]] Cachia sighs, [b [#af6feb "So you brought me in here on a whim... Oh well, at least I can rest a bit now."]]

Cachia sits down in a chair with the help of her brother, who then sits next to her. [b [#1a3a84 "Hey, at least I've had a bit of experience with places like this. You spend most your time in the water."]] [b [#af6feb "Because I feel comfortable in the water. Being on land like this is very strange to me and these legs feel like their killing me with every step I take!"]] Haku puts his hand on his sister's shoulder, [b [#1a3a84 "It will get easier, I promise. I can teach you how to walk better if you'll let me."]] A small smile appears on Cachia's face, [b [#af6feb "I would like that..."]] Haku smiles back, slightly petting his little sister's head.
  Haku Nixe / Kilala25 / 2y 162d 13h 48m 34s
Clara,without hesitation,turned around and went back to her original table when the wolf did not reply."Geez...Its been so quiet here,I wonder why." Clara muttered as she rested her head on her palms as the thought ran in her mind.

As the sound of the tavern door being opened reached Clara's ears,two sets of footsteps followed it.One thumping loudly like they were moving around excitedly and the other quite soft and hesitant,as if the being was quite nervous or jumpy.As Clara looked up,she saw two human males.The eldest looking male was making quite a fool of himself,in her opinion,while the younger one of the two tripped over a chair.Clara giggled at the scene before her.

They must be new here,Clara thought as the younger male grabbed the older one but failed when he was,in return,being led to the bar.
  Clara / Oranges / 2y 165d 3h 28m 5s
Kie followed his brother into the tavern, looking around nervously. He jumped a little when he heard the tavern owner shout. Alright, maybe more than a little. He might have jumped so much he tripped over a chair. He got back up, straightened the chair out, and looked around sheepishly. The first thing he saw was his brother dancing around waving the gunny sack of coins around. He groaned lowly. His brother was quite the fanatic, and didn't seem to realize it. He pulled his own coin purse out, a red velvet bag, and shook it. Blushing, he then grabbed the back of his brothers jacked and attempted to pull him to the back of the bar.

Amos was having none of Kie's shy attitude, and instead started walking towards the bar stools upfront, dragging Kie behind him. This, of course, made Kie turn an even brighter shade of red than he already was. He finally settled in a bar seat beside his brother, who was already ordering drinks for the both of them.
  Kie / ArgentumLupus / 2y 194d 10h 15m 34s
Amos hurried down the street, with his younger brother tagging along after him. He heard a muffled voice call out from behind him, "Slow down. Where are you going?" Amos shook his head and shouted over his shoulder to his brother "Why, in the opposite direction of everyone else of course." It seemed obvious to him that all the fun would be at wherever these people were not, the stiffs these humans were. In all of these years he never quite got them. They didn't enjoy his magic. So what if he made someones house disappear and forgot the spell to bring it back? They should have just been impressed with his skills.

Amos was a warlock, along with his younger brother. He never knew his father, and his mother had been burned at the stake when he was thirteen, leaving his six year old brother in his care. That was a long time ago though, and Amos had forgotten just how much time had past. He hadn't aged for the last few hundred years, give or take a hundred.

Amos followed peoples weary looks and rushing pass to arrive at a tavern. He rushed through the door to hear a shout "Purse out! Shake it about! " He found the wording hilarious, and pulled out a gunny sack full of coins, shaking it while giggling.
  Amos / ArgentumLupus / 2y 194d 10h 22m 16s
Clara looked up as she heard someone speak."How interesting..." She smiled as she heard him finish,her tail swayed gently as she stood up and walked up to the wolf."Well here goes nothing,Hopefully...He isn't rude..." She thought before tapping his shoulder."Hello there, I'm Clara.Nice to meet you!" She said as she raised her hand and smiled.
  Clara / Oranges / 2y 228d 6h 43m 42s
In one of the corners, a strange, yet reclusive wolf was sitting at a table, drinking a flagon of rum. [B "Goggles down and the cannons up, blood starts pumping as I drain my cup..."]
  Strantus / SilentHiller / 2y 288d 1h 12m 5s
[b Setting his cup back on the bar once the tender collected all the money, he heaved a sigh of relief to see he wasn't alone, and drinks slowly while looking at the one with a mask that raised their glass at him. He blinks and looks back down at his notebook, closing it for the day in the hopes of exploring more of the surrounding areas tomorrow. He stands up and tucks the journal away into his satchel, sauntering over to the masked figure he recognizes as a lady, and sits down next to her.] [i "So what may I call you miss?"]
  Draemon / Anarchist_Zeta / 2y 308d 13h 52m 13s
As Clara heard a man saying that the round of drinks all over the tavern was on him,She laid her head down with her face beaming in content as her ears moved forward."At least some people now are quite generous,aren't they?"Clara mumbled to herself as she watched a masked lady raise her glass.
  Clara / Oranges / 2y 333d 5h 3m 8s
Red eyes opened as the man announced he was buying everyone drinks. She raised her glass in appreciation with a small smirk behind her mask.
  [K] Liar / WhiteLove / 2y 333d 11h 15m 41s
[b Waking up from a nap after dosing off listening to the sounds of the tavern, Draemon raps a bit on the counter with his glass and produces another coin from his satchel for a new round. Feeling generous he stands up and screams,] "a round for the whole tavern, ON ME," [b and places a bunch of currency on the counter for the barkeep to pay for all of the drinks.]
  Draemon / Anarchist_Zeta / 2y 333d 11h 24m 0s
As her reply reached her ears." Oh...If you don't mind telling me,What brings you here?To this town and tavern?" Clara asked as she mentally face palmed herself for changing the subject too quickly.

Although Clara felt embarrassed for changing the subject,she also felt quite curious on why this lady was here in the first place.
  Clara / Oranges / 3y 21d 6h 54m 30s

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