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Rose was having a night mere laying in the bed in sins doman, until chrictal woke her up “what the hell woman !!!” she said as she began to get up and wipe her eyes “what time is it ..AHHHHH IT IS THE FREAKING MORING !!” rose cover her face with the covers then, she took the covers off and began to get up and put on a shirt , some skinny jeans and a jacket as soon as she made up her bed blood cam sniffing in the room . “oh he blood” rose said as she patted him on the had . Blood began to sit down

And play with a ball rose when down the steps to be where sin was drinking his coffee , but then she wanted to go outside for a walk, I will be back” she said as she closed the door . the sun was shining too bight so she but up an umbrella , there was a good smell of food coming down the street where cilan makes his good muffins in the morning, rose sniffed the air “ahhhh that smells good man am I hungry” roses

She keep walking until she seen a boy wearing all back , she walked passed him and notice something strange about him she keep walking on letting the warm sun hit her face as she put her umbrella down . she turned around then seen he boy follow “he is kinda cute”she thought to her self the boy had dark hair and bright blue eyes , as she turn to look at him once more the boy stoped and looked at her back “ohh he must be nice OH well ima bout to get some food” rose said smileing

Hey guys rose said as she sat down waiting to eat something, cillan came down the steps wearing a causal outfit instead of his uniform “hey!!” cilan said as he approached her cilan put down a big plate of muffin freshly baked “looking for these” cilan said smiling “I hope you like them “ cilan put the pate down and walked off “ I will be back “he said “erm ok” rose said as she began to eat after

she took on bite of the good muffin she notice that the boy who was following her was right behind her siting and eating. She looked at him erm …can I help you “ the boy looked back at her” no…” rose had a scared look on her face then she turned around took he muffin with her and walked home. As she walked home she had seen a pokemon it was purple and black and it looked like a cat. "awww she is cute" rose said as she picked the cat up " i am gonna name you fire flame^^" they cat began to purr, rose took her home she began to walk up the steps, as she was whispering to the cat, sin jumed up from the roof and jumped right in roses face 'aAHHHH WHAT THE FREAK!!" she was scared ..,but blushed at the same flame meowed and cuddled close to roses arms.
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A girl with black hair swayed as she seemed to be in thought. Her eyes were to the ground.. She had the appearance as if she were tired. Her eyes then drifted to the side. She was in a meadow and she had her hair in a pony tail. The girl then took her pony tail out and smiled a bit as her hair swayed in the wind. She then simply walked around the meadow and paused once seeing a small Pokémon like animal. She then frowned a bit, it was a bird like Pokémon and yet it had what appeared to be a broken wing. The girl then lightly picked up the Pokémon. She then walked off to hell knows where. Once the girl made her way to a house she basically ran up the stairs and to her room. She then took out something like a long bandage.

After the girl finished she looked down at the small pokemon which appeared to be of a Murkrow. The girl smiled softly as she sat down and pet the small pokemon. She then smiled wider as she noticed the pokemon leaned into the petting. She stayed like that all day, though she stopped every now and then once she thought she heard others coming into the house.

Beautiful blue orbs opened. She then glanced around the area. She was in a room which seems to have a bunch of toys. She had a small smile on her face as she got up, once she did, she felt something roll off and down her stomach. A grin formed on the girls face as she lightly petted the thing which was in her lap. The thing… was a murkrow. The girl’s grin widened as she noticed it’s crimson orbs open up and give a slight glare up towards her. “Oh... Hush.” She said simply. The murkrow yawned a bit as it got up and flapped its wings. The girl then glanced around the room and noticed on her ceiling letters which spelt out ‘Crystal’s domain’

Crystal gave a slight smile as she lightly took the bird out of her lap and put it on her bed. Crystal then frowned as she glanced out the window. Oh she hates day time… She then simply pulled on her clothes which consisted of pants, a tank, sneakers, and a jacket. Crystal then patted the Pokémon’s head. “C’mon time to go adventuring.” She said, which really meant… Torture the crap outta some people. The Murkrow gave a look which held mischief. Crystal then finally gave a yawn and walked out of her house, a brush in hand, as well as a book bag on her shoulder. The Murkrow simply flew after and perched upon her other shoulder.

As Crystal went, she was brushing out her hair. She didn’t bother the looks she were given from some men... Possibly even a few women. She knows on how they stare at her… Like she’s a piece of meat. Or, a piece of chocolate. Crystal lightly petted the Pokémon which was on her shoulder as she made her way towards a mansion. Her eyes looked up at it. A look of boredom as she simply went up to the door, as soon as she were about to open the door she noticed the door knob twist. Once she noticed who exactly opened the door she gave a grin up towards the man and he only had a more of blank stare on his face.

Crystal rolled her eyes as she stopped grinning up towards the man known as ‘Sin’. Crystal then tilted her head slightly. “Where’s my girly at?” She asked as she basically pushed him aside and walked in the house. Sin gave a slight glare but simply walked in after; he shut the door behind him. Crystal then glanced around. “How to be an arse…” She mumbled as she basically went up the stairs and looked through the rooms. Once she found the female she were looking for, she went to the bed and shook her awake. “Wake your arse up!” She said as she shook the girl even more.

The Murkrow simply hopped off of Crystal’s shoulder and hopped around on the girl to try and wake her up. Though the bird doesn’t weigh much it’s still trying to make an effort in helping. Sin rubbed his temples; it was too early to deal with this. Though if he tried to go back to sleep, he’d get water dumped on him. Like he knows that which happened last time when he tried to ignore the hyper girl which can sadly be loved. Sin loves her, but sometimes, he’s not hyper. Though then again, he’s never hyper. Sin then simply glanced behind himself. A leopard like animal seemed to sneak its way into his house. Sin simply crouched down and lightly petted the Pokémon. One hearing a slight purr comes from it; he stopped and decided to walk around in search for the girl which ran up and down his place.

After the man found the girls he sighed a bit as he noticed that Crystal got the other one up. Sin then finally leaned against a wall and watched the two closely… He does enjoy watching the two a bit. He then found a Murkrow on his shoulder. Sin sighed a bit as he then lightly petted the Pokémon and smiled a bit as he finally stopped.
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... I'll start typing now .-.
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o-o... Here I am~
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