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Gigi's Charmed Again

Its been years since the Charmed ones have been needed. Wyatt Halliwell had moved on and married Adrian Martin, his white lighter friend. They had three beautiful daughters.

Paisley,__________________, and Phoenix had grown up in old mansion. Their Father and Mother were as normal as any human parents. Wyatt had kept all the magic,all the potions, even the Book of Shadows were locked up in the attic. Wyatt wanted his girls to be normal. He wanted them to never pick up anything that dealt with magic or the supernatural world.

When the girls were younger,they started to develop their powers. First Paisley, then _______________________, and finally Phoenix. Wyatt had to bind their powers so they wouldnt find out about their heritage. They started to grow up normal after that. The girls never asked about their gifts again.

When Paisley turned 18 years old, she moved into Arizona's biggest city. When _______________________turned 18 years old, she stayed to help her parents with things around the house. Phoenix was the last to leave. She was the party girl in the family. Phoenix went to New York with her tattooed boyfriend.

A few years went by, the girls never got together for family reunions. They didnt even act like sisters. Paisley checked in with her parents and Patience, but thats all she did. Phoenix never called or visited anyone.

All of a sudden, their mother,Adrian was killed in a fatal attack by a Dark lighter. Her funeral was held the next week. Wyatt was so upset to see that the supernatural world was being attacked. He knew his girls needed to step up and be the Charmed ones once again.

The day of the funeral, Paisley,Patience and Phoenix showed up. They barely spoke, until their hands touched and the ground shook under their feet. A shining light fell upon them. The attic door was suddenly unlocked and the door swung open. The Book of Shadows was flipped open and the Charmed Ones were reborn.

What will happen when Wyatt explains their heritage?What will become of the Charmed Ones?

Join and Find out...

1)Follow ES rules
2)No Cybering
3)No Ditching
4)Send Skelly


Name:Phoenix Halliwell
Power/Gift: Has Prue's power of Telekinesis, but its three times as strong as Prue. And she is the only daughter that has no white lighter in her.
Bio: When she turned Eighteen years old, she moved into a condo in New York with her boyfriend, Tony. They broke up and he kicked her out. Phoenix found her own apartment. She was a natural born party girl. Phoenix partyed every night. She doesnt trust very easily and she is very vain about herself. Phoenix is a bar tender to make a living. She came back to the mansion to see her mother at her funeral and to leave again.

Name:Paisley Halliwell
Age: 25
Power/Gift: Has Phoebe's power of Premonitions,Levitation(Flying/Floating), and Empathy. Paisley can teleport like a whitelighter.
Bio: Paisley Halliwell, at the age of 18 moved away from her family and to the biggest city in Arizona. She had wanted the freedom and decided to find a job in a office a personal secretary. She was very smart and clever, but would often keep to herself. The young woman would talk but was never opened with anyone around her. She did miss her family but didn't want to go back to them. Once in awhile she would call and check in on Patience and her parents to see how they all were. When all of them had to go home because of their mother's death it killed her. She had always been a mommy's girl and she missed the woman severally. As the girls' father had unleased their powers and allowed them to be the 'Charmed Ones' she was the one that would have to look after herself and her sisters.
Paisley Halliwell-Reserved Until further Notice

Whoever joins as the sisters also needs to make skellies for future boyfriends.

I will be playing Wyatt too.
  Winter Anne Bowen / AngelofLove / 5y 32d 6h 48m 38s

I do NOT take any credit for this idea or plot.. It is based off this media and the story behind it. It just made me sad and at the same time I couldn't help wondering how it would play out here..

It is said that when you can't say the things that you mean.. actions speak louder than words.. When actions are misread, there is pain and heartache all around. Sometimes.. it results in the one that means the world to you being lost.

A boy and a girl had been very close since they had been small children and over the years, the girl slowly started to fall for him. She told it to him a couple of times, but he never said it back to her. And yet, he would talk about different girls to her, flirt with them and hang out. So it was clear to her that all he thought of her as was a friend. He didn't see her as as she saw him.

Each time she saw him and before he would leave her to go home, the boy would give her a small doll and then just walk away. He would never say anything about it, and the girl would walk home, saddened because he didn't feel the same as her.

On the day of her fifteenth birthday, the girl stays away from everyone. She waits up in her room with her phone in hand, wanting for him to call her. But no call comes and she goes to bed, depressed, thinking he forgot about her, wondering how much she truly meant to him. He calls her at two in the morning and tells her to come out front. She does so and as usual, the boy hands her a doll, saying that he was giving it to her then because he had not given it to her the day before. She decides to ask him what day it is, and he asks her, seeming not to see the importance. And after giving the girl the doll, the boy turns and walks away from her.

Being frozen to the spot Jo calls out to him "Jake! Wait!" The girl calls to him. Jake turns and looks back at her. "You have something to say?" He asks, watching her. "Say you love me! Please! It's only three words!" She calls out, desperately to him. "I can't say it so easily. If you want to hear it said so badly, then go and find someone else." He says and then ran off, leaving her in the middle of the lawn, crying.

For the next two weeks Jo is sad and crying everyday about what happened between her and Jake. She wants so much for him to call her. For him to be with her, but he doesn't call or anything, and so she has no choice but to pull herself together. She goes back to school and sees Jake with another girl, holding a big doll and smiling at her, showing the other girl a smile he has never shown to her. And it kills her, causing her to run home.

At home, Jo goes into a rage. She hates him for what he said to her, making her think that he was not right for her and then being with that other girl. She picks each doll up that is in her room and throws them around, her phone soon ringing, it being him...

As she answers, Jake asks her to come outside. Being still angry, Jo tries to calm herself and goes to meet him. He's holding the big doll out to her, teasing her, saying that he thought she was upset and wouldn't come. The girl doesn't see the humor and takes the doll from him, throwing the doll into the road. "I don't need that doll! I don't want it! And I don't want to see you anymore!" She hisses to him. Jake stares at her, his eyes sad "I'm sorry." He whispers and then goes into the middle of the street, picking the doll up.

Now... will this end as the media does? Or..will Jake listen and move out of the way and they work things out and possibly have a happy life? Never known unless you join "Actions Speak Louder Than Words?"
  Winter Anne Bowen / AngelofLove / 5y 339d 6h 21m 41s
All she could remember since the time she had been a small girl was the sadness in her father's eyes...In his heart each time he looked at her. He tried to show her love and care to the best of his ability because it would be what her mother would want, but the simple fact was, even she knew that he hated her. Knew that he could never love her for the fact that she had been the one to kill her mother.

She hadn't meant to kill her mother. All the others in the family knew that. It was just that...she had been more wolf and her mother's body had not been strong enough to survive it. The family around them almost accepted her immediately because she was Renesmee's daughter, but not her father. Not Jacob. He hated her. Despised her for having killed her mother. He couldn't even really look at her and show any form of care.

"Grandpa..why does daddy hate me so much? I mean.. I know that I... I mean I know it's my fault mommy is no longer here.. And each time I see daddy.. I know he doesn't want me..he wishes I would have been the one to die...not her.."

A sigh escaped the man's lips as he looked to his granddaughter. He had never thought he would end up losing his only child and the thought killed him. But unlike Jacob, Edward saw Blair as being a part of Renesmee and so cherished the girl even more. "Yes.. it's true that your father does hate you. But it's not your fault. He never expected to lose your mother, so with her being lost to him, the only natural reaction is to hate what caused that. But the others and I don't think that way Blair. We love you very much and are happy to have you here with us. Don't dwell on what your father thinks, someday he will come around." The man said gently to his granddaughter, putting his hand to her cheek, gently wiping her tears away.

So the years passed and she tried to be what her family wanted. Tried to act as they had hoped her to be. But most of all, Blair tried to gain the approval of her father. She wanted for him to love her. Wanted for him to see that she had never meant to cause him so much pain and heartache. All she wanted was for the man to be happy.

But that wasn't to be the case. The harder that she tried, the more that her father pulled away from her. The more he ignored her and the colder he became. And so, it finally came to the point where Blair couldn't handle it. She needed to be free to be herself. But more than that, the girl needed to be free from her father's constant hatred of her. So when she got the chance, the girl just up and left without telling anyone.

The girl had decided to move to London as she new that her family would want to stay away from there as it would be too close to the Volturi for their liking. And she thought it would be a good place to start a new life. Well, the girl had been there for about a month and even worked in a small cafe. She was starting to get used to the people around her, and that was when she saw ____________________ walk in the door.

He was dark and mysterious and not like anyone she had ever met before. But what really got the girl to notice him was his coldness and those red eyes of his. For a moment, Blair froze, trying to think of where she had heard about them before and one family came to mind. As she was about to turn away from him, the girl felt something strange and could. It was if her eyes were now in love with him.

No...I...I can't.. This is not happening. He is an enemy of my...of my family. So why did this happen? The girl thought, looking down.

Now _________________ noticed that she was not fully human. He could smell the girl being part wolf, but it wasn't 'wet' dog smell as he had been told. It was almost floral and sweet. And there was something about her that made him want to know her.

Can a member of the Cullen Clan find love in a Volturi boy who is just as ruthless as his father? Or will there be hell to pay?

Never know unless you give Heaven or Hell in Love a try.


Real Picture (yes)
Semi-Lit/ Literate (yes)
Posting at LEAST once a week (yes)
Romance, Drama, Twists, Swearing (yes)
Time Skip (yes)
Either first person or third person writing style (yes)

One-Liners (no)
Joining and then Quitting (no)
Stealing the Plot (no)
God Modding (no)
Anime Pictures (no)

Joining Send me a simple Skelly with name, personality, short bio, and a sample post
  Winter Bowen / AngelofLove / 5y 149d 15h 47m 49s
They say that we are the strongest when we have someone right there by our side. Someone there to pick us up when we cry. A shoulder to cry on, a listening ear. A person who we love and is always near and very dear. But what happens when for no reason it would seem as if they are taken from us? Can we learn to love and trust again? Or doomed to the darkness and grief that consumes our hearts and minds? Will it be like that all times?

Karina May was a girl who had grown up with her best friend since the time that she was three. The boy and girl had done everything together from playing in the mud, making mud pies to sleeping over at the others house. It seemed that boy and girl were joined at the hip. Wherever one went, the other was sure to fallow. All that knew that saw that in the future they were meant to be a cute couple.

It wasn't until many years later in junior high school did the boy and girl admit how they felt and begin to date. All the others around the school envied the two because it was if they were 'a match made in heaven'. There was no fighting and everything seemed perfect. Too perfect some would say.

But as all know.. All perfect things must come to an end.. Something are not meant to last. For Karina and her best friend, this was the case. For on Karina's seventeen birthday, the two were out on a date and there was a car chase and her boyfriend had been shot by the car that was being chased down. He died almost instantly in her arms.

Since he had been killed, Karina had not been the same girl. She was more closed off and shy then she had been. The young woman hardly spoke and when she did, it wasn't the girl that others had once known.

_________________ is new to the town and just moved there. He had a life that he hated and wanted to get away from. He hoped to start fresh in the new town. And that was when he met Karina in the local cafe that she worked in. She wasn't like so many others that he had met. He could tell that she had been through something and he was the sort to want to help.

So when Monday at school came around __________________ tried to find the girl and make conversation and be her friend. But Karina was cold to him and wouldn't have it. It was when he asked one the others what her deal was did he find out about the one she had loved and how he had died.

Since finding out, __________________ wants to try and help her. He wants to be a friend to her.

Will she let him? And what happens when the two fall for the other?

You will never known unless you join "A New Hope in Love"
  Karen / Babygurl95 / 5y 352d 11h 24m 0s
Andrew is a demon, and was taught to hate the angels. He was taught that they were at fault for the misery that he and the others of his kind faced. That they were the ones that started the never ending war.

_________ is an angel. She has been taught to hate the demons. That they were the ones that started the war. That they must be stopped at all costs.

It so happens that Andrew and _________ have both been sent to the earth. He to corrupt the humans and she to watch over them. But what happens when the two try and defy what they were taught? What if they see that their kinds are one and fall for one another?

1:Post When On
2:No Quitting
3:Drama, Swearing, Romance and all that good stuff is fine
4:No Cybering
5:No text talk
6:No One-Liners
7:Must be at least semi-lit
8:Real pictures
9:Have fun and Be creative

Note: I may be bad with playing a guy, so bare with me on it...this is my way to practice
  I want to Matter / AngelofLove / 6y 59d 9h 38m 59s
Two demons that both consider the school to be theirs. For awhile they hate the other and are constantly fighting. But then they understand it's not worth it and end up falling for the other. But what comes with it?
  I want to Matter / AngelofLove / 6y 65d 7h 31m 10s
We all know how Breaking Dawn ends with Edward and Bella saying how they have forever and that Renesmee will be safe.

Well what if it was about seven or so years down the road where Renesmee looks like she could be in her mid-teens to early twenties and Bella and Edward have said that she and Jacob can SLOWLY start dating and everything, but as usual, Jacob has to follow Edward and Bella's rules on what he can say and what he and Renesmee can do when together.

What happens when Edward and Bella's rules become so ridiculous and Jacob acting according to their rules makes Renesmee hate them all and run away. And to Italy no less!? Well once there, the girl doesn't see anything else she can really do as she has never been on her own before and so goes to the Volturi, asking to be one of them?

Has the world gone mad? What can happen?

All ES Rules apply
  I want to Matter / AngelofLove / 6y 66d 11h 5s
My darling great-granddaughter,

Ever since you were a small child your mother has been letting you come here. She has been letting me see you and tell you stories of a world filled with magic and wonder, a place called Wonderland. You and I would talk about it and even make new stories together. But what I want to tell you Wonderland is real and so are all of the creatures and people that I have told you so much of. I have visited it twice...One time..I thought it was only a dream...a place I had only dreamed up...And now I am too old to go back. Each of the women in our family have visited at least one time..And now it is your turn. Like me, your grandmother, and even your mother it is time for you to see the wonders for yourself. To make new friends and to even have an adventure. But be warned...Trouble is once more brewing and it is up to you..yes you to stop it. Don't make the same mistake that I had...Don't think of it as merely a bad dream that you have yet to wake from. That my darling could very well become your end...

By the time you read this letter... I will be gone. But please don't fret my darling. When the time comes...when it is your turn to face the wonders that Wonderland has to offer, I know that you will be able to do it. You are a very sweet, smart, and clever girl. You will be able to handle yourself and anything thrown at you...And don't be afraid to ask your friends for help, strength, or guidance..It's what they are there for..And most importantly, DO NOT lose yourself. Be true to your friends and yourself. I love you

With all my love,
Great-grandmother Alice

When her great-grandmother died, ________________ didn't know what to do or what to think. The woman had practically raised her and had been her best friend. The two would have tea and the woman would tell her all about Wonderland, both the creatures and the people there. They would even make up adventures and stories about the Hatter, the Red Queen, the White Queen, and all the others within the magical land. She couldn't believe that now all of it was real. That now it was meant to be her turn to go there.

Ever since Great-Grandmother Alice had become ill, ___________________ had dropped her belief in stories and fairy tales. Had stopped her belief in magic and decided that she would be a part of the real world.

It was perhaps a week after her great-grandmother had died did _____________________ start to see a white rabbit running and checking a clock. Finding this curious, the young woman went after the rabbit and found herself falling down the rabbit hole and into a strange room with a key and a small door. Not thinking, the girl takes a drink of the drink on the table and holds the key, unlocking the door and going through.

What meets her has her shocked. She sees the world that she had been told so much about as she was growing up. She sees Wonderland, except now..It's all dark and eerie. It's not at all like the stories she had been told.

My dear great-granddaughter,

I know you have lived with your great-grandmother and I since after your mother and father were taken by the Red Queen's granddaughter and have been like our daughter since. That you have always been with us and have lived supporting the rebellion and plans to get this family back in power and restore Wonderland to it's former glory. That you know the stories. Know the stories of a girl named Alice and those who came after...but is time you know one more thing. One thing your great-grandmother and I have not been telling you. It is now your duty, not just to Wonderland but to this family to find the girl who will be coming here. The two of you will need to team up and save this world and her own. For if you should fail, all of what has happened here to our world will expand into her own. You need to protect her and help her at all costs.

This is important. Through the next years you will find yourself lost and thinking more of the past and way things used to be.. You will even find yourself a little 'mad', but don't fret my darling. It will be your madness and the way you chose to do things and help this girl that will help you stay true to not only your cause but to who you are. And nothing is more important than that. Now listen to this...the girl may think Wonderland and everything in it to be just a will need to show her that it is not. That this world is just as real as hers. This won't be an easy task and you will need to be patient, but I know that you can do this. I love you. And best of luck my darling

Best wishes,
Great-granddad Hatter

It had been three years since both her great-grandparents had passed and the castle soon fell under her rule. __________________ sat on the windowsill and looked down once more at the letter that had been written and sighed. She didn't know anything about what Hatter had written. He had always been a little bit mad, and sometimes she wondered why the White Queen had married him. But as she thought about it, ______________________ knew that it was the madness that had made him so lovable. Made him one of the most fair and loyal in and of Wonderland. At least until the Red Queen's granddaughter managed to steal the crown and take over Wonderland and plunge their world into darkness.

And since the death of the White Queen and the Hatter, ________________________ took up being the leader of the rebellion. She had been caught a few times but had always managed to get free. She had faith and hope that they would get their home back to normal. And she had faith that this descendant of Alice would be able to help them. Or at least that was what she had to act as if she believed. Being the leader ___________________ knew that she had to try and be strong even when she wasn't so sure herself.

It was on the day she had been told by Chesire that ____________________ was out wandering in the woods and soon came across a girl that was clearly not of Wonderland.

What happens when the girls meet? Will they be able to trust the other? Will the young Hatress be able to help Alice's great-granddaughter? What happens when the girls fall for the other? And what happens to Wonderland?

You will never know unless you join Just A Dream, or Not?
  I want to Matter / AngelofLove / 6y 77d 2h 56m 29s
Until My Dying Day

Since she saved him many years ago, he promised her his life. Always would he be by her side, as her best friend and servant. And the years she was asleep he would stay close and watch over her. Though she knew that he loved her like a sister, the man never told her that she was his life and he would gladly give it to save hers. To make sure that she lived.

As long as both could remember their main goal was to capture and kill her twin sister. It had been that way since the other, monstrous girl had been set free. And since that time, mast destruction and wars have been fought in secret.

What happens when their biggest threat his gone and the man tells her what he feels? And what happens if when she tells him she's pregnant thanks to one of her sister's chevaliers? And what happens when they also have to stop her sister's children from spreading the same terror that they had?
  I want to Matter / AngelofLove / 6y 83d 4h 17m 27s
LeeLee's Idea

Well I made a character like she was a second generation Volturi. Maybe new rulers...

Aro and his brothers decided to step down after centuries of ruling the vampire world. Each one got to bring in a human woman and made her have their heirs. Even Jane got to have a child in her own sadistic way.

Training and teaching the children their ways. One by one each child took over once they were old enough the oldest being only twenty and the youngest being sixteen. They slowly took over....

That's all I got right now....

" Forever...Even the word sounds like just that to an immortal. All things must come to an end. Even the reign of those as powerful as we, my brothers. I do believe it is time we stepped down, had some heirs and finally get to enjoy what the vampire world has to offer us. We have been ruling and managing it long enough. And I so want children." Aro said to his brothers as he stared into the darkness of the chamber before them. It had been months since their last law breaker and the more he thought about the lives they led, the more unfulfilled he began to feel.

" Perhaps, dear Aro you are right. We have ruled for centuries and a break would be nice. And the vampire world could use some fresh blood. Fresh and powerful that is." Cius said as he looked between his brothers Marcus and Aro.

Marcus turned his head to look at his two brothers. It seemed that now after centuries both the other two felt what he had been feeling along. Slowly he nodded to their words. "Then it is decided. We shall find human women who would be willing to give us what we want, and in exchange we will grant them eternal life and beauty." The man said.

So the matter was decided and the three high rulers of the vampire world brought three mortal women in to have their children. And during this time, Jane was up to something as she wanted to be able to have an heir of her own as well. Jane knew that the vampire doctors were still working on something that would allow their kind to have children of them own like when Bella had had little Renesmee and now since Aro, Marcus, and Cius would be having heirs, the blonde red-eyed vampress wanted a daughter of her own and so went in secret to see the doctors that had been conducting the experiment, and convinced them to allow her to be the first of their kind to test the serum.

Because the serum had never been tested before Jane, the doctors were worried about the little blonde vampire and kept her until after the little girl was born and then allowed her to go back to the Volturi in the castle. By the time Jane returned, Marcus, Aro, and Cius had their own heirs. Aro asked Jane about where she had been, and not wanting to tell him the truth about where she had been or her little girl, Jane lied, saying she had found the baby. Because she was one of his most loyal, Aro trusted her and left it at that. He and his brothers decided to make the fourth baby girl another ruler, and so there would be four. They also had their own children put under Jane's care, so she could teach them all about Volterra and just how they were meant to rule.

Years passed since the four were born and little by little they came of age, their fathers stepping down when they did. Now, all are rulers over Volterra and the entire vampire world. Will they rule with the same policies as the old Volturi, or will they in the end change tradition? And what happens when love interests are also involved?
  I want to Matter / AngelofLove / 6y 90d 12h 18m 38s
Note: I have just watched the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and so I would like something kind of based upon it.

From young to old
Or from old to young
Life is given
As all have been told
How you live and what you do
It solely depends
What you choose

In 1990 a baby girl was born, but she didn't look anything like most babies. This little girl was born what people would call "old". Her skin was all wrinkled, her back was curved, her eyes seemed to have cataracts, when they tried to test her hearing, it was not the best, and her heart beat was much slower than it should have been.

Now doctors had only heard of a case like this one other time. That case was a man named Benjamin Button and he had been born back when World WarI had ended. They tried to see if they could pull up his records to learn what they could and even talked to the little girl's mother and father about the previous case, but the parents came to the conclusion that their daughter was not going to make it and so didn't want her.

Because the little girl's parents didn't want her and the hospital couldn't keep her, they decided the best place to give the little girl to would be a convalescent home in which one of the doctors' sister worked in. The doctor thought that he could give the little girl to his sister and because she worked at the home and always loved people it would be a good idea. The man also knew that his sister would be taking the girl in and raising her more or less as a daughter and not one of the natural elderly that happened to come and go from the home.

As six years passed, the girl grew and looked like she were one of the elderly. She was even treated as such, but when left alone with the one nurse who had been like her mother, the girl was allowed to call her 'mama' and also had extra attention from the woman. She was very close to the one nurse that happened to take her in and she was grateful for that.

It was on her seventh birthday did a little girl come to see her grandfather and ended up meeting Jennifer who happened to be a good friend of the grandfather's. It was right off did the little girl and Jenny end up clicking and getting to the point to where they could be friends. Since that day, the little girl came back with her mother and father to visit with her grandfather often, but also to see Jenny.

So as time passed, the two girls became really close. Jenny watched __________________ age, and _____________________ watched as Jenny seemed to slowly age backwards. When Jenny turned eighteen her and the girl went their own ways, making a promise to keep in touch with letters and tell the other what they were doing and the new events in their lives.
  I want to Matter / AngelofLove / 6y 99d 9h 29m 31s
It's been many years since the battle between the Cullens and the Volturi. All seems quiet and calm. Those who had no one now have someone and have settled down having children of there own. This story is about four second generation girls, trying to find their own way and be loved for who and what they are.

Scarlet :LeeLeeRose
Carissa Clearwater :AngelofLove
Adaline :ConcreteAngel

We need someone willing to play Seth's daughter. In order to join send a PM Titled Mixed Love with a sample post. LeeLee, Concrete and I will be deciding who we think most fit to play the part.
  Angel / AngelofLove / 6y 100d 4h 48m 38s
Jasper and Alice had been together since she found him and the two decided to become a part of the Cullen family. After many, many years together Jasper decides that he no longer wants Alice and thinks there may be someone else out there who is better for him. Being hurt and no longer feeling like she can stay in the same house as Jasper, Alice leaves her family and travels to Phoenix, Arizona where she comes across Bella.

Bella was a normal girl who didn't like being in the spotlight. She was always the loner sort of girl and didn't really see the point in trying to get others to be her friend. But for some reason, being alone and counted as an outcast herself, Bella finds herself drawn to the new girl, Alice, who has just arrived.

Now both girls being the odd ones out in school think it would be a good idea to become friends. But can this simple friendship turn into something more? And what happens when Bella finds out that Alice is a vampire?
  Angel / AngelofLove / 6y 100d 4h 49m 20s
Well we know the original story, but lets twist things up a bit.

What if Bella had chosen to be with Jacob instead of Edward? And Edward had accepted that fact and left?

Now Edward is back in Forks and comes across the great, great granddaughter of Isabella Swan and Jacob Black. She is basically like both grandparents. The young woman is a bit on the clumsy side as Bella had been, also a wolf like Jake.

What happens when the two meet?
  Angel / AngelofLove / 6y 100d 4h 51m 33s
Forever in my heart and in my mind
You'll always be there sweetheart
Until the end of time
I know you are gone
No where to be seen
Causing me pain
Nearly falling apart
But I know
That even in not seeing you
Feeling you
Kissing you or touching you
You're forever there
In my heart
In my mind
Forever a part of me
Until the end of time.

He was my first love. The only one that I had ever trusted with everything. A friend, a brother, and a boyfriend... I thought that he and I were meant to be together..that I was special to him. But I was wrong. After we had gotten permission from daddy to start dating, Jake and I seemed really happy together.. Everything was as perfect s could be. Or so I had thought it was.

On what was supposed to be our three month anniversary, Jacob took me into the woods, to the meadow and sat with me there. He had said he wanted to talk to me about something, but he wouldn't tell me what or even look me in the eye. And that was when I realized that after everything he had said to me, after telling me how special I was to him and how I was his everything that there was someone else. That he couldn't see me as anything more than a friend. And because I had loved him so much, it was as if my heart was breaking.

" could you do this to me? You said that you loved me and I was specail..w-w-were you lying to me this whole time?" I whispered unable to look at him.

"Nessie..listen to me. I would never mean to hurt you like this. I thought that you were my imprint. Thought you were the one for me. I will always still love you...just not like that." He said to me, watching the tears slip down my cheeks.

Jake tried to pull me into his arms. Tried to comfort me and tell me that he would always be there as my friend, but I didn't want to be touched by him. I didn't want to hear his words. And so I ran from him. I ran and ran and didn't look back. I knew with Jake being at the house that I no longer wanted to be there. And so I went to one of the other places I knew I could go to Leah's.

It had been fifteen years since the near fight with the Voturi and so most the wolves of the old packs had settled down and had imprinted. It was in that time that Leah's gene had faded away and she was able to live more or less like a normal human, but had a daughter who was cursed just as her mother had been and was now a new wolf and had just broken up with her boyfriend because he found out about what she was.

But knowing all of that didn't stop me from going to Leah's. Both Leah's daughter, Carissa and I had been really close when the we were growing up. We were just like sisters and had always been together, but ever since she had become a wolf, Carissa began to ignore me and had tried to avoid the me and my family because of them being vampires. Though she loved the me and my family so much, the new phasing wolf girl wasn't able to face us because the wolf in us hated.

What happens when Renesmee turns to her old friend for comfort and Carissa ends up imprinting? Will the two girls find love and comfort in the other, or will things become too awkward? And what happens when Aro and the Volturi once more decide to get involved?


PM a Sample to me with the title of this rp if you want to join
If I like more than one person, I don't mind making duplicates
Person Joining will be playing as Renesmee
Must be semi-lit/literate
Real Pictures
Post once a week or you are gone
No instant romance, work up to it
Drama, Swearing and Plot Twists are more than welcomed
No Cybering
All ES rules Apply
This will be written in third person

I am not as strict as these rules are.. But I do want at least someone who can keep with the rp and not ditch.
  Angel / AngelofLove / 6y 8d 21h 57m 9s

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